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  1. K

    Using Fate dice with d20

    Very clever! 🙂
  2. K

    What effects would large scale powered flight have on medieval Strategy and tactics?

    Depending on details of the flight magic, weather magic might become critically important. If countermagic is straightforward, this might limit uses to logistics and communication in safe territories. In the early days the simple terror effect might be substantial. If there is already an...
  3. K

    What sells you on a game?

    I buy RPGs fairly often and play as often as i can. But I hardly ever play or run published RPGs and have zero expectation of playing the games I do buy, except perhaps to try out the effect of a novel-seeming mechanic. So buying and playing are completely unrelated for me. I buy games if I...
  4. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Hi All A couple of days ago I promised to come back with a specific proposal for campaign parameters. In working out the details it has become evident to me that I am overcommitted, and it won't be possible in the short term for me to allocate the time needed to properly support the campaign...
  5. K

    The pros and cons of this 3d6 "flip" mechanic

    Pros Neat, fun and novel in the rpg context Fairly easy for people to get their heads around Gives you another dimension to play with bonuses in Cons More dimensions might not be better - how do you decide whether a given bonus should be provided as a flip vs a flat plus? Tricky for some people...
  6. K

    How to make this type of NPC enjoyable

    I like Green Onion's idea. Another possibility is that the Pcs have joined together as a club, siblings, team or partnership to do this as equal participants, perhaps for a prize or cause. A race would be classic. A third possibility is that the NPC patron hires the party to crew the vessel...
  7. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Probably not. The original prompt for the thread was Tartan's idea (details as yet undisclosed) for an adventure in Germania (outside the Empire pretty well). And my offer was for a "globe trotting" sort of a campaign. I envisage a lot of the action would happen on the periphery of the...
  8. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Ok. Give me a couple of days to ponder and I will come back to you with a more specific proposal. How's that?
  9. K

    My Conan game is headed to Fantasy Africa - Give me inspiration

    Wilbur Smith had some interesting ideas. Sunbird especially; but a lot of his stories could be reskinned with little difficulty. Cry Wolf or Shout at the Devil would be easy. Something like Gold Mine might take more work. Rider Haggard's She is just about mandatory. I've never read King...
  10. K

    (All Editions) Dwarves sink, right?

    Yes. The get better, though. Obviously.
  11. K

    Stuck Between OSR Games?

    Can't you just munge them together? I.e. choose one of the base and house rule it into line with whatever you prefer in the others. Since "Race and Class" might be a lot of work to house rule, and you seem to like the classes in Basic Fantasy, it might be easiest to start with it as the base...
  12. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    I have no problem with military veterans as characters. Unless there's a clear group preference for playing as characters associated with some kind of military expedition or outpost, there is probably less scope for a legionnaire in service. "Noble" covers a pretty broad range, assuming you...
  13. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Ok, but be warned: you may find your character wandering the streets of Ancient Rome (TM) rather than something that corresponds exactly with a street map of the city circa 63 BC. While I really like history, and make some effort to include it in my games, there IS a limit to how far I will go...
  14. K

    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Hey Tartan, there seem to be a few people interested in a game along the lines King Hellfire and I have been discussing on this thread. But you seem to have gone quiet. Are you still interested? It's your thread after all, and we've raced on ahead without much input from you.
  15. K

    Four-stat D&D

    I have recently been playing around with doing that kind of thing. But it doesn't quite feel right. I suspect the problem is that the more of this kind of thing you do, the more having an effective character depends on having a high ability score. Since they're randomly determined... Still...
  16. K

    (All Editions) Dwarves sink, right?

    Well B/X helpfully says 􏰚􏰕􏰕"...all characters know how to swim, unless circumstance might prevent this knowledge from being acquired" 􏰫 Sadly it is unclear whether a dwarf's natural buoyancy (or the lack of it) might be a circumstance preventing... 8) In any case, the OP asked about...
  17. K

    Four-stat D&D

    My comments relate to B/X D&D. If you are mainly interested in a later edition, please ignore! I'm not sure this is as evident for B/X. Here STR gives big bonuses to Open Doors, Melee To Hit & Melee/ Thrown Damage; CON covers HP; DEX covers AC, Missile To Hit and individual initiative (which...
  18. K

    (All Editions) Dwarves sink, right?

    Float. Although dwarf bodies are denser than water, their beards have evolved to trap a large air bubble that holds their heads above water...
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