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    Seeking info on Fey for Eden's Armageddon the End Times

    As far as Beyond Human goes, final draft was turned in ages ago, so now it is all about editing, lay out, and finding a print window for it. Those bits are all out of my hands (I just finished writing the thing) so no idea when it will actually come out.
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    Seeking info on Fey for Eden's Armageddon the End Times

    Can't really get into actual stat bonuses because of Non-Disclosure, but I will say that the Alfar Sidhe are more able than True Immortals, but not as imposing as Nephilim. You could probably fake it by taking the True Immortal stats and give them an extra Dexterity and Perception bonus. As far...
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    Seeking info on Fey for Eden's Armageddon the End Times

    Thom Marrion here. As they said, I threw in WitchCraft /Armageddon rules for the Fey into Beyond Human because I knew there would never be a Book of Yesod coming out in this reality (I also threw in some WitchCraft kosher rules for Dragons and Deities because I'm just nice like that and have a...
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    Are These The Bad Guys For The Avengers Movie?

    Since the Marvel movieverse tends to borrow liberally from the Ultimate Universe, it wouldn't surprise me if they used Skrulls and went with the Nazi Chitauri version.
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    Thor Trailer

    Also, this :D
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    Thor Trailer

    To make things even more complicated, Tiwaz also exists in Universe 616 as a seperate being from Tyr. He was the ruler of Asgard before Odin and is Thor's real grandfather. Unless he isn't anymore. 616 continuity gets a little wonky sometimes
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    Thor Trailer

    As has been mentioned previously, they're not Nordic. They're alien space gods with science-magic. The people who worshipped them were nordic. I believe I read some where that the reason we have Heimstringerbell and an Asian Hogun is that these are Gods, Gods are worshipped by all sorts of...
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    How you remember something vs. what it actually was...

    One of my favorite comics as a kid was Werewolf by Night and I remember being very impressed when Jack Russell fought the demon Behemoth, who was all massive and elephant headed just like the real goetic demon (my parents apparently realized I was going to grow up and be a writer, so the shelves...
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    What is the most heart-wrenchingly sad scene in any TV show/movie?

    That episode, but the scene that always gets me is Anya's breakdown :(
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    [Smallville] What's up with Tess Mercer? (spoilers)

    Tess Mercer is the GM's pet NPC, because it's THAT kind of game.:D
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    [BBC TV] Being Human

    Which was still probably better than the "So Shit It Never Aired" American version of Spaced. Haven't caught Series 2 yet, being both American and without Cable, but I loved the Pilot and the First Series. And yes, George is one of the best werewolves evar :D
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    [I'm a bad nerd] How do you pronounce 'Darkseid'?

    Even a corpse-eating Russian bear? In any case, I always pronounced it Dark-side 1. Because of the whole Dark Side pun 2. Because, as has been mentioned, in German it would be pronounced like dark-side. When confronted with a word I'm not sure how to pronounce, I usually default to German...
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    Time Traveler in Chaplin's movie

    Obviously, she is using a 23rd century communicator to tell her team mates that she found Kaspar Hauser, so they need to open the timegate to the 1828 Nuremburg safehouse. :D
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    I miss Buffy

    and according to Millar, there are talks of a movie version
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    The Venture Brothers: "Bright Lights, Dean City"

    Then again, this is a world where Prof. Impossible and Co dress up as the Fantastic Four for a costume party. :D
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    [Batman/Superman: Apocalypse]. So... Kryptonians speak Esperanto, apparently.

    Personally, I always wanted Kryptonians to speak Proto-Semitic or at least Sumerian :o
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    [Nemesis] Mark Millar finally achieves Platonic ideal of sucking

    Here's my theory: Millar is perfectly capable of coming up with an interesting premise- What if the supervillains united and killed all the superheroes? What if Kal-el landed in the Soviet Union? What if Captain America acted like a WWII soldier and everyone treated Thor the way they would...
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    How to pronounce Nyarlathotep

    nyar-la-tho-tep with the nyar part pronounced as ni-yar, but with that "ny" mushed together to make it all come off as one syllable (like how Germans deal with the "pf" part in "pferd") and with the "t" in "tho" as a very soft "t", so that the last bit sounds more like "hotep" so to the...
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    Single Funniest Sentences in Media? (Spoilers)

    For me and the Not-Yet-Wife, our favorite line from Young Frankenstein is: "Yes. Yes. Say it. He vas my... BOYFRIEND!"
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    Single Funniest Sentences in Media? (Spoilers)

    As long as we are throwing in Buffy quotes, one of my favorites has always been this exchange... Oz: So, do you guys steal weapons from the Army a lot? Willow: Well, we don't have cable, so we have to make our own fun.
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