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    Apocalypse: Everybody walks away

    What kind of disasters would be caused if the whole human race walked away from their jobs for a month? I'm guessing famine, some sketchy oil rigs leak, maybe another Chernobyl?
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    Any good ideas for mystical numbers?

    A setting I'm making needs a special number for its calendar, and I've been bouncing between a few but I thought you guys might have suggestions. I'm looking for a number, hopefully larger than 100, and either a coprime with 120 or having an other obscure relationship with it. Mystical...
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    [Experiment] Designer has taken the fire escape

    Hello from Mages of the Sea's Edge (MOTSE for short). Finally, time has come to take the successful collectible card business model and apply it to RPGs. Anticipation for this game is nearly out of control. Six months ago they brought in expensive author L.H. Franzibald to come and be the...
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    So I wrote a game

    I wrote a forum game called F1 Re: Esc ('help regarding escape') for people who want to nurture creativity in small pieces. The rules are 1 page, it's the kind of thing that could be cool come game day. I tried to start playing the game in the PBP forum, but it looks like some weird ruleset...
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    [F1 Re: Esc] The Pleiades Cluster

    Rules questions and meta please go here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=8463614#post8463614 Here's the rules: The Seed starts the game; after pasting these rules, the OP writes 100 words and then issues a Challenge in 20 words or less. From then on each post should Answer, Cheer, or...
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    [F1 Re: Esc] A forum game everyone can play (Recruitment)

    Feel free to ask any questions here, but the game is going to happen in the IC/OOC forum here. Here's the rules: F1 Re: Esc is a game for people who are bored at work with just enough time to read a forum. The goal is to keep your creative juices flowing, shrug off the negativity, and escape...
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    Final Fantasy oracle

    I was wondering if any final fantasy fans around here can help me with common motifs of the games. I'm trying for 100. Here's the first 33. 1) An airship speeds through the sky, its captain charged with a dangerous mission. 2) An isolated community of mages finds itself besieged by forces...
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    We need a meeting stone

    We have: 1) A rising number of roleplaying games that require no prep 2) Games that can be played in 2-3 hours 3) Online Tabletops like Maptool 4) Voice chat stuff like Skype or Ventrilo (and many gamers have headsets) Really all we need is a nice, centralized location where we can say "Hey...
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    [In A Wicked Age] 3 Strangers make Awesome Story!

    On Thursday I complained at RPG.net that I couldn’t get a game together that I could play that night, despite having the technology (Maptool and Skype), the game (In A Wicked Age) and the knowledge that there were others out there like me. That post actually turned up a pair of guys, who jumped...
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    [Rant] Why can't I play tonight?

    We have the technology: Maptool, Ventrilo, whatever. We have the games: In A Wicked Age, Deep7's 1 Page drop games, Primetime Adventures, and so on can be played in ~2 hours, among LOTS of others. We've got a bunch of gamers that are spread out over the place and who WANT to game tonight...
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    Wicked Age demo - Skype and Maptool - today at 2PM

    Today, the 19th of January, I'm running a demo of Vincent Baker's new game, In A Wicked Age! The game is at 2:00 PM EST, 11:AM PST. I'm ryanstoughton on skype, feel free to text message me and I"ll invite you in. No new invites after 2:15. Cheers!
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    [IAWA] Oracle of Eberron

    OK, per Daniel's idea in the other IAWA thread, this thread is for throwing around ideas for an oracle based on a popular fiction thingy. Lots of people know a little bit about Eberron and it has some cool stuff and high fantasy hasn't been touched on in the oracles I've seen, so I figured we...
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    Any bored / underworked fantasy enthusiasts around?

    One of my big new contributors at the great hundred project works for the municipal government and was going kind of crazy with not enough to do. She's having fun diving into the Great Hundred project, where we're working on making a new open fantasy setting (not vanilla fantasy, more like...
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    Open. Systemless. Modular.

    The Great Hundred project has begun: http://www.greathundred.org The project is designed to produce an open content system-independent exotic fantasy supplement. The supplement will take the 120 best entries from the project, along with art donated to the project, and produce a free .pdf...
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    [necro, goodness] E6: The Game Inside D&D

    E6 was born in House Rules over at EN World, but I promised to post the new version here once it was ready. This is E6’s sixth major revision. The .pdfs are linked at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! E6: The Game Inside the World’s Most Popular RPG What is E6? Earlier this year a fellow...
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    Principles of fantasy setting design

    I've settled on a few simple principles to guide my Lore OGC setting, and I was curious what people thought of them: The Principle of Interactivity: Everything in the setting should be relatable to the heroes, or not mentioned. This is also known as the Fourfold Principle, because to qualify...
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    [EN World down?] what the crap?

    This is really stupid, but I could use some help. For the last 3 days I haven't been able to get to EN World from home - I'm getting the message that it's currently unavailable, as if it were down. I know the site is up from others, and I can reach it from my connection at work. I can even...
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    Best justification for rotating roster?

    Here's a question: What's the best justification you've seen or used for a rotating roster in any campaign? I ask because I'm about to open up a game to a mix of good friends with chaotic schedules.
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    Magic the Gathering as an RPG - actual play?

    I've seen "hey, how would you do M:tG as an RPG", a smattering of house rules, and a trailing off from the topic more times than I can remember. Has anyone actually run a game set in the universe of M:tG? What system did you use? How did it go?
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    [Savage Worlds] How's the magic system in actual play?

    I've seen a lot of people suggest Savage Worlds as a great system... with the caveat that the magic system is clunky / too restrictive. Is this borne out in actual play, or has it been fairly smooth? How have your players found it?
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