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  1. The Radioactivist

    Crossovers that are likely to end in Tears. And fire.

    OMG - someone finally got me. Snorted coke all over desk.
  2. The Radioactivist

    [5E-ish] Your assignment: compare and contrast Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk

    Greyhawk: the struggle between Good and Evil is accepted - it's part of the fabric, and Good does not get to win. Otherwise, what would define it? I think it is more Traveller than Star Wars, to use a sci-fi analogy. It is, in a sense, more mature. Racism exists, it makes sense in the minds of...
  3. The Radioactivist

    Megatraveller 1 The Zhodani Conspiracy

    OK, because I like to delve into games I gave up on years ago, here we go. (Plus I'm falling out of love with Savage Worlds and really digging Mongoose Traveller v2) So, the main issues with this game's play-ability is 1. the real-time combat and 2. wonky spaceflight. On PC (DOS emulator with...
  4. The Radioactivist

    Sell me on versions of Gamma World

    Cool thread. My choice is I smash them all up in a radioactive blender, then use Savage Worlds as the main rules (fan conversion + my home rules for 7th edition)
  5. The Radioactivist

    What's next for Savage Worlds?

    Savage Gamma World (NOT! Rifts), Savage Gangbusters, Savage Star Frontiers, Savage Indiana Jones (with Nazis™), Savage Boot Hill, etc. Yes, there are fan conversions for most (and I have Gangbusters and Boot Hills done, just needs to be put out.) But I want digest-sized color books with a touch...
  6. The Radioactivist

    Best. Modules. Ever.

    Wow - great list. At one time I was THE d6 Star Wars fanatic. BUT ... I never owned Crisis on Cloud City. Considering i am a nut for System Shock II, this is a 20-year shameful miss. Starfall was good as well! And Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues for the greatest chase scene ever made outside of...
  7. The Radioactivist


    Yep, as a Savage Worlds nut, I would have to say FrontierSpace scratches my Star Frontiers itch. It cleans up the skills, adds some cool aliens, and is stupid-easy to play. The layout and artwork are quite excellent, and there are some nods (besides to Star Frontiers) to Stars Without Number's...
  8. The Radioactivist

    Star Wars Imperial army

    Actually, I've read a stormtroopers armor can stop a blaster bolt. However, its only a life-saving tool. The energy released still causes thermal shock, etc. They may live, but they are out of the fight. That tends to happen with fights with portable plasma weapons/particle beam weapons (take...
  9. The Radioactivist

    Gamma World settings -- let's talk about them

    Um ... well maybe I got carried away ...
  10. The Radioactivist

    Gamma World settings -- let's talk about them

    Oh, hells yes. Incorporating Paranoia into the setting is genius.
  11. The Radioactivist

    [WIR] Gamma World, first edition (1978)

    I think I love this thread ...
  12. The Radioactivist

    Gamma World settings -- let's talk about them

    I like tying all of TSR properties together. So, my Gamma Worlds backstory includes Conan (AD&D or the stand-alone), Boot Hill, then Dawn Patrol, then Gangbusters, then Top Secret, then Top Secret SI, followed by generation ships such as the Modern, Warden (eventually Metamorphosis Alpha), the...
  13. The Radioactivist

    Best Gritty Gun Combat?

    Boot Hill 2nd Edition. Very lethal, fast, cover counts for alot. Only problem is, a very old-school game with damn few Attributes and no skill system (unless you tack one on). Also, 1800s weapons.
  14. The Radioactivist

    Tips for running Gamma World for Kids?

    Can't disagree with all the folks commenting on tone. I usually go for 6E serious + horror lens, but then allow for some gonzo high adventure things. I usually allow a mutant Duck as a PC. Funny and silly, right. Until it tells you the story of how it's people were genetically uplifted sentient...
  15. The Radioactivist

    [Western] Looking for lifepath chargen for Western RPGs

    Sorry for delay. Thanks to everyone for feedback. Sounds like The Western is my future ticket (although I will use Savage Worlds or Boot Hill as my go-to system). Appreciate the help!
  16. The Radioactivist

    [Western] Looking for lifepath chargen for Western RPGs

    Aside from some old Dragon mag articles for Boot Hill, I've been unable to find much in the way of a backstory generator for western PCs. I'm looking for something along the line of Paul Jaquay's Central Casting series, etc. Does anyone know of such a product? It does not have to be in...
  17. The Radioactivist

    [mostly just venting/ranting] I never want to hear "the rules are just guidelines"

    Well, now THAT is a ridiculously good point. My guess is his rules were about narration, pacing, keeping engagement, and ... to be fair ... probably a good deal of memorized/internalized D&D 3.5 rules. I also like where this conversation has gone. Designer's notes are awesome. I love the way...
  18. The Radioactivist

    [mostly just venting/ranting] I never want to hear "the rules are just guidelines"

    Bleh. There are few rules with any real meaning, and these are just elf-games of make-believe. The story is key. I had a GM run a 3-week Ravenloft campaign with what he wrote on two sheets of paper. No monster write-ups, no GM screen, no stat blocks. It was amazing, horrifying, fun. The shit he...
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