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  1. Tom B

    Your gaming table: what's on it?

    Mainly dice and character sheets. Usually snacks and drinks (water, soda, beer) Gaming books on a side table for reference Laptop for campaign/character notes, access to additional books (Our group never uses miniatures or battle maps. If absolutely necessary for clarity, I'll sketch out the...
  2. Tom B

    Price point on HC RPG Books

    Not sure of your experience, but I've never had a tablet crash. Having owned a cell phone for years, I also know better than to let it run out of power. So in the years since I switched primarily to PDFs those have been total non-issues. PDFs don't get cracked spines, stained or torn pages, or...
  3. Tom B

    Is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang considered Steampunk?

    Abney Park seems to think so...;)
  4. Tom B

    Price point on HC RPG Books

    This is me as well for the most part. The biggest problem is the durability isn't what it used to be. In the '80s, we could use the hell out of a book but we never worried about the spine cracking or pages coming loose. The last few hardback RPGs I've bought, I've been paranoid because the spine...
  5. Tom B

    [Sci-Fi] Colony Ships?

    Here's the Navoo from The Expanse. Designed as a generation ship, it was later...repurposed.
  6. Tom B

    Tell me about your favorite tarot deck

    I got it more because I liked the cards and the symbology, but if I had to pick a favorite I'd go with this:
  7. Tom B

    Price point on HC RPG Books

    Looking at the games we're currently running... $30ish, $30ish, $50ish for the core rule books. I have to be actually going to run a game before I'll buy a print copy, anything else I buy PDF. My first go-to after that would be e-Bay for a good price on a new copy. Then DTRPG, Amazon, or FLGS...
  8. Tom B

    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    Ah, I just remembered one that definitely qualifies. It rates about 18%....but I actually enjoyed it. Probably due to the steampunk feel... 'Mutant Chronicles'...:D
  9. Tom B

    Peter Capaldi's Doctor

    I actually really liked Clara. Her arc was different than any other companion. The other companions were that...companions. Clara wanted to be more, she wanted to be proactive in the way the Doctor was...but without his experience and knowledge. As was proper...that didn't work out for her...
  10. Tom B

    Setting vs. game mechanics.

    It's the setting that gets people interested in the game (as player or GM), but it has to have a set of mechanic that suits that setting. So, while they're equally important, in my experience it's the setting that comes first and the mechanics that have to fit it. I've run a campaign using...
  11. Tom B

    Sample combats in RPG books

    EABA by BTRC. As an example of how the combat system works, (in particular, the increasing time scale from round-to-round) Greg Porter details the lobby combat scene in The Matrix. Very well done and matches almost perfectly. It stands out because most of the readers will be very familiar with...
  12. Tom B

    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    As I see movies listed I didn't think to check, yeah, I can add more. Equilibrium, The One, Justice League.
  13. Tom B

     Horror Movie Recommendations

    The Lighthouse looks interesting. Robert Eggers, who directed The Witch, with Willem Dafoe.
  14. Tom B

    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    Jupiter Ascending Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within Yep, I'm good. Enjoyed both of those, especially Jupiter Ascending.
  15. Tom B

    Grand Central Arena/Arenaverse - what system would you use and why?

    If you use a Kindle, the first book (Grand Central Arena) is available for free on Amazon.
  16. Tom B

    Favorite Time Travel Shenanigans!

    I used time travel to have the PCs retcon the setting. After running a campaign for a year or so, I really wasn't happy with how one of the countries was working out. It wasn't appropriate to the campaign that had developed, and I couldn't have events unfold as I'd originally intended. There's a...
  17. Tom B

    Grand Central Arena fans alert: Kickstarter for fourth book

    I need a handy chart with all this info to have at hand while reading...
  18. Tom B

    Another Audible Thread

    Audible just released a new version of Richard Adams' Watership Down, narrated by Peter Capaldi. I need to check that one out...
  19. Tom B

    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Baxter has always been more about exploring ideas than really fleshing out or exploring characters.
  20. Tom B

    Archer in Space (Archer S10)

    The season finale should be interesting...
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