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    Dali and Disney's Destino

    So I just remembered this short between the artist and Disney and am wondering about the end. Since there is no dialogue I am guessing that the ending scene means that the dancer lives within Chronos' heart even after she is gone? Did anyone else get this impression?
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    [Infinity Wars Spoiler Thread]

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    In the Grim Darkness of the 41th Millennium, there is only... Peace in our time?

    A rather late honoring of Fred Rogers, but envision that every March 20th, all violence in the galaxy of WH40K+ ceases due to the boundless love of Fred Rogers. Blades stay sheathed, wagghs are silent, nothing is BLAMMED. Just peace. Of course, it won't last for all that long, perhaps only an...
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    Of decanters and rowboats

    Decanter of Endless water:If the stopper is removed from this ordinary-looking flask and a command word spoken, an amount of fresh or salt water pours out. Separate command words determine the type of water as well as the volume and velocity. “Stream” pours out 1 gallon per round. “Fountain”...
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    Eighth anniversary of Robot Unicorn Attack

    Yep, won't you join in the OH HARMONY?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-w1vZX_K_c
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    Hello Neighbor is out

    The home invasion game is out for sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eut-ehTyUJs
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    [DC] DC/Loony Toons crossovers.

    Caught the Coyote/Lobo one and it was sheer mad genius! In character even with the new looks and callbacks like Sam the Sheepdog going full Bara.
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    PS4 Help-Can't connect to the PSStore helP?

    So this has been going around and I have seen some videos about it and posts. I try to connect to the PS4Store and get a 'Please wait' endlessly blinking on screen. I have tried restoring the database and changing the MTU but still can't get on. Reinitializing the PS4 would be a last ditch thing...
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    [Witcher 3] SIgh. Adice needed on making PC run well

    So after many hassles of trying to install it, I manage to get the entire special edition loaded into my PC. Updated drivers, ran a game booster and...no matter what setting it performs badly in the normal game world. Lip sync is bad, characters are choppy and I am just not sure what is up...
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    [Relted to Video Games I guess] Need help loading Witcher 3

    Ok, I just purchaaed W3 complete edition for the PC and am trying to get it to load in my computer(Windows 10) I get the first disk going(6 disks!) and then when prompted for the second I put it in and wait... ...and wait. For it to start reading and load in. When prompted to load Disk 3, I did...
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    FNAF:SI update

    Sister Location got itself an update. For those who were disappointed that you couldn't do the classic FNAF experience, you can choose custom scenarios and fend off robots and engage in resource management.
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    🎨 Creative [Pathfinder] Smashy Smashy Mutagen FIghter for Strange Aeons

    So There is a SA game by PbP and I submitted a Fighter, Mutagen archetype for consideration. The idea is a formor lab-rat servant who got to drink whatever his master made and is now rather deformed looking and uses Mutagens. I'm thinking of Earthbreaker swinging type whose skin bubbles and...
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    Hello Neighbor:The game of home invasion

    I've seen Markiplier and a few others plaing an alpha of this and just want to toss out some info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eut-ehTyUJs So you suspect your neighbor is up to evil things like hiding corpses in the basement and decide to head inside to check. The game area is small, with...
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    [FNAF] Sister Location is up it seems

    Just noticed on YouTube, Markiplier doing a run through, so go get it for those interested.
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    [Fallen London]SMEN

    First off, I am aware of the backstory and the various troubles the programmer who worked on this had to deal with. I know it is a quest of self-destruction that destroys your character and supposedly your account and I have no endurance these days for quests that require so much grinding...
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    Hellboy has come to a close

    Final issue of Hellboy in Hell has arrived and with this, Mignola will be taking a rest to do other projects. After 20 years of a story of a young boy who appeared in a flash of flame, the fire has gone out and for now things are quiet.
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    [WOW] 300 naked orcs take down Gamon!

    Humor vid. I like how people got together for this. :) 300 Orcs
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    [Pathfrinder] Misfit Monsters Redeemed

    Perhaps made as a response to SA's 'D&D, WTF?!' Pathfinder has released a book of 10 lame D&D monsters and given them an upgrade. Flumphs,Delvers,Dire Corbys and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing have gotten an upgrade.
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    Question on slowing down flash games

    I recently revisited an old flash game called 'All Hallow's Eve' where one shoots zombies and can buy better guns and house defenses. I did have a new computer and suddenly realized that the shambling zombies suddenly turned into 28 Days later types and overwhelmed me in 2 waves. Is there any...
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