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    Planning to start a game of Masks - what pitfalls to watch out for?

    My group's current game just fell off owing to GM burnout, and I've offered to run Masks for a bit. The group's knowledge of supers ranges from 'Enjoys the Marvel movies' to 'Seriously dedicated comics nerds', with about half being used to crunchy system and the other half used to lighter...
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    [Band of Blades] Random Mission Generator

    So, in Band of Blades, each 'Campaign' cycle, the Commander is supposed to be given between two and three randomly generated missions, of which they will select one as the primary (that the players run through) and one as the secondary (resolved off-screen by a single die roll). Actually going...
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    [Band of Blades] New Heritage: The Legion-Born

    Legion-Born Bastards, mongrels, and half-breeds; orphans adopted by refugee families that attach themselves to the Legion, or the byproducts of Legionaires and camp followers, or soldiers who find love after taking their oaths; the Legion-born are children who grew up with the Legion rather...
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    Band of Blades - After Skydagger?

    There are several references in Band of Blades to future campaigns, after reaching and securing Skydagger Keep. Has there been any word on what those campaigns will look like, and/or how the command roles would change?
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    Questions re: End of Evangelion and the ending of Evangelion

    I rewatched Evangelion on Netflix over the weekend, and it reminded me of a long standing... unclarity I had. Is there a 'canonical' ending to Evangelion? Like... End of Evangelion seems to end with Shinji having rejected becoming one with everyone, but the last episode seems to end with Shinji...
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    [Legend of the Five Rings] Thousand Mazy Paths: A Lifepath Walker

    I'm *knock on wood* going to be getting to play in a Legend of the Five Rings game soon, and so have been digesting the book. As a part of doing so, I decided to write an automated lifepath walker, for rapid inspiration generation. Enjoy :) https://thousandmazypaths.neocities.org/
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    A few questions re: Legends of the Five Rings newest edition (Fantasy Flight version)

    A friend of mine is looking to start running a game of Lot5R, which- rad! So I picked up the book, and have a couple of things I want to make sure I'm parsing correctly. Several Techniques allow affected characters to resist, and this is usually just a straight TN Skill check (usually...
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    [RPG History] Whence came 'Rollplay vs Roleplay'

    While the fundamental tension between emphasizing the game aspect and emphasizing the immersion/story/roleplay aspect of RPGs has been with the hobby since very nearly the beginning, does anyone know when the venerable canard of "ROLE-playing, not ROLL-playing!" originated? The earliest I can...
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    Seeking to grok Fellowship (the RPG, 2nd edition)

    I backed Fellowship's second edition kickstarter, and am currently working through the 2e pdf and seeking to grok some elements of how they work in play. * Is there a mechanical end state apart from the defeat of the Overlord? There's a repeated refrain that the Overlord is going to end the...
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    In other news, Happiness is Mandatory Citizens! [Paranoia RPG]

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/858030/Paranoia_Happiness_is_Mandatory/ I'm a little sad that it's not a mostly first person CRPG style, and I desperately hope that your team of Troubleshooters will occusionally just try and murder one another instead of following orders- or, at least for...
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    [W:tA] Is there an Incarnae or Maeljin of Treason?

    I'm pondering a plotline to throw at some players, and it got me a looking for a Wyrmy (or maybe Wyld?) spirit that inspires treachery, treason, and factionalism; does such a being already canonically exist? I mean, yes, I know I can just make one up, but it's always nice if someone else has...
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    Call to Adventure review: Pretty fun :)

    A while ago, I kickstarted a new game from Brotherwise, the guys that made Boss Monster. This inspite of not being a big fan of Boss Monster - it was a cute idea, but the execution kind of fell flat. The new game, Call to Adventure, shipped recently. TL;DR: Do recommend. The game is a mix of...
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    [MCU] Theory for the next phase / postcredits stinger at the end of Endgame

    I should emphasize; this is theorizing based primarily on bowel cognition. Prediction: The Phase 4 MCU Avengers level threat will be Kang the Conqueror. Kang will be hinted at / setup in the postcredits stinger for Endgame. Reasons: * It seems probable at this point that some degree of time...
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    [Lovecraft] Who worships an evil god?

    I came across an interesting take on both Lovecraft's mythos, and some effort at trying to reason about who or what kind of person would be enthralled by such creatures, and why they would be- after all, even if the Old Ones are beyond comprehension, their cultists are human- and, conversely...
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    What does agency mean, in the context of a story?

    Inspired by on the 'What do the Ruby Slippers do' thread; it raises a question in my mind. What does agency *mean* in a story? What does it mean for a character to have more or less agency?
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    [Youtube Music] Share your favorite Youtube music peoples!

    A Brit specializing in nerd rap, his videos are always delightful and extremely earwormy. His Frostpunk rap literally inspired me to buy the game. Another video game/nerd rap channel; mostly I enjoy the TF2 vs Overwatch rap battles. A guy that focuses on covers; not super transformative...
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    What made Master of Magic so good?

    I've been on a nostalgia kick recently, and replayed some Master of Magic (went all Sauron with Chaos/Sorcery and Artificer with Orcs and decked out my Champions with magic toys to dominate the world of men, but I digress) What is it that makes Master of Magic still click so well that it's...
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    I dreamt of a sports anime last night

    Which is a little weird, as sports anime isn't a genre I especially like. But it was about a guy (named Jack Clubs) seeking to win the World Series of Poker. I literally saw the intro playing, (with supporting characters labeled 2 through 10, and antagonists styled after the Queen of Hearts...
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    [RPG Design History] Where were the concepts of 'Switches' and 'Dials' for game and setting calibration introduced?

    The earliest reference I can find to switches (elements are either present or not) and dials (elements will have greater or lesser emphasis or impact) in a roleplaying game context is a Forge GNS essay, but I would swear it was an older idea than that. Does anyone know of an earlier reference...
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    *Podcast* On a Roll, a podcast addressing common problems / frustrations

    On a Roll Podcast And includes the author of a book by the same name :) Primarily LARP focused, but also touches on tabletop and even online/MUSH gaming. (I don't always agree with 'em, but exposure to contrasting views can be valuable)
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