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    New Image Thread

    Hello mods on duty (and others watching). Could someone please update the currently closed thread 48 with the link to the new pictures thread 49. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Merge Request

    This thread: 628177-Star-Wars-Trilogy-The-Radio-Play and this thread: 628178-Star-Wars-the-Radio-Play were born to be together. Let's not keep them apart! Please. :D
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    [Interest/Contribution] Diaspora Mass Effect using HD2ME version 2

    Partly to have an excuse to playtest the updated version of my Mass Effect hack of Diaspora, I'm creating this thread to gauge interest in getting some playtesters of the new material I'm adding to it. The hack is only about 75% complete at the moment, but if you are interested in having an...
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    Thread Title Change Request

    If it's not too much trouble, could this thread have a question mark added to the end please. Its a bit misleading at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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    [Minecraft] Version 1.2.2 just went live

    Don't often come to VGO, but I thought I'd just pop in to mention that the latest version of Minecraft just went live. :) I know many of the Mincrafters on here probably run the weekly updates, but still... Enjoy! -EDIT- Now up to 1.2.2 Quick bug fixes obviously.
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    [Star Wars] Uncut

    Finally the definitive version of our time has arrived! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ezeYJUz-84 Star Wars Uncut official site.
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    [Merge Request] Duplicate threads in TRO

    Greetings. We have a duplicate set of threads in TRO: 610694-Straightforward-D6-dice-pool-systems 610695-Straightforward-D6-dice-pool-systems Could be good practice for some nice new shiny Mod. Thankyou.
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    Continuing explorations of Questionable Content

    Another thread where we discuss the Questionable Content webcomic. (Last thread here: Even More Questionable Content.) Please continue... :)
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    [FATE] Hacking Diaspora: Transhuman Fate

    There's been a few threads recently about Eclipse Phase and Transhumanisim, and it got me thinking. I liked the ideas behind Eclipse Fate, and have been checking the Strands of Fate for Eclipse Phase thread occasionally, so I've decided to muck around with Diaspora again. I'd definitely like...
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    [Recommend me ...] a TV Series similar to Leverage or Burn Notice

    I have recently caught up on both of these great TV series. I have particularly enjoyed the humour in the writing of both, and am glad to being up to date and able to watch the new seasons. So I turn to the mediaphiles of Other Media for suggestions of other spy/action/heist TV series that can...
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    Return of the original RPG.net version smilies

    I just noticed that they're back. Thankyou! :) This is a welcome change. On a related note, what are the admin staff general stance on the introduction of some additional smilies? I know that it has been mentioned from time to time that some posters would like a few more options.
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    [Fate] Exploding Dice

    I'm giving some thought to running a supers game using a varying Fate dice mechanic, namely exploding dice. Using a d10: 1-3 represents -1; 4-6 represents 0; 7-9 represents +1; Lastly, 10s are a +1 and re-roll. Its been a long time since I've done extensive probability work, so I'm hoping...
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    Links to Reviews Broken

    It is probably a side effect of the software update, but the links from the Reviews Browser page aren't working. They 404. This is the link attached to each letter: http://www.rpg.net/reviews/displayletter
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    [FATE] Strands of Mass Effect

    Well, I've been tinkering with Strands, so I thought I'd put some stuff together in its own thread. Feel free to add to it yourselves. -------------------- Strands of MASS EFFECT Campaign Premise: Conversion of the Mass Effect RPG video game to Strands of Fate. Campaign's Power Level: Mythic...
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    [Playtesting] Fate of the Planeswalkers

    So I've almost finished writing up a Fate based game for Magic: The Gathering using the Diaspora Platoon mini-game as inspiration. I'll probably have it done by the weekend, so I'd like to find some players who'll be able to give it a test drive. If you reply to the thread, or PM me, I'll send...
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    [Images] Flexagons and Mapmaking

    I've been experimenting with making an unusual map, and I thought I'd post my example of a Tri-hexa-flexagon. That is: a hexagon shaped model with three distinct states (and by extension 6 possible unique faces). The model is made using a printout of the design and basic paper-crafting tools...
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    [IMAGES] Videogame Fanart

    I really enjoy seeing interesting variations on art from videogames. So if you can contribute, I'd love to see what's out there. Film style posters:
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    [FATE] CyberFATE - Meganational Powerplays

    I've been tinkering around with FATE again, planning to eventually run a cyberpunk themed campaign. In doing so, I've created a combination "world building" / "beginning and end of session" mini-game based on some of the ideas from the cluster creation mini-game from Diaspora. In the cluster...
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    Hacking Diaspora: Mass Effect

    So I've been thinking about Diaspora, and it occurred to me that it may be the system to hack for Mass Effect. Aspects and stunts seem a good way to model the game's biotic and tech powers without going overboard with the rules. Whilst a "softer" approach than the default Diaspora, there's...
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    [HELP] Bring me up to speed on: Army Military Structure

    I am trying to incorporate some accurate and relevant information into a military themed RPG campaign document, and not being a member of the military, I have no real idea how a few things fit in the picture. So I am appealing to the wider RPG.net who have some direct experience translating for...
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