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  1. The Radioactivist

    Megatraveller 1 The Zhodani Conspiracy

    OK, because I like to delve into games I gave up on years ago, here we go. (Plus I'm falling out of love with Savage Worlds and really digging Mongoose Traveller v2) So, the main issues with this game's play-ability is 1. the real-time combat and 2. wonky spaceflight. On PC (DOS emulator with...
  2. The Radioactivist

    [Western] Looking for lifepath chargen for Western RPGs

    Aside from some old Dragon mag articles for Boot Hill, I've been unable to find much in the way of a backstory generator for western PCs. I'm looking for something along the line of Paul Jaquay's Central Casting series, etc. Does anyone know of such a product? It does not have to be in...
  3. The Radioactivist

    Atomic Glowing Over-Complexity

    Holy Nanite Swarm, Man-Bat, but is 3rd Edition Gamma World complex. And the kicker is I finally got a box set at a reasonable price ($45) and now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. This thing rivals GURPS in some ways for complexity. And here I was a happy Savage Worlds fan, and content to run...
  4. The Radioactivist

    [Gamma World] Looking for Reginald Blue and GW4Win help

    Hello all, Trying to make contact with a "Reginald Blue" (or a "Scott Kent") who supposedly was the programmer or involved with an old piece of software known as "Gamma World 4 Windows" or GW4Win. I'm pushing back to 1997 by the .txt document included with the program, which indicates it was...
  5. The Radioactivist

    Wanted Boot Hill: Ballots and Bullets

    Looking for a copy of Boot Hill Ballots & Bullets. Not looking to archive or resell, so condition can be Fair. I'd like to use it for play, and to complete my collection. Can't afford the $65 price that seems to be current ask. Anyone willing to do $20? :D
  6. The Radioactivist

    So ... Other Dust + Gamma World

    Just had a chance to download Grandfather's Rain and I'm digging the Gamma World (6th Edition by White Wolf) vibe it has going on. As a post-apoc guy, would Other Dust be a good investment for mashup fun? It being old school, it would be easy to bring it up to d20 or Savage Worlds systems, I...
  7. The Radioactivist

    [Wanted] Boot Hill Ballots & Bullets

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced copy of Boot Hill's module Ballots & Bullets. I simply can't pay the $60 to $1000 I see on Amazon. Anyone want to make a quick buck. I'll pay shipping. EDIT: dang - did I do this right? My text of [Wanted] is not in color?
  8. The Radioactivist

    Where is my new Gamma World?

    OK WOTC, I've been patient. Where the hell is my 5th Edition based Gamma World??!!? OK, just one lousy 30- or 60-page supplemental guide with character classes, Origins (loved those in 7th edition), mutations (and you better have all of them (without duplicates) from all versions of Gamma World...
  9. The Radioactivist

    Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk enhancements

    So, I'm planning on a large scale campaign using Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (probably using Savage Worlds or D&D 5th). I have all the web enhancments from the WOTC archives (maps, artwork), and have the AD&D version of Ruins of Greyhawk WGR1. I'll even use WG7 Castle Greyhawk as a...
  10. The Radioactivist

    [DETROIT, MICH.] MichiCon 2015

    MichiCon, one of the nation's longest-running gaming conventions returns Aug. 8, 2015, to the campus of Oakland University, Rochester Hills, Mich. (a suburb of Detroit) courtesy of Metro Detroit Gamers (MDG). With numerous board, train, card, miniature, card, and roleplaying games, there is...
  11. The Radioactivist

    Wanted Buck Rogers XXVC

    I'm looking for materials from this game, especially the book titled "Hardware." Sadly, the only items I'm finding cost $1300 or so. Does anyone have a reasonably priced copy? It's mostly for reading and source for the couple conventions I GM at twice a year. Thanks!
  12. The Radioactivist

    [TSR Top Secret/Top Secret S.I./Agent 13/13: Assassin

    Can anyone tell me about the TSR spinoffs from Top Secret S.I. called Agent 13 and 13: Assassin? I get they were party graphic novels and comics, but most seemed to have roleplaying rules as well as mini-games and/or cards? I'm on a Top Secret kick right now and am desperately trying to find...
  13. The Radioactivist

    [BRP] post-apoc Gamma World

    Well, After many, many years of running Savage Worlds at conventions, I'm burned out on the system. While I love it, it is a tad wonky, and hard for new players to "get". So, I'm looking back at all the fantastic percentile systems of years past - Gangbusters, Boot Hill, Star Frontiers...
  14. The Radioactivist

    My dream of a new Gamma World

    Yes, I have a dream. A radioactive dream. One that looks like this: D&D 5th-edition based rules Wonderfully-named, evocative classes Huge list of backgrounds that take in campaigns ranging from Wahoo to darkly serious Great list of starting trinkets as has been seen in several other GW...
  15. The Radioactivist

    Copyright IP advice needed for my first solo work

    Hello all! Well, over the years I've dipped my toe in and written as an author here and there. And despite having a background as a professional writer, I am woefully ignorant about copyright as I've always worked for companies and, in essence, my work was owner by them at the end of the day...
  16. The Radioactivist

    Post-Apoc one-page or super-rules-lite rpgs

    So, I'm my never-ending quest for radioactive goodness, I'm sure I've missed a few gems out there. I'm familiar with things such as MBAW, BHAW, d02MicroLite, Mutants and Machineguns, Apocalypse World, Searchers of the Unknown's post-apoc, the various Savage Worlds post-apoc fan- and third-party...
  17. The Radioactivist

    John Wick on RPGs

    http://johnwickpresents.com/games/game-designs/chess-is-not-an-rpg-the-illusion-of-game-balance/ Hope I'm not too late posting on this. But I had to. A brilliant read. Someone gets it. (Or rather, gets it again). Roleplaying, to me, is something a computer will never be able to do. (Well, at...
  18. The Radioactivist

    [Flint, Michigan or Oxford, Michigan]

    Hey all, I've started working in Flint, Michigan, commuting from the Oxford and Lake Orion area. I'm seeking to GM or join with a gaming group in Flint to play after work. Want to GM: 1. post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy (Gamma World, etc) 2. science fiction - Traveller or Star Frontiers or a...
  19. The Radioactivist

    Argh - help me with dice roll

    OK, so we have the following from Gamma World 1st edition. Bold is the part I am emphasizing... SAW-EDGED LEAVES: These are large-toothed, motile leaves, which the plant usually keeps withdrawn or hidden until disturbed. These leaves will viciously attack anything thrust into their midst. There...
  20. The Radioactivist

    [D&D Next] Possibly dumb question about posting

    So, Not having the rules in front of me on the D&D Next Playtest, is it allowable to post a creature I converted for folks to take a look at and make suggestions, or is that a no-go? Thanks!
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