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  1. Akrasia

    Good RPG stores in Madison WI?

    I'm heading to Madison later this week for a conference, and was wondering if there were any decent RPG shops there worth checking out. So any recommendations? :) The conference is near the university, and I won't have a car, so I will be limited to stores within walking distance of the...
  2. Akrasia

    [1e AD&D] Alternative to level limits for demi-human PCs

    This thread got me thinking about demi-human level limits and their justification in AD&D. So, gentle readers, how about this as an alternative system to level limits for demi-human characters? a. Clerics. Demi-human clerics cannot cast spells above level 4. They get the spell 'slots' for...
  3. Akrasia

    S & W complete printings

    Does anyone here know if there are any differences between the printings of Swords & Wizardry Complete, i.e., does the 'new' version with the Erol Otus cover have anything different from the earlier version? (I'm getting a copy of the new version for the Otus cover alone, but I am curious if I...
  4. Akrasia

    [Elric] Classic D&D adventures for the Young Kingdoms or Moorcock Multiverse?

    Consider this a thought experiment (although interesting answers may lead to actual gaming). :) What 'classic' D&D or AD&D adventures do you think could be translated successfully into the 'Stormbringer' setting (using either the Stormbringer (1e-5e), Elric!, or the MRQII/Legend Elric of...
  5. Akrasia

    [CoC] Trail of Cthulhu and/or CoC d20: anything useful for CoC (BRP)?

    I love The Call of Cthulhu and have no interest in switching systems for my Lovecraftian games. That said, would it be worth it for me to get copies of Trail of Cthulhu and/or the d20 version of CoC? That is, are these versions helpful for running standard (BRP) CoC? If so, what do they have to...
  6. Akrasia

    [MRQII Elric] Young Kingdoms Campaign: 'No Reason for Waking'

    Here are my notes for one of my current campaigns, in case anyone here at RPGnet is interested. (These notes were originally all posted at my blog. The link to the 'index' for all related posts is here, also in my sig.) I'm a player in this campaign, for a change, and our GM is the co-author of...
  7. Akrasia

    [Middle-earth] Some News re. the forthcoming 'One Ring' RPG

    A brief report on the upcoming Middle-earth RPG, entitled The One Ring, can be found here. Alas, that report is in Italian. Fortunately, an English translation can be found here. I've pasted it below: Here are some of my initial thoughts: I'm not sure what the author means by the "new wave"...
  8. Akrasia

    [CoC] MoN: differences between 3e and 4e?

    Could anyone here tell me if there are any substantive differences between the 3rd edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep (the 2006 PDF-only version) and the 4th edition (the 2010 version)? Thanks! :)
  9. Akrasia

    "Lost" finale: complete rubbish! (right?)

    So ... I just watched the final episode of "Lost". (Yes, I'm somewhat behind the times. :) I don't bother with cable anymore, and just wait for the TV series I like to come out on DVD. And season 6 of "Lost" just came out. So I impatiently watched it all in 3 days. And now I feel ... :(...
  10. Akrasia

    Chaosium's Stormbringer (1e/4e) and Elric! PDFs available again

    Chaosium's Strombringer (1e and 4e versions) and Elric! role-playing games are now available for sale at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Most of the support material for those games are also now available in PDF, as is the 1e version of Chaosium's Hawkmoon RPG. Strangely, Stormbringer 5e is not...
  11. Akrasia

    MRQII vs OpenQuest

    Yes, yet another one of these threads from yours truly. :o So I own both of these great games, but I have not 'mastered' the rules of either yet (I'm still working my way through them, thanks to tiresome work demands on my time). Nonetheless, here are some of my initial impressions. I...
  12. Akrasia

    Glorantha 2nd Age vs 3rd Age

    MRQII has piqued my interest in Glorantha. I haven't seriously looked at this setting in over 25 years. Although I know some of the overarching elements and ideas (essentially what one might glean from the Chaosium RQ2 corebook, and a few other sources), I'm pretty ignorant of the setting as a...
  13. Akrasia

    Converting OOP RQ material to MRQII

    How easy is it to convert OOP RQ material (Chaosium RQ2 and Chaosium/AH RQ3) to MRQII? Is it easier to convert RQ3 material to MRQII than RQ2 material? (I assume that it is, given that RQ3 has sorcery, but I'm not very familiar with RQ3.) Thanks! :)
  14. Akrasia

    Chicago RPG shops?

    Could any folks familiar with downtown Chicago pass along any info concerning decent RPG shops in the area? The wider the RPG selection the better. And if they carry OOP material, that would be even better. Many thanks! :)
  15. Akrasia

    4e 'Red box' Basic Set?

    I don’t play 4e D&D, and I have not been following the product line since the initial three hardback books were published. (I read halfway through the PHB before deciding that it wasn’t for me.) However, it recently was brought to my attention that WotC is coming out with a number of ‘box...
  16. Akrasia

    PDFs of Elric! at RPGnow?

    I was just at RPGnow, and noticed that Chaosium has a link to pdfs for their (now out-of-print) Elric! RPG. However, when I went to the Elric! page, there were no pdfs, only this message: "Titles in this category are coming soon!" Are these pdfs really coming soon? I hope so, but I find the...
  17. Akrasia

    'State of Mongoose' and MRQ, Elric, etc.

    The ‘State of Mongoose 2009’ has been posted: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=41509 Some initial reactions: I’m glad that I waited before checking out MRQ. I hope that MRQII includes an alternative to the ‘hit locations’ system for combat, but I doubt it. Still, I’m...
  18. Akrasia

    BRP Elric! vs Mongoose Elric

    I've been looking through my copy of Elric! (Chaosium, 1993), and quite like it. How does it compare to the more recent Mongoose version? How compatible are the two games? Also, what supplements or adventures for either game are highly recommended? Thanks! :)
  19. Akrasia

    BRP vs MRQ

    Which would be better for a fantasy campaign (of the 'swords & sorcery' variety, not so much the 'high fantasy' variety, but where magician PCs are a viable option, i.e., not all magic is 'evil'): Chaosium's Basic Role-playing system (the version published in 2008) or Mongoose's Runequest...
  20. Akrasia

    [OD&D] Blackmoor 'DA' modules: opinions?

    Does anyone here remember the Blackmoor 'DA' modules for Classic D&D (Basic/Expert/RC D&D) from the mid-late 1980s? There were four altogether. I own the first one (DA1 "Adventures in Blackmoor"), and quite like it, or at least the 'campaign setting' info (which is very interesting, but not...
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