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    Destiny mechanic in SW Saga, how have you found it?

    In a previous thread, I have been asking about Destiny and players. Unfortunately, most has been gripes about Destiny and most of the responses have been negative. Balbinus suggested opening a new thread, so I have taken him up on it. So has anyone out there have gotten the SWSE Destiny...
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    No interest in Destiny

    I am a big fan of Ron Edwards ‘ GNS (Gamist/Narrativist/Simulationist) classification for playing styles. Although, I feel that this classification is a good outline for gamer’s motivation in playing, I am not looking for a debate about this topic. But rather, more curious about how it fits...
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    Outstanding NPCs

    How do we players treat NPCs? Well, there are the quite mumbles, the sarcastic comments, belittling behind the back, and the mocking. Oh, the wonderful mocking! Basically, as players we complete for laughs and wit with each other at the NPC’s expense. We take the hard work and effort of so...
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    Droids Destiny SWSE

    I have been looking through SE, I can not find anywhere that says that Droids can not have Destiny. I orginally thought that because they are not alive nor have the Force Senstivity that Destiny would be restricted from them. Can anyone find a rule within SE that clearly states one way or...
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    Types of actions

    I have been toying with designing my own game system, covering various aspects that are abstract within the mechanics of game design, which really does not need to go into any detail here. What I have been trying to wrap my mind around is the types of rolls needed by PCs within a game system...
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    Three Points

    Hello, my name is Pete. I completely agree with your observations about the role of religion within most roleplaying games. In my earlier years of playing, I always felt that there was something missing from the game when dealing with the mythology and religious background. Of course I was...
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