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  1. Bicorn

    Quoting closed threads

    It looks like the quote function doesn't work on posts in closed threads. Is this intended behaviour or a bug? (Sometimes, one wants to quote a post when posting to a different thread.)
  2. Bicorn

    <username> has receive a <username>?

    Is this peculiar text in some ban notices another quirk of the new forum software?
  3. Bicorn

    Suspensions and bans

    Is there a difference between e.g. a one month ban and a one month suspension, or is it just different terms for the same penalty?
  4. Bicorn

    Latin help, again. (and a bit of Greek)

    So, I'm planning to use Isle of the Unknown, in whole or part, in my game at some point and because I like immersion and my game's set on alternate-history Earth I'm going to be giving the various messages and warnings found on the isle in Latin (with translations if the characters speak Latin...
  5. Bicorn

    Latin advice again

    I was browsing stuff a while ago about the old Warren horror comics, and something caught into my mind. At least one writer had a of recurring bit where transformation spells were given the chant "Rega flexis mur". Now, as far as I can tell this is dog-Latin, so of course I started thinking...
  6. Bicorn

    Are warnings supposed to generate an email message?

    I received my first-ever warning today, and noticed I didn't get an email notice for it, only an in-forum Notification. Should there have been one, or are emails only sent for higher-severity infractions? My "Receive Email from Administrators" option is on, and there wasn't anything in the spam...
  7. Bicorn

    A minor thought about One-Punch Man (slightly spoilery)

    The recent concern about whether the new season of OPM will be as well-made as the previous one brought to mind a thought I had about a small detail in the first one. It's certainly near-perfect in most ways, but there's one detail that I think could have been done better - the sound of the King...
  8. Bicorn

    Female vampires in anime and related media

    Something that I thought about: anime and anime-inspired media has its own set of tropes for what female vampires look like. If there is a female vampire in anime, Japanese video games, etc. she will almost always have at least one of the following traits, often at least three: 1. Very...
  9. Bicorn

    D&D Red Box combat shield's picture

    This is the cover of the Combat Shield for red box D&D. Something I've always wondered about it - okay, the leftmost creature is a troll, and the middle one is an owlbear. But what the heck is the third one supposed to be?
  10. Bicorn

    How would you handle this unusual game mechanic?

    In the Lamentations of the Flame Princess module No Salvation for Witches there is a monster with an interesting attack power. When it strikes an opponent, the opponent has a choice of either taking the damage, or letting one of their teammates take slightly more damage. However, each time the...
  11. Bicorn

    Completed series to watch - suggestions (anime or otherwise)

    So. A friend and myself just finished watching Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, and now are looking for a new series to watch together. The thing is, he doesn't want to start a series before it finishes; he wants us to be able to watch at our own pace, and is also a bit paranoid about series finishing...
  12. Bicorn

    Banned users' usernames

    When an user is banned, does that name stay linked to the banned account forever or does it eventually become available for new users? I find it kind of sad to see all those good usernames get wasted on serial sockpuppeteers.
  13. Bicorn

    Latin translation: "anything for a price"

    I need a Latin motto for a group in my campaign again. "Anything for a price", in the sense that anything can be arranged if you can pay enough.
  14. Bicorn

    Aberrant: Divis Mal and Caestus Pax - name meanings

    I tried googling this but didn't find definite answers. Since we have actual WW writers here on the forum I thought I'd ask here. So, what exact meanings were the writers going for with the names Divis Mal and Caestus Pax? I'm guessing something like "divine evil" and "fist of peace"...
  15. Bicorn

    [UA] Work in process: the Iconoclast

    I'm working on a new entry for the unknown-armies.com site, and I would like some advance feedback and ideas. The Iconoclast Like the Rebel, the Iconoclast challenges existing authority. He doesn't care about political power, however - he challenges the ideas and notions that bind people's...
  16. Bicorn

    [Aberrant] Divis Mal's arms

    After spending a while trying to find the answer on google, I decided to ask here. So, what's the deal with the occasionally surfacing meme about Divis Mal's arms? Note - I don't own the Aberrant rulebook, so can't look there.
  17. Bicorn

    [Exalted] Immaculate Dragons

    Is there a canon answer to whether the Immaculate Dragons (Sextes Jylis, Mela, Daana'd, Pasiap and Hesiesh) were actual Dragon-Blooded, Sidereal resplendent destinies, or just made up characters? Also, does any sourcebook detail any of their supposed deeds?
  18. Bicorn

    GURPS: surprise rolls

    So, in GURPS when there's possibility of surprise, each side rolls 1d, adds various modifiers, and the side with the higher result gets a free turn to act, possibly more than one. This rule has a bit of a flaw though: it assumes there's always two sides to the combat. What about a situation...
  19. Bicorn

    DitV - conflict escalation

    I'm planning on running a game using a homebrew system that uses bits and pieces from a number of very simple systems. My overall goal is to foster a play experience that is noticeably different from the old-style complex systems and "traditional" roleplay that I and my group are used to. As...
  20. Bicorn

    [Unknown Armies] Alex Abel's Archetype?

    I don't think it's canonically stated in any sourcebook, so what are your favorite theories on what actual Archetype Alex Abel almost ascended as?
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