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  1. Aliexster

    [Battletech] Making a better Mechwarrior

    The group I'm in have gotten to grumbling on needing some big stompy robot action lately, and I have to agree. I do seem to have the most experience with the setting and most of the books so it'll likely fall on me to run. The problem is that the Battletech rules are easy enough, Mechwarrior...
  2. Aliexster

    [DH 2nd] GM Needs Help with Encounters

    So I've been running a game of Rogue Trader that has been going on for a year that ended a little bit ago, and my players are ready to get back into the 40K universe with the new edition. They liked my game for it's atmosphere, the weird characters, and some of the inanity I put forward. There...
  3. Aliexster

    ♫We Gather Together to Watch Cheezy Movies...♫

    Well this year we got a lot of friends and family coming over for Thanksgiving, we managed to spend the money for a wireless connection to the TV along with the entire series of MST3K in a format that I can play on it. So the whole question is what episodes would be best to show some people that...
  4. Aliexster

    OOC [Only War] 453rd Sinophian Armored Fist

    Alright, you know the drill. Post your finished character sheet here first off, give any sort of questions you might have about the game afterwards. Good luck, and good hunting with the war!
  5. Aliexster

    IC [Only War] 453rd Sinophian Armored Fist

    Glory to the First Man To Die! ~Commissar Gebbet Glory's all well and good, but the first one in, means the first to loot. ~Lieutenant Valumin, Sinophian Quartermaster Join the army they said. It is likely a sure bet to get off of this crappy world if you just shoot a few orks. Like...
  6. Aliexster

    OOC [HG 2nd] Gundam: Soldiers of Redemption

    Alright, here we go. You know the drill, character's background and sheet should be on the first page please. I'm posting the mech rules directly below. The Recruitment thread is here. The In Character thread is here. RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type Type: Heavy Mobile Suit Cruising Speed: 4 Full...
  7. Aliexster

    IC [HG 2nd] Gundam: Soldiers of Redemption

    Since accepting the Rear Admiral's offer, your lives have been a bevy of interviews, questionnaires, and tests to see exactly how proficent you in handling a mobile suit through simulators and Junior Mobile Suits. In each of the training centers there are a few other applicants that washed out...
  8. Aliexster

    [Interest] Gundam 0079: Soldiers of Redemption

    http://youtu.be/84SqvC43qFQ It is October 28 of the Universal Century year 0079, the Earth and the several billion miles of space surrounding the planet is embroiled in the bloodiest war that history has ever seen. Untold weapons of destruction have been unleashed upon the populous on the...
  9. Aliexster

    IC [BESM] Space Princess Startrip Go!

    It is a rather joyous time on the world of Relias, part of the core of the galactic republic where the rich and influential can mingle, take in the cultural centers of the cities, take advantage of the rather plentiful harvests of the farms, or simply enjoy a rest away from their hectic lives...
  10. Aliexster

    OOC [BESM] Space Princess Startrip Go!

    Alright here we go, getting kicking on this game. So if you could repost your character sheets here and we can get started after ironing out a few other things. Mainly the interactions between all of the characters, how they like each other and the like. Also since I don't see any owned space...
  11. Aliexster

    [Interest] BESM Space Hijinx

    Alright, since we had a few interested people for the general concept of some sort of anime style space game, I though I might as well see what I can do to help alleviate this urge for some fun out in the black. First I will say that while I do think MnM is a good game, I'm not that proficent in...
  12. Aliexster

    [WIW] The Macross Saga

    Hello there Tangency! I've just been a fan of the Macross series, being pretty much the first anime I watched it as part of Robotech, and the various Where I Watches that was some of the funniest threads out there. I am not going to go over that series, instead I'm going right to the source to...
  13. Aliexster

    [LTTP Dragon Age] Where is this Tactical Combat?

    Okay, since I got a new computer, I thought I'd catch up on some of the games I missed in the past month or so. One of them was the ultimate edition of Dragon Age since I heard nothing but good things about it's story and game play. So I've gotten a few hours in and I am running into something...
  14. Aliexster

    IC Rogue Trader-Way Back Home

    Port Wander Last bastion of Civilization many see before venturing forth from the Calixis Sector. Home of the Battlefleet Calixis and countless other trader captains. The past year has not been kind to the Alleged Victory, with countless set backs after it's former master's failed attempt to...
  15. Aliexster

    OOC Rogue Trader-Way Back Home

    Alright, typical OOC stuff, and if you would kindly repost your character sheet and background here we can get this show on the road.
  16. Aliexster

    [Dark Heresy] Sinophian Nights

    ************************************************************* Astropathic Transcript: 0313890M41 Destination: Alpha Aquila Amber 571 Relay Begin Massive... ************************************************************* Hail and salutations honorable Lord Inquisitor and primary source of my net...
  17. Aliexster

    [Where I Watch] Baccano! (Some Spoilers)

    Hello to all those fellow sailors upon the wide open Tangency, I just got the first two discs of a an anime I never heard of a month ago and thought that I should share. The fact that I found out about this series by accident in the monolithic Thread of Doom, had something to do with this fact...
  18. Aliexster

    [D20 Modern] The Red Star: Masovian Chronicles

    Well I think I've got enough sessions under my belt, and I'm willing to start to run something detailing my newest attempt behind the shield, something very unusual to say the least. Being a fan of some of the more out there comics, I found a copy of one of my favorites done up as a setting for...
  19. Aliexster

    [Scion] The deal with Legend

    I know it might be a bit late on this question, with Scion being out for quite a while, but recently I finished playing in another short running Scion game. Something about the sort of the rules fluff wise with the center stat of the whole game has been bothering me. Alright, the main attribute...
  20. Aliexster

    [Recruitment] World of the Red Star

    The Golden Republic of Masovia has long been a nation in conflict since time immemorial, surrounded by enemies, it was a glorious period when peace had broken out. One of the worst moments was during the Great Patriotic War where it bore the full brunt of the old Volksriech war machine and...
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