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    The Elder Races are no more

    The Elves and the Dwarves got into a war and killed themselves off. Now humanity is one of the so-called new races that have to repopulate a war torn world. Any one done this?
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    The Elder Races still dominate

    Many games have humanity on the rise as the Elder Races slowly fade into obscurity. Has anyone turned this on its head. Humanity the new race on the block, where elves and dwarves and ogre magi still rule the land.
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    🎨 Creative My Conversions

    I figured that rather that start new treads every time I get the urge to post some conversions, or even some of my own creations, I do like Kreuzritter and place them all in one spot and just post here when I get some done. So also links to all my old treads...
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    🎨 Creative COH Heroes [Champions builds]

    So for my next set I will be looking at the signature heroes from City of Heroes. These are two big powerful teams. Due to the sometimes large backstories I will not be posting them in the build itself, but instead link to https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Signature_Heroes It does a much better...
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    Corrupt regimes and lack of magical research and development!

    So the other day I was watching Fareed Zakaria and he was talking about taxes and infrastructure / research and development. His point was that the tax breaks for the wealthy is taking from road repair and science / medical development. So I was thinking about how would look like in a fantasy...
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    🎨 Creative A lets read Atlas of Earth Prime and some character conversions

    So this summer I picked up Green Ronin’s Atlas of Earth Prime. As a Hero man I still look out for other products to get ideas and inspiration. Well this product blew me away. Very well detailed and lots of information. So I thought I would give a chapter by chapter impression as well as post...
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    Book recommendation

    So I just read about the update that Green Ronin is doing to the Freedom-verse, especially the new Lady Liberty. So I offer a Book to read, a YA novel called “Dreadnought” by April Daniels. Here read the blurb from Goodreads. I found it enjoyable and a bit thought provoking. Link...
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    using the DND tier system for other than DND

    So what the title says. Has anyone used the tier system for games other that DND? Rolemaster, Earthdawn, Palladium FRP, 7th Sea, Book of Five Rings, Numenera etc. etc. etc. Just curious!
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    🎨 Creative [Hero] Original characters

    Where I submit characters inspired by V&V. Basically I used a copy of V&V to roll up an NPC; stats, powers and background skills. I then used my Hero Designer to make what I hope is close to what I see! These are original NPC and free to use. So take and enjoy!
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    [necro]The past was (better, brighter, more advanced....) and we lost so much (trope)

    So why is this trope in RPGs. The past was more fantastic then (insert disaster) arrived and we lost so much. It has been 10000 years and we still can not approach their achievements in magic. The secrets of such great enchantments are lost to us, the making of such marvelous items. Am I...
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    🎨 Creative [HERO] Some conversions from other systems

    Inspired by others I did some conversions from other systems to Hero. So here are some that I did from Century Station. These are just my interpretations, and YMMV! So first up, The Centurions!
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    So reading though a few old published campaign worlds and I notice a common theme. We have the viking humans, the feudal humans, the roman senate humans, the merchentile city states humans, the barbarian humans etc. Then there seem to be orcs and ogre everywhere, because well we need bad...
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    Mutants and Masterminds How do you get defensive stats

    So Bought "Threat Report" a while ago, and I liked the characters and ideas for a Superhero game. But when it comes to defenses I am at an impass. Toughness and Fortitude are based on STA, easy enough. But Parry is based on FGT, OK so FGT 6 gives a parry of 10? Lets look at skills or...
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    Palladium 1st edition Men at Arms and Luck

    So I recently rediscovered my old Palladium Book (circa 1983) and while reading it I found that it really wasn't that bad. But I still feel MaA classes are shortchanged. You gain a level, all skills go up, more HP, WP get better. BUT, so does everyone else. And they get powers on top of it...
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    [Palladium] What is the difference between Physical Strength values?

    So PS 25 (normal) PS 25 (Superhuman) PS 25 (Supernatural) What is the difference in Carrying Capacity between the three?
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    Linear fighter (Linear Exp Table) Quadratic wizard (Quadratic Exp Table)

    So just what it says in the title, if the warrior goes up linearly, then shouldn't the exp table be so also? 0-2000 level 1 2000-4000 level 2 4000-6000 level 3 6000-8000 level 4 etc. While the wizard... 0-2000 level 1 2000-4000 level 2 4000-8000 level 3 8000-16000 level 4 etc. If you want...
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    Different magic for different races?

    So a comment on another tread about how he made power sources unique to each race. Ex elves got divine, another got primal etc. But the mechanics stay the same, wave hands, say words, spell goes off. The list is different, but the mechanics are the same. But has anyone really made it so that...
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    Book of Nine Swords in play

    I am curious about the references to the BoNS and the three classes contained inside: the Crusader, the Swordsage, the Warblade. I keep hearing about how they add oomph to the warrior class. So has anyone really used them in their campaign? What was the general perception of them...
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    Japanese PNP games and stores in Tokyo/Kyoto

    I am planning to be in Japan this summer and though I have alot planned a quick jaunt to a FLGS in either Tokyo or Kyoto or Okayama even can be arranged. But I have no idea if there are any PNP games that are any good or where to even start looking on a map for a store. So I turn to you great...
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    Looking for stores In Halifax, NS

    I am planning a trip to the Maritime Provinces this summer and Would like to visit a gaming store while I am there (my home town is small and has one small, but very good store). So can anyone from that area please chime in with any that they know about? Thank you Jerome
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