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  1. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    Gloomhaven question

    So, we played a scenario where we opened a door and could not move into the room without a Jump or Fly, as three hexes had obstacles. We went away and the rules seem to say that the occupants won't come out because monsters can't move through obstacles. Is this correct?
  2. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    5e - what is the MADest class/build?

    Just what the title asked: what is the MADest class/build in 5e?
  3. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [5e] tabaxi rogue

    I'm thinking of a tabaxi rogue for my next Adventure League 1st level character. Any thoughts or advice on builds?
  4. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [5e] aasimar wings

    Radiant Soul sprouts wings, and they glow...sort of. The description does not say how much light the wings and the aasimar's eyes give off. Dim light for 20 feet? 10 feet? Do they show through Darkness?
  5. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [D&D 5] paladin ranger?

    What do you all think of a paladin - ranger build? Taking a Human Paladin would allow enough stat bumps for good STR with okay other stats and heavy armor to start. Smites with Hunter's Mark and Colossus Slayer would follow eventually....
  6. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [5e] barbarian monk?

    Somebody at Adventure League was talking about a barbarian with 2 levels of monk for Ki points to do 2 extra attacks while raging. Has anybody on the forum seen this build in play? Good? Bad? Tell me what you think/have seen.
  7. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [5e] races in Volo's Guide

    I am playing a Goliath Fighter with a level of Tempest Cleric in Adventure League, which seems to be working out, but am not sure how the other races do in play. Like, say, the aasimar? Anybody running these, especially in AL, tell me how the race is working out, for better or worse.
  8. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [part 2]oh, what might be wrought with this hideous strength!

    per request, starting a new thread. necro post was read the Invincible comic book for a similar plot line
  9. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    Conception - W Chicago suburbs - September 26, 27, 28

    September 26, 27, 28 College of Dupage, Student Resource Center 425 Fawell, Glen Ellyn IL, 60137 Friday 2pm-Midnight Saturday 8am-Midnight Sunday 8am-6pm Additional details by email (Chicagojoe7132 @ gmail.com) Scheduled events include Pathfinder Sparks (star wars) Living Force Greyhawk...
  10. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [West Chicago Suburbs] CODcon April 4-6

    Run by the College Of DuPage's science fiction club, register and more details here RPGs including Pathfinder, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, D&D, board games CCGs anime cosplay dealers plus the club sells soda and baked goods for fundraising
  11. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [spoiler] Bleach 568

    spacing so the last few had Renji, his fight took too long. 1) Then Rukia! But she can't finish her Sternritter? Rukia finished an Espada, although she took an otherwise fatal blow doing it. So, now that she is better, why isn't she better? 2) Nee-san turning up is a repetition of the...
  12. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [Chicago Western Suburbs] ConCon XVIII - April 19-21, 2013

    RPGs, board games, anime, vendors, all kinds of things College of DuPage 425 Fawell Blvd., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-6599 Date: April 19-21, 2013 check here for events as they are added.
  13. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    RIP - Alvin Lee

    No real details seem to be available.
  14. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [Columbus, Ohio] Marcon

    Marcon homepage here. I'm going for the first time with some RPG players.
  15. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [Chicago W burbs] CodCon 17 - April 20-22

    linky Usually a couple of hundred people. RPGA, Star Wars, Star Ship Troopers, sometimes Clix, Diplomacy tounament, anime...check the site occaisionally for event updates. EDIT: I missed some CCGs and Shadowrun Missions.
  16. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [4e] hybrid ranger/barbarian

    With a new campaign coming up, I joked about the title character, a hybrid ranger/barbarian, but then I wondered if there was a good way to work twin strike in with the barbarian rages? Any advice on builds? Would have to start at level 1 and slog my way up, so heroic tier advice would be more...
  17. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [4e] Threatning Reach

    While playing with character builder, I came across a way for a PC to get threatening reach: multi-class to spiked chain (instead of weapon proficiency with spiked chain) and trade a utility power for Chain Ward. Anybody know of other ways to obtain threatening reach? On a related note...
  18. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [4e] Cleave related feat

    I would swear I had seen a feat somewhere that allows the Fighter At-Will Cleave to do 1/2 STR damage to the original target if there is no eligible/other adjacent foe (who would normally receive full STR damage). Is this in 4e someplace, or did I pick it up from somebody's house rules?
  19. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [4e]Tide of Iron vs Shield Bash

    Okay, the Fighter level 1 at-will Tide of Iron pushes an opponent 1 and allows the attacker to slide into the vacated position if desired. It is STR vs AC, 1W + STR damage. Shield Bash is an Encounter Power that pushes an opponent 1 and knocks them prone. It is STR +2 vs AC and does 1d10 +...
  20. ElvisSavage LordSideburn

    [1e or 2e] ISTRPKO dex and two weapons

    Another 4e player and I were discussing two weapon fighting, and I recalled that in one of the earlier editions, you could use a smaller weapon in your off hand with a trade off of being -2/-4 main/off hand. If your Dexterity was high enough (15 to 18+), the penatlties dimished to 0/-1. I...
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