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    Black powder firearms and game balance?

    In a village where somebody is pushing to organise a navy and army to protect its territory, some of the villagers have access to black powder muskets, whilst others have bows and other projectile weapons, some have melee weapons and some have unarmed skills. There are makers who can make the...
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    (AD&D 2nd Edition) Terra Australis Incognita

    What would Australia look like in AD&D 2nd Edition? I have envisioning a place that is geographically, geologically and climate wise very similar and paradoxically small until you try crossing it. There has been in recent history a prison established to take the prisoners that an empire can no...
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    AD&D (2nd Edition) Improvised weapon damage? (The Shiv)

    How much damage would a shiv do? A character whittles away at a suitable object, conceals it on their person and whips it out to stick it in an enemy's vitals at a suitable time. Also, would this be considered a chaotic or evil act at all?
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    Best system for this character?

    My character (that's practically typecast). The man (and I only play men, cos I would be uncomfortable otherwise) is known for his eloquence, deep thinking and skill in writing, reading and speaking. He is independent, keeping out of people's affairs and thanking them very much to keep out of...
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    What is an acceptable term for clouting an opponent in the face?

    Is "clouting" an acceptable term for striking someone open handed in the face, as per my thread?
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    (GURPS) Clouting

    How would GURPS handle an open handed slap to an opponent's face, as hard as possible with the aim of knocking them out? Which combat skill would cover it? I don't recall any information on it.
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    Honour, "Honour" and alignment

    If a character, by inclination and not necessity, bites, gouges, goes for the privates, fights with improvised weapons, attacks from behind etc etc, but only hurts evil beings, are they "bad"? They are doing it to serve "Good" by fighting "Evil". What effect does this have on alignment and how...
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    (GURPS) Fighting with a “fake” blade.

    What stats would you use for a roughly smatchet shaped blade made by a competent smith using 21st century technology, but made deliberately so that the edges and tip are dull? Also, what rules would you use for somebody training themselves in this weapon? Lastly, would sharpening it work...
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    What are the stats for this technique? (Various)

    Multiple Headbutt: The attacker takes hold of his opponent's shirtfront, shoulders or arms and headbutts them on the bridge of the nose numerous in quick succession before disengaging (say, five headbutts). What are the stats in various systems? (I show this technique to martial artists and...
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    (GURPS) GURPS For Dummies book? Yes? No?

    I am still trying to wrap my head around GURPS and am wondering whether reading "GURPS For Dummies" is worth it. Does anybody have experience with this book?
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    (GURPS) What "training" would bagwork give?

    If a character was taught the basics of Boxing (the GURPS martial art, not the GURPS skill Boxing) and then went on to do heavy bagwork and evasive footwork, what would they gain in games terms?
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    (2nd Edition) Which alignment does this best describe?

    I would most like to play a character who reflects my IRL moral and spiritual beliefs, these being: 1. Getting involved in other people's disputes is both bothersome and intrusive (on me), but I will always pick the side of Good, then withdraw out of respect for everybody and hopefully not get...
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    Looking for gaming group in Melbourne, Australia

    Player looking for groups in Melbourne. Experienced in 2nd Edition AD&D and a bit of D20 and 5th Edition D&D. Maths skills not the best. Will be able to attend about once a fortnight.
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    (2nd Edition) Natural Weapons Initiative to Weapon Initiative

    Mr X and Mr Y are having words. Mr X is insulted to the point where he goes to draw his longsword, being an unprincipled type who has no qualms about attacking an unarmed person. Mr Y goes to nut Mr X in the face in self defence. Both have Dexterity 10. Does Mr Y gain Natural Weapons bonus? (He...
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    How do I create hyperlinks?

    How do I create hyperlinks to offsite material? I have things I would like to post.
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    Is it okay to link to somebody's fan created, self published work?

    I have found a GURPS resource that is self published online. Is linking to it allowed?
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    (Anthropology) Learning about the Shaky Isles myself.

    New Zealand is about two and a half hours away from Australia by plane. I wish to learn more about Maori culture, especially since I finished "The Happy Isles Of Oceania" by Paul Theroux (and by contrast the town of Warwick to the town of Ballandean is four by car, something that contrasts and...
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    2nd Edition D&D with realistic damage?

    Would it be both possible and reasonable to run 2nd Edition D&D with realistic damage? By that I mean things like knockout rolls for bludgeoning, internal bleeding damage, making unarmed combat damage permanent, that sort of thing?
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    Good generic systems in which the maths isn't too heavy?

    Now, I am known as a witty, intelligent, creative and fun guy, but I am, for reasons that I have outlined previously not very good at maths. I am wondering whether there is an adaptation of a system or even an original system that can handle any genre and isn't demanding re: maths?
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    (GURPS) How to use open handed clouting as a Martial Arts technique

    How would a fighter deliver a massive open handed clout (slapping) to the side of his/her opponent's face and knock them down as according to the GURPS system? I had GURPS Martial Arts once but I didn't find this technique listed. There was a "joke" variant that described something similar, but...
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