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  1. Ember Dragon

    Gaming Stores near Harrisburg/Hershey PA?

    I'm off to Hershey PA in a couple days and I always like checking out local(ish) gaming stores. Anything in that area I shouldn't miss?
  2. Ember Dragon

    For Sale Shelf Cleaning! D&D, Exalted, MHR, Feng Shui, others

    Well, did some cleaning of my RPG shelves and it's time to get rid of some stuff. Shipping to USA only, sorry. I usually ship media mail. Books are from a pet-free, smoke free home and are in good condition except as marked. Prices are negotiable. Aria Canticle of the Monomyth - Worlds -...
  3. Ember Dragon

    [Exalted] What do you want to see for Sidereals in 3rd ed?

    I've really liked what 3rd edition has done so far with the various splats, so that's had me thinking about Sidereals. They've always been my favorite Exalt type, since way back when 1st edition core came out and we knew nothing about them except a brief mention. But I've also never really...
  4. Ember Dragon

    For Sale L5R 5th ed & Scum and Villainy

    Thanks to some holiday miscommunications, I have ended up with two copies of both the new L5R core book and Scum and Villainy. I'm USA based, and would prefer to ship within the USA. Both books are in brand new condition. Make me an offer for one or both.
  5. Ember Dragon

    [Ironsworn Solo RPG] Banishing the Shadow of Undeath

    So I rarely get to play any sort of RPGs of late, even virtually and solo RPG using something like Mythic Gm Emulator never quite grabbed me. But I was introduced (I think by someone here) to the existence of Ironsworn, which is designed for solo play, and I've decided to try it out. The...
  6. Ember Dragon

    eBay Nobilis 2nd ed (Great White Book)

    Needs me some money, so I'm selling my copy of the Great White Book. Bid early, bid often! https://www.ebay.com/itm/122917789679?ul_noapp=true
  7. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell Pre-Holidays Shelf Clearing!

    Going through the library and clearing off my shelves in preparation for the holidays! Shipping within the USA only, sorry. Have Agone The Grey Papers Changeling the Lost (1st ed) Night Horrors: Grim Fears Monsterhearts (1st ed) The Blood of Misty Harbour Nobilis 2nd Ed (The big white book)...
  8. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell H: A Whole Bunch of Stuff W: Different Stuff! Or $$$

    All books are in Good condition except as noted, and are from a no pets, non-smoking home. Trades are USA only, shipped media mail. Prices do not include shipping - if you wanna buy, I'll ship world-wide. I will make deals for multiple books Have Free With Trade/Purchase One per person...
  9. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell Cleaning out some stuff

    I do not want these RPGs. Maybe you do! Shipping to USA only, sorry! Have Atomic Robo Chosen The Demolished Ones Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Do: Book of Letters Iron Kingdoms Character Guide Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book Heroes of Magnamund Book of the Magnakai Marvel Universe...
  10. Ember Dragon

    [Kickstarter] Women of Xal

    I'm not usually a huge fan of dating sims and/or visual novels, but this came across my Tumblr feed today, and looked really, really interesting Women of Xal One of my big hangups for Visual Novels and dating sims has been that they're either mostly Asian or mostly White, so it's neat to see...
  11. Ember Dragon

    Help me spend some Steam money!

    So I bought a game over the Winter Sale that I didn't like at all, and so returned. This has given me $9.99 in my Steam wallet that I wanna spend, but I'm not sure on what, and Steam's catalogue is so huge, I'm not sure where to start. I'm on a decently new PC, so running pretty much...
  12. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell A Whole Mess of Stuff (Trade preferred)

    Trade or Sell, though I'd really prefer trade right now. Shipping only to the USA via Media Mail. All in good condition except as noted. HAVE Atomic Robo Changeling the Dreaming 2nd ed. (Bottom of spine is damaged) Chosen Conspiracy X (Spine has some shelf wear on edges) The Demolished...
  13. Ember Dragon

    🎨 Creative [FASERIP] Junior Super Patriots, RPG.net Division!

    I've recently been rereading the Velveteen vs. series, and it's made me think about teenage superheroes in training. And since we have this lovely new forum, I wanted to make some fun characters and post them. For this, I'm using random character generation, because when it comes to...
  14. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell palmedfire's shelf cleaning (USA only)

    It's once again time to clean off my RPG shelves to get rid of what I no longer want. Shipping from USA, to USA only. Sorry. Books are from a pet-free, smoke-free home, and in good condition except as noted Have Classic World of Darkness Dark Ages Werewolf Dark Ages Fae D&D 5th ed Dungeon...
  15. Ember Dragon

    IC [Monsterhearts] Dark Times at Aspen Hill

    You've been back about two and a half weeks since Christmas, sorry Winter Break ended. It's early January and the weather's been bitter cold. No sign of snow however, much to almost everyone's disappointment. It's Wednesday morning and you're in homeroom listening (or not) as Mr. Larken reads...
  16. Ember Dragon

    OOC [Monsterhearts] Dark Times at Aspen Hill

    Welcome to the OOC thread for Dark Times at Aspen Hill, my Monsterhearts campaign. IC thread is here Dark Times at Aspen Hill Our cast is: Myself (palmedfire) as the MC Baeraad as Alastor, the Ghost Bobknob as Baron, the Infernal Threlicus as Brittany, the Queen Shawn_Hagen as Amanda, the...
  17. Ember Dragon

    [Interest/Recruitment] Monsterhearts

    I'd love to run a Monsterhearts game, and I'm hoping there might be some folks here who're interested in playing one! Basic set-up: You're all Juniors at Aspen Hill School, a private college preparatory school in New Jersey. Junior year is widely considered to be the hardest year at school...
  18. Ember Dragon

    Requesting... clarification I guess about mod calls in the "Tabletop Gaming's "white male terrorism problem" thread[merged]

    Requesting... clarification I guess about mod calls in the "Tabletop Gaming's "white male terrorism problem" thread[merged] I'm not normaly someone who posts in TT. In general I think the mod team does a really great job keeping discussion here as civil as possible. Which is actually why the...
  19. Ember Dragon

    Trade H: D&D 5th core books W: D&D 4th Suppliments.

    Have: D&D 5th edition - Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual Want: D&D 4th edition - Heroes of Elemental Chaos, Dark Sun Creature Catalog, Dungeon Delve, Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons, Martial Power 2 Looking mostly just to trade, USA...
  20. Ember Dragon

    Trade/Sell A mess of RPGs for Sale or Trade

    Cleaning off my bookshelves in an vain attempt to fit more things on there ;) Shipping to USA only. Sale or trade is lovely, prices do not include shipping. Most are in very good condition except as noted. HAVE Anima Beyond Fantasy - $25 Arcana Evolved - $25 Blue Rose - $20 World of Aldea -...
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