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    [Minecraft N00b] Questions

    I just started playing Minecraft and have questions that never seem to be quite answered in the wiki. Hopefully some of the more experienced players will be kind enough to lay some knowledge on my questions. Hopefully this thread can hang around and be necro'd as needed. Right now, I wonder...
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    [WoW Addons] A question

    I was updating a couple of addons today and noticed an, "old stuff" folder in my AddOns Interface folder. Is it safe to just delete these files or are any of my current addon incarnations drawing on data from these files?
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    [Prom is coming!] School of Thrones

    I haven't seen this posted here yet. Someone decided to translate the houses into high school cliques..... It's funny. http://www.youtube.com/schoolofthrones
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    Yesterday, I braved the local Best Buy

    It's been a long time since I've actually been in a store within a few days of Christmas. My girlfriend needed to pick up some stuff at Best Buy, so I went with to look around as well. She ended up leaving with a new flat-screen, desktop for her kids, and a blu-ray player. I found something FAR...
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    [LTTP] Skyrim

    The last couple of days have found me thinking about picking up Skyrim. Why now? Well, it looked interesting when it came out, but I couldn't afford it. Now I might be able to find enough quarters in my couch to pick up a used copy somewhere. The only problem is that I'm not sure which version I...
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    Diablo III Beta - Anyone free to help me get the last achievement?

    I'm totally geeking out over the beta and want to get all of the achievements. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to resurrect any other players. Is there anyone willing to let one of each class die just so I can resurrect them? I'm willing to return the favor as well. My Battle Tag is: Wooz...
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    [Lilyhammer] Netflix's first forray into orignal programming

    Has anyone else checked this out yet? It's on streaming from Netflix. I just finished watching the first episode and I liked it. The who "season" of eight episodes is posted and are each about 45 minutes long.
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    [Tech Noir] Running it

    On Thursday I am going to run Tech Noir for the first time. The players are from the group I run for Wednesday D&D Encounters. They've not played anything other than D&D before but are pretty eager to give it a try. I am going to use the plot matrix system to generate the game this time as well...
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    The Whites of West Virginia

    What the hell? I'm sitting here watching this and wondering why the hell 95% of the people being filmed aren't in jail. Why was this filmed?
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    PS3 - What to buy?

    I may be in a situation this holiday where I can get a PS3. Looking around, the price for a 160GB seems to be right at $300 and the 320GB at $350. Can anyone give me the pros and the cons? Also, do what accessories am I going to have to buy (more or less) right away? Do I have to pay a...
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    Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock

    I remember hearing some good things about this when it first played in the UK and have been eagerly waiting for it to cross the Atlantic. Tonight it finally has, and I am loving the hell out of this and I'm only twenty minutes into the show.
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    [WoW] Broken

    Since 4.0.1 I haven't been able to run any instances. Is there a known problem with this or is there maybe an addon that is screwing things up? I've updated all of my addons today and disabled any that were out of date and still running. I still locked up. The lock is so bad I have to ctrl alt...
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    [WoW] Loremaster!

    I finally finished off the Loremaster achievement for Bruain on Kirin Tor. I'd like to thank Danif, Dimitros and Fabian for their help. Without their help tonight I wouldn't have been able to finish off the last 15 quests I needed for the achievement. Woo-Hoo!
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    Loups Garous by Natsuhiko Kyogoku

    Anyone read this book? It was odd. It definitely wasn't quite what I was expecting from the blurb on the back of the book, but I liked it. My biggest complaint about the book is that it was often difficult to keep track of which character was talking and about which character the speaking...
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    [WoW] Warrior Macros

    I have a 28 Tauren Warrior on Perenolde. I've enjoyed playing him and have worked out a few macros combining two moves at once. (An instant with no global cooldown and then a longer one.) My problem is that I've moved and lost all of my notes for macros. I've also bought one of the Logitech...
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    Help remembering the title to a vampire novel

    I'm going nuts trying to remember the title to a book I read a few years ago. It would have been published between 2002 and 2004. The cover had a blood red juice box on the cover. It was about a vampire raising a human girl he finds after most of the world has become vampires. He buys her food...
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    [Doctor Who] I've been thinking...

    I've just finished watching the two-parter Angels episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor mumbled to himself twice, at least, that time can be re-written. I'm positive this is going to play a major part in the overall arc of the season. But the implications of that got me thinking. Doesn't that...
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    My recent warning

    I recently posted this in a thread about the 15.April Tax Protests: I received a warning about this from the mod staff. If one reads the posting I very specifically targeted the leadership of the Tea Party in my post. I didn't wish to point fingers at the rank and file membership. I...
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    Formula D

    I recently picked this game up and my group had a blast playing it. I had played an earlier edition and loved that there were so many maps. I've been poking around looking for resources online, but I'm not having a lot of success. I found the short-cut track at Asmodee's website and I've dug...
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    [WoW] Rogues

    I just managed to get my first Rogue up to level 15 and want to start running dungeons. The only problem is that I'm really unsure what my role in dungeons should be as a rogue.
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