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    HERO System - Fantasy campaign - choosing an edition - advice

    I am wanting advice about which HERO book to use for an upcoming campaign. The plan is to run a short 6-10 session campaign using some iteration of the HERO system. I have Champions Complete (which I find a bit overwrought, and the skill list is a bit wonky); plus an ancient copy of the very...
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    🎨 Creative Original Traveller - Starship Travel/ Exploration - Non-combat Obstacles/ Hazards

    I have just started running an original Traveller game at the moment, after a very long time away from both the system and genre, and I am looking for ideas for interesting obstacle/ hazard type challenges for a starship crew that do not involve combat, or are unlikely to involve combat (whether...
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    B/X - Expert Rules - Pursuit & Evasion - Interpretation

    I have just been looking at the rules for Pursuit and Evasion in the Cook Expert Rules. I've never really done more than skim over them before, but now that I look closely I am curious about how others interpret them. For those who don't have the text handy, the following excerpts from pages...
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    WWI Military RPG - Your recommendations for Rules/ System

    I am prompted by Medley's recent post about a game like this: WWI, Western Front, characters are individual enlisted men and NCOs. Are there any specialist rule systems covering this setting/ period? Any recommendations? Any near misses? I'm not terribly interested in complex character...
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    OD&D - How are the rules for spell casting normally interpreted?

    I am working from a pdf of Men & Magic and trying to understand how spell casting was intended to work. When I read this, I seem to discern something that looks a bit different than Vancian magic as interpreted in later editions. But many minds have thought about this before me, and so I'd...
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    Why, when and how to use dice in your design?

    These are general questions about designing TTRPGs involving dice. Most TTRPGs include randomising procedures somewhere in the ordinary flow of play. The default is to use dice in various ways. Some games don't use dice and a few don't randomise at all. But to keep the conversation focused...
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    Combat Mechanic - How Shields Combine with Armour - ideas/ suggestions sought

    Please go easy on me! This is my first thread-post on this forum. :) I am trying to find a way to handle the way shields combine with armour in hand to hand combat with muscle powered weapons that better suits my game’s needs. This is for a broadly naturalistic fantasy rpg system where PCs...
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    B/X - 1st Level Parties - Lack of Endurance - House Rule(s) Wanted

    Hi there. This is my first post on the forum. I am not certain whether this is best posted here or at RPG Design. Please tell me if it is in the wrong place. I am looking for ideas to address a problem I am having running Moldvay Basic. The problem is that there is not much variety in the...
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