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  1. Huntar

    LPers that actually enjoy the games they play?

    So, I've been looking around for new LPers because I've realized that it really annoys me that so many of the people that I watch don't seem to actually enjoy the things they choose to play. They'll start it up, and basically be complaining from the title screen. Specifically, I've been hoping...
  2. Huntar

    Games with in-depth equipment customization?

    I've just recently started wondering about this. Are there any tabletops out there with extensive post-purchase gear customization elements? Say, in a cyberpunk game, swapping out the processors and ram and all of that on your deck and having it actually matter, or having fiddly bits to play...
  3. Huntar

    [PSA] Payday 2 available for free

    From now until the 21st, you can get the base Payday 2 game for free right here. This is apparently only going to be available for Steam. For now, none of the DLC is available for purchase. They're going to be putting out a version of the game with all the DLC soon, though no word on exactly...
  4. Huntar

    Favorite unknown games?

    So, what's everyone's favorite game that hasn't made its way onto Steam, GOG, Humble Store, or any of the other common marketplaces? I'm kinda searching for some new stuff that I haven't heard of yet, and not having great luck. Considering how I last did a search like this ~5 years ago, I'm...
  5. Huntar

    More fighting per session, or more story?

    So, I've recently gotten myself involved in a new group, and they're great people and the stories that they run are actually pretty nice, especially since they take PCs into account with how they unfold. Only issue is that the battles just drag on for pretty much the entire session, each time...
  6. Huntar

    Largest tonal dissonance between game-as-described and game-in-play?

    Something I've been thinking about a bit recently is how many of the games that I've seen being played differ significantly from the world that the fluff and mechanics seem to be set up to encourage, almost regardless of the lengths that have been gone to in order to encourage a certain style of...
  7. Huntar

    PSA: Final Fantasy XV is $35 on Amazon today

    Sorry for the late announcement, but I just noticed this. Apparently FFXV is already on sale on Amazon, though it's just for today. You can buy it here if you're interested.' Update: And now it's going for $40 on Amazon, so you can still get a good deal for it if you want it. I also forgot to...
  8. Huntar

    [PSA] Humble Bundle is giving away Tropico 4

    As it says in the title. For the next two days, you can get Tropico 4 from them for free. To get it, just go here and click on the banner near the top of the page. You don't need to buy anything or even have an account to get it, I don't think.
  9. Huntar

    Games you regret?

    So, what games out there do you regret ever investing in, whether because of the cost, the time you sunk into them, or any other reason? Personally, I deeply regret the time and money I've invested in the Witcher series. I've bought and played every one of them, at least twenty hours each, and...
  10. Huntar

    💀 Necro Skimpy gendered armor in games

    So, it seems like a good number of developers are finally realizing that not every female character has to be sexy, and not every male character has to be huge. This got me wondering just what the people around here would like for most of them to agree on when they actually make a decision...
  11. Huntar

    Mutual screen share programs?

    So, a friend and I are trying to figure out a way to set up a mutual screen share situation, so that we can play games and share what we're doing online. Right now, we're just using Skype and switching whichever of us is sharing depending on who's doing the most interesting thing, but is there a...
  12. Huntar

    PSYCHONAUTS TWO!!!!! Crowdfunding [merged]

    It's happening. I thought somebody may want to know. Link
  13. Huntar

    Difference between this week's Porn Monday thread and every other week's?

    So, the OP already asked about this topic, but it didn't really clear things up. Every other week's thread talks about what people like doing in the bedroom, and the stuff they get off to. Like, pretty explicitly so. So, is the problem that the OP explicitly mentioned ejaculation, and the...
  14. Huntar

    [Poll] Your opinion of sub-60 fps games?

    So, there's been a good bit of discussion recently about whether a game's fps is indicative of its quality. This is usually a topic of discussion due to certain games having their fps locked to 30 per second. I'm a bit curious about what RPGnet's opinion is regarding this trend, whether cultural...
  15. Huntar

    Good sites for game news?

    So, I'm curious about what options there are for general game news sites. The one I usually use recently went through another pointless redesign, and I'm kinda tired of having to relearn the site every few months, so a new option would be nice. Basically, I'd just like something with...
  16. Huntar

    Are there any decent places to talk about video games?

    I'm asking this in response to the blow-up about Gamergate, and a lot of the sites that I usually browse making me significantly uncomfortable continuing to frequent them as the owners of the sites make concerted efforts to ignore the problematic elements of that movement. Besides this place, I...
  17. Huntar

    [Payday 2] Great game, terrible community.

    So to try and make it a little less painful, why don't we get together and rob a few banks? Post your Steam account and anything you think people should know before playing together if you'd like to give it a try. Steam account. I've played a decent amount, but I'm still learning about a lot of...
  18. Huntar

    Advertising threads outside of the hype machine?

    I've seen a few threads made over in VGO to advertise kickstarters for games a few times now. It seems about 50/50 whether they're moved over to the hype machine. Are there any solid rules about what belongs where?
  19. Huntar

    Let's Plays where the host is skilled and knowledgeable?

    So, we have a thread for recommending LPers that have fun with what they do. I'm kinda interested in hosts that are good at what they do, and know what's going on. The only LPs that I've enjoyed so far are those where the host has already played the game before, and has a special interest in...
  20. Huntar

    Non-Themepark MMOs?

    So, I keep seeing this term pop up to describe WoW and MMOs like it. I've played a few MMOs and decided that they're likely not for me. However, if there's some of them that don't fit the usual mold, I'd like to give them a try. Anyone have any recommendations of games that are meaningfully...
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