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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    10th (And that "all-rogue" 2e campaign years ago that otherwise stank finally proves useful for something.)
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    [General RPG]Are there games you like as a player, and not to run as GM, and vice versa?

    3.x D&D/ Pathfinder - I enjoy playing them, but will not run them. There's are a few reasons why, but the key reason is that the complexity level is just high enough that I burn out after a few sessions. The same goes for D20 Modern. Hopefully 5th edition D&D will be different enough to...
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    Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E

    I think releasing the Gamemaster's Guide later, with the core GM material in the original core book, is a carry-over from 1st Edition Pathfinder. So PF has a 2 book core, rather than 3, for both of its editions.
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    What percent of your RPG library have you actually played?

    It's still up in the air right now. I tend to second guess a few choices, give a few to friends, and sell the rest to Noble Knight or a local bookstore/ game store.
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    What percent of your RPG library have you actually played?

    I think I'm at around 10%, which surprised me. I thought it would be much lower so I did a quick survey of the books out on shelves in my office. Going through the magazine boxes of modules in the office closet might make things worse, but I'm betting not lower than 5%. Of course, that's...
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    So, who is sticking with Pathfinder 1e and why?

    My small group is not switching because we have years worth of PF 1e material to play. Not that we have a huge amount; we just don't get to play as often as I'd like. Combine that with the fact that there are other games that we already own and would like to play, and I'd say my Paizo...
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    +3 per charge used
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    1 hit point per day of rest Or was I just a jerk DM?
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Or do the studs in studded leather count? EDIT: Nah, I'll stick with my first answer.
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Number of rounds equal to 1/3 of Con score; round up.
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    9 EDIT: And ninja'd
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    A) 120' per round [1 minute round]
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    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    It's 2 electrum per gold, and 5 gold per platinum, so it's 10 electrum per platinum. [Should an adult still feel joy at finishing such a simplistic math "word problem"?]
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    Free RPG Day 2019 Any Plans to Run a Game?

    We have four game stores in Northwest Arkansas (that I know of), so naturally the retail locator for Free RPG Day doesn't show a single store participating within 100 miles.
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    RPG Products of Uncertain Utility

    I normally wait until I've read through a thread before I reply, but when I read this I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Because of course the exact same thing is true of me. In fact, poster maps/ flip-mats are the one area of my RPG hobby where I have genuinely thrown up my hands and...
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    RPGs Based on Schools

    Hellcats & Hockeysticks is the only one that comes to mind.
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    I guess the Stranger Things starter set released early

    I thought the release date was this month, but later this month.
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