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  1. Arethusa

    RIP Barry Hughart, author of funniest damn Chinese historical fantasy ever

    https://locusmag.com/2019/08/barry-hughart-1924-2019/ If you have not read the Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox you owe it to yourself to do so. They are wickedly funny fantasy adventure stories set in ancient China with ridiculous numbers of references to classical Chinese literature...
  2. Arethusa

    RIP Richard Williams, “Roger Rabbit” animator and industry legend

    https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-49382175 A lot of people got into the industry because of him. He’s left quite a legacy.
  3. Arethusa

    RIP Denise Nickerson, played Violet Beauregarde and that kid in Dark Shadows

  4. Arethusa

    Online Elite Dangerous community brings joy to a young teen’s last days

    https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/jul/04/how-a-video-game-community-filled-my-nephews-final-days-with-happiness-elite-dangerous This one’s a real tearjerker. Sounds like last month the players and developers of Online Elite went above and beyond to bring joy to a dying kid whose main...
  5. Arethusa

    Cool Stuff Learned While Researching For Characters

    Sparked by some more serious threads I didn’t want to derail. What cool stuff have people discovered while researching character or game backgrounds? I learned way more than I expected to while researching for a female Aryan / Iranian Zoroastrian doctor from eleventh century Baghdad. To begin...
  6. Arethusa

    Huh. Anyone know why all my DriveThru PDFs have vanished from my iPad Apple Books library?

    Huh. All of my purchased DriveThru pdfs have vanished from my iPad’s Apple Books library. I accessed Apple Books from my phone when I had no reception last week and it got cranky. This is the first time I’ve booted up Apple Books on my iPad since then. First it gave me a message that I wasn’t...
  7. Arethusa

    RIP Vonda McIntyre

    http://file770.com/vonda-n-mcintyre-1948-2019/ Vonda McIntyre, Hugo and Nebula-winning author, died the first of April 2019 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on February 7th. She was known as friendly and enthusiastic and generous. McIntyre wrote many Star Trek and Star Wars novels...
  8. Arethusa

    🎨 Creative Fragglepunk: Doozer Mecha - What would it be like?

    Every time I see the name of the game “Fragged: Dieselpunk Mecha”, my brain has transformed the words into “Fragglepunk”, and lately also “Doozer Mecha”. Please help me out here. What sort of game could be built on that foundation? (No idea if anyone has done a punk cover of the Fraggle Rock...
  9. Arethusa

    Examples of unrequited love from a female perspective?

    Can anyone think of stories -- books, comics, cartoons, movies, whatever -- where there is a story of unrequited love told from a female's perspective, whether she is the pursued or the pursuer? Asking for a friend.
  10. Arethusa

    The Guardian on Warhammer 40K: “Heroin for Middle Class Nerds”

    Looks like the Guardian’s Alex Hearn has written an article about how Warhammer 40K has proven successful in a dodgy retail climate: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jan/21/heroin-for-middle-class-nerds-how-warhammer-took-over-gaming-games-workshop It’s, well, kind of a puff...
  11. Arethusa

    Most readable tie-in novels?

    Inspired by some of the comments in this thread about unreadable prose in RPG rulebooks: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/most-unreadable-prose-in-an-rpg.834707/ I’m not too conversant with game tie-in novels. I hear most of them are not very good. And to be honest, it seems like...
  12. Arethusa

    Exalted and the WoD: My GM made it work

    I’m currently involved in a game (with some very baroque worldbuilding) of Exalted set in the WoD. Our ST had to tread very delicately, since as written the Exalted would stomp all over the WoD. It required a lot of work, the elimination of certain elements, and some massive rewrites. To be...
  13. Arethusa

    Question about a part of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, final movement

    So, okay, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, final movement, the chorale. Please forgive my ignorance. My musical education was pretty deficient. How would I refer to the part close to the end where the strings go up, and down, and down and up, twice, loudly, and there is a quiet pause with a soft...
  14. Arethusa

    Is there a proper place for social media announcements that aren't exactly hype?

    Not even sure how to ask this. Is there a place to announce, Hey, I'm on Twitter now? Would that be a Glamorous Unrestrained Hype Machine matter? I'm not really selling anything (although I plan to offer links to Threadless t-shirts of my art). It's just ... me. And eventually, hopefully...
  15. Arethusa

    Question about reading order of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain stories

    Thanks to the kindness of a relative, a pile of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Comte de Saint-Germain books has been dropped in my lap. Now, I am aware that these are about a humanist vampire roaming through history dealing with monstrous humans. They also roam over a vast period of time and were not...
  16. Arethusa

    Do you find your characters help shape your thinking?

    These thoughts were sparked in the “Mental manipulation ... how bad is it really?” thread, specifically this post: I’ve been noticing about how playing a character in a game, getting into their head and history and context, affects my thinking about events and the world in real life. But also...
  17. Arethusa

    I Seem to See Only One Month of Trouble Ticket Threads

    Is this normal? I see about a page and a half of Trouble Ticket threads going to a month ago. The other subfora seem to go back a long ways. Have I messed up a setting? Is there something I can set to fix it? It's not absolutely necessary, but it's nice knowing I can browse when I'm trying to...
  18. Arethusa

    What if I reported a post and then realized I misunderstood?

    I reported a post and then realized I had totally misread what was going on and there was nothing objectionable. Aïe. I wasn't sure what to do. Re-report it to say "Oh no, sorry!" ? PM a mod? Apologize for wasting the mods' time? Bite my nails and hope someone looked at the post and realized I...
  19. Arethusa

     How does the [Necro] tag get applied?

    I am curious about this. I have spotted numerous threads which have a [Necro] tag added at the beginning. I think the first one I saw had a starting date six years old. I suppose I had assumed the tags were some sort of automated process (for example if someone posts in a thread, the last post...
  20. Arethusa

    💀 Necro Terrible covers (of Books, not Songs) ...

    Books. Books with cover art that makes you question your eyesight. They exist and people buy them. (Bad cover art is not necessarily a reflection of the book’s contents. Many a fine literary work has been afflicted with less than stellar cover art. (I think we could do an entire thread just...
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