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  1. Sauron's Ring

    ITT, We Post About Widely-Panned Sourcebooks We Love

    If you hate any of these books, start your own thread. :p I personally love Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand. Is it for every VtM game? Of course not. But for some games I have ran, it's been amazing, with the gonzo, kitchen sink approach adding just the right touch of insanity.
  2. Sauron's Ring

    Nephandi and the Technocracy

    So... am I the only person who liked the Techs being ate up by the Nephandi in one of the optional parts of Mage20? Judging by some comments I've seen floating around, people are acting like it's the worse thing in the history of rpgs. Maybe I just like bad stuff. :(
  3. Sauron's Ring

    Great covers

    This is a cover of the 80s classic The Promise, by When in Rome, featured in Napolean Dynamite. It's by a country musician named Sturgill Simpson, and it's amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eWJmN8D820
  4. Sauron's Ring

    25th Anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman.

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2014/06/23/tim-burtons-batman-at-25-and-its-wonderful-terrible-legacy/?partner=yahootix An interesting article, but I'm not sure I that agree it made films less thrilling. I love Keaton as Batman. A bunch of people don't like Nicholson as the Joker...
  5. Sauron's Ring

    Why did the Amiga fail in the US?

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum. I read a lot of retro videogame forums, and a bunch of Europeans talk about how awesome the Amiga was, and I can't remember anybody I knew back in the 80s having one. Is the failure to do well in the American market part of the reason why Commodore failed...
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