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    Recommended RPGnet Sellers

    Great purchase from Wulfgar22 of a nice clean sweep of four SW Solomon Kane books, including a much coveted Path of Kane. Good comms and books arrived well packed and in top condition.
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    Paranoia. What do the corridors of the Alpha Complex look like?

    Like the crowded human lemming tunnels of THX1138 or the cheap twisting corridors of a spaceship from an older Dr Who episode. Preferably from the Tom Baker era, Face of Evil, um......Planet of Evil, The Ark in Space.
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    Nyarlathotep in D&D - was he (it?) ever given stats?

    It's hidden away on my bookshelves at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that Nyarlathotep is statted up in the Labyrinth Lord/OSR book Realms of Crawling Chaos.
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    I've been playing through the 4e Dungeon Delves solo and it's been pretty fun

    Ah, kinda like an old wandering monster encounter table, with a terrain as a battleground? I assume you adjust the monsters according to the strength of the party?
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    I've been playing through the 4e Dungeon Delves solo and it's been pretty fun

    I haven't played 4e and this sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about these solo skirmish rules?
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    Ptolus-like city supplements: could we list them?

    For S&S D20 - Burok Torn, Hollowfaust (my favourite of the lot) , Mithril and Shelzar. All interesting city sites and all very distinct from one another. I don't think that any of them had particularly distinguished maps though.
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    What are the Best RPG books to have that you have no intention of ever using?

    Artesia. Good looking book with a rich, detailed setting and a rather intriguing but murky system. It is a really interesting rpg but I have never convinced anyone to play it and to be honest have given up now. I sift through it occasionally to mine bits from it for other games.
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    Rogues Galleries?

    I have suddenly and inexplicably feel an urge to rummage through a book of NPCs. I have read the following: AD&D 1st ed Rogues Gallery - from what I remember, just long lists of stats Basic D&D - Shady Dragon Inn - stats backed up with a few lines on personality & history AD&D 2nd ed Complete...
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    Recommend me a great dungeon!

    Another +1 for Stonehell and Eyes of the Stone Thief as well. Just chop off the levels or parts you want from them to use.
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    classic and exciting or unusual ways to start a new party meeting

    A bit corny I know but I've sometimes liked starting a group getting to know each other in a Dirty Dozen introduction. The players create their characters, add a bit of backstory and pass their character sheets to me. Like the film, they are sentenced prisoners. As the authorities I throw in...
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    What was the first non D&D system you owned?

    I think it was Runequest for me. There was another group who played it and I was curious about it but never indulged in it at the time. Later on I checked it out, bought a few books at first and found it to be an interesting and refreshing alternative to D&D. Still don't like the ducks...
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    [4e] Conquest of Nerath Map without the test

    Ah!, makes me wanna drag the CoN board game out from underneath the bed to include it in a gaming session!
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    Favorite sci-fi RPGs

    Hi Doc, It disappeared from DTRPG when the license expired. It still shows up on ebay and Amazon for about £75+ Happy Hunting!
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    Favorite sci-fi RPGs

    I can throw some love at SBA as well! I really like SWN, Traveller and Mindjammer but for sheer loopy fun anything goes super happy fun time gameplay, I'd probably hit the mighty and rather heavy tome of SBA.
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    For those with large game collections - what would you keep if you had to seriously downsize?

    If I was forced to downsize, I would keep the ones I can't get on DTRPG, like my various Elric/Stormbringer books. Though, it'll never happen. They'll have to prise my rpg books away from my cold dead hands.
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    [Dungeon Crawl Classics] do you own the funky dice?

    Yep. Have several sets of Zocchi dice. Including a few tubes of the DCC ones with their characters on them. No re-rolls for me plus I just like funky dice.......
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    What setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG?

    Yep, we pretty much do this too. Have also used some Crawl Classics Punjar fluff/material in our campaign, which I think was originally of 4e origin. I think Punjar is mentioned in a few of the DCC system adventures, and that is what led us to check it out. The Chained Coffin DCC box set &...
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    Good resource for online play. These 16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC

    Takes me back to the days when I used BBC sci-fi and horror sound effects I had on cassettes for rpg sessions.
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    In need of Food-themed Monsters

    Instead of chromatic dragons, fruit flavoured dragons!
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