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  1. Derek

    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    The designers have said it will be set several years after Alien 3. I'm not a fan of the film myself (I really only care for the first two, and Isolation), but I imagine it will be easy enough to discard elements I don't like.
  2. Derek

    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    Here they are: Alien 40th Anniversary Short Films.
  3. Derek

    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    It has, indeed, been a thing for a few years now. There are a number of product announcements, sales, and the like every year on this date.
  4. Derek

    [Star Trek Online] Thread 6: Discovering new worlds and new grinds

    I've barely played STO for ages, but jumped back in just as Age of Discovery was announced and managed to snag a Walker for when I create an Discovery-era Captain. Does anyone know of a site for "canon" ship builds? I'd like to try and keep the weapon load out as close to what's seen on-screen...
  5. Derek

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Where I Read] The Death and Return of Superman!

    Thanks for starting this thread. I always found that I always enjoyed Reign of the Supermen and Clark's return far more than the death. I think it bothered me that a brand new villain got to take out Superman rather than anyone established. Your writeup, though, has me wanting to dig out the...
  6. Derek

    [Ganesha Games]Star Eagles rulebook is out.

    I'm intrigued - I may at least have to pick up the PDF! Can you use existing minis with whatever bases they already have?
  7. Derek

    Antman and the Wasp (Spoilers)

    So Strange was visiting possible outcomes using the time stone... Scott was warned about time vortexes. Will Avengers 4 open with a scene where they meet, setting up the time travel hinted at by set photos? Also: my son had a realization that Scott's trophy was actually true, from a certain...
  8. Derek

    Avengers 4 rumors and spoilers - all Avengers 3 spoilers allowed in this thread.

    It just occurred to me that if I remember correctly, and provided neither Scott or Hope get dusted, we'll have both the original movie Avengers and the original comic Avengers in the next movie. Not Hank or Janet, mind you, but an Ant-man and a Wasp nonetheless.
  9. Derek

    Annihilation: It's Pretty Great

    I saw the film this afternoon, and the book is one of my favourites from recent years. The movie is very different in many ways from the novel, but manages to nail the mood and the general plot of the book. There were a few things I think I'd have preferred done differently, but they were...
  10. Derek

    Annihilation movie (and book) discussion

    I'm a bit concerned that they'll change too much from the book, while also understanding that it would be hard not too. I'm more concerned, though, that it may not be playing here for me to see.
  11. Derek

    40k is Going Nuts

    Hey folks, I'm returning to 40k after 10+ years away and trying to play catchup. What's the best software for building an army list in this day and age? Looking at the codex I just picked up, I really don't want to go back to typing everything out manually!
  12. Derek

    [Star Trek Online] Thread 5: The Voyage Somewhere to the Left

    Are Fleet ships able to use all the same skins as their regular counterparts? I want to give my 23rd century captain a Paladin or Sagittarius with the old-school look, but want to make sure I'm not wasting her resources on a ship that it won't work on.
  13. Derek

    FFG and Games Workshop Part Ways

    Fellow Canadians, I happen to work for FFG's Canadian distributor, and can confirm that at least some of the titles mentioned above should see at least one more shipment coming our way. No guarantee that any given store will bring in a specific product (not my department), but if anyone wants...
  14. Derek

    Guide to Glorantha nears completion

    Is it possible to arrange a GenCon pickup for the books and prepay without the shipping? I'm still teetering on the fence, but would like to know if the option is there.
  15. Derek

    [tremulus] Are the Trust Rules Backwards?

    I was just coming to post the same thing Chroma did - this change was part of our playtest feedback, as well as being brought up by other locals once the book came out. It feels much better in play than the rules as written for most people I've talked to.
  16. Derek

    [Doctor Who] New Doctor's Costume Revealed

    Oh, I caught that. But I think Rel Fexive meant something to do with the colours. Especially since the bow tie was never shown as being bigger on the inside. Or if it was, it was hard to notice... :D
  17. Derek

    [Doctor Who] New Doctor's Costume Revealed

    How's that? I to seem recall mention of there being something with Tennant's suit before, but wasn't able to figure it out....
  18. Derek

    Steam Daily Deals 4: It's all about the Benjamins

    Good to know - thanks to both of you. I'll definitely remember the DLC restrictions!
  19. Derek

    Steam Daily Deals 4: It's all about the Benjamins

    I know the thread is "Steam Daily Deals", but since I do see mention of GoG offers I'm hoping this question is reasonable to ask here: What do you folks think of GamersGate? I've never used the service, but see that Crusader Kings II is currently on sale on their site. I'm wondering if it's...
  20. Derek


    Please, oh, please, oh please run on XP!
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