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  1. Yeoman

    IC Crinoverse: Challengers of the Infinite (MnM 3rd Ed)

    Link to two first adventures OOC Thread Recap for those joining us: Our group were passengers aboard Earth's first commercial interstellar ship. But just as the ship reached the edge of the system and was preparing to jump, it came under fire from space pirates. The PCs managed to repel...
  2. Yeoman

    OOC Crinoverse: Challengers of the Infinite (MnM 3rd Ed)

    Okay, check in everyone and well get started.
  3. Yeoman

    IC [Pathfinder]Gaurdians of Golarion: Episode V: Chaotica Lives!!!!

    PREVIOUSLY Our heroes were stolen from their lives and homes by the deadly Xeron pirates from beyond Aucturn! Placed into suspended animation, for unknown years they have slumbered! But an accident aboard the ship has awakened them, only to find the ship under attack from an unknown vessel...
  4. Yeoman

    OOC [Pathfinder]Gaurdians of Golarion: Episode V: Chaotica Lives!!!

    Okay, OOC thread for now, post up your final character sheets, IC thread later today.
  5. Yeoman

    🎨 Creative Yeo's Mutants and Masterminds 3E builds.

    So, first up, know that most of these were PC's in various games. A few were NPCs. All were from the Crinoverse. So, first up, Kruez' description from his thread: And for the insane, links to the setting threads over on RoninArmy: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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