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  1. nos4artu

    [+][Warhammer] Age of Sigmar general discussion.

    I’m really liking the, well, bestial feel of the models in Beastgrave so far. Every warband looks suitably feral, from the Kurneroi and beastmen, down to the new gobbos. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s coming next.
  2. nos4artu

    [+][Warhammer] Age of Sigmar general discussion.

    And they look amazing, don’t they? Beast Grave is looking to be a must-buy for me in the way that Nightvault didn’t quite manage. With Beastmen and Gobbos on wolves, there’s a real old school fantasy feel to this release. Plus the new Aelves are right up my street.
  3. nos4artu

    What would British Crime Story be about?

    Fred and Rose West. That’s a particularly harrowing case. I would expect they’d cover the murder of Jamie Bulger too. Then there’s the Soham Murders, Dunblane shooting and other horrible crimes that hit the media circus.
  4. nos4artu

    Coming Soon From Sine Nomine Press: Wolves of God Kickstarter Coming in October

    Oooooh nice. I’ve been looking for something that’d help me the Anglo-Saxon/Last Kingdom novels. And since I’m originally from Northumbria and know Bamburgh and Lindisfarne well, owt that’d let me tell stories where folk are battling against spear and sword-Danes on the North East coast is good...
  5. nos4artu

    V5 Sabbat

    That’s the term - it’s been a while since I last got to run V5 and I didn’t have the book to hand to refresh the terminology.
  6. nos4artu

    V5 Sabbat

    You might want to tinker with the morality and Bond rules a little, to represent outre practices from certain paths or particular Rita’s unique to the Pack. I’d probably keep Humanity as the default system, but let them resist Stains through rigid codes of conduct. Like the Bahari, who might...
  7. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Plastic Sisters: Now, Or Sooner

    The other thing with Abaddon is how massive his new model is. I mean he positively towers over the new Chaos Terminators. He’s almost as tall as Guilliman. It sort of adds credence to ADB’s Black Legion novels where there is a brief flirtation with the idea that Abaddon in 40k may or may not be...
  8. nos4artu

    Alternatives to Necromunda?

    Yeah, Kill Team is a lot of fun. It’s fast and it can feel quite satisfying. You can do Campaigns where your specialists and fire teams gain experience, level-up and the like. Those are fairly streamlined rules. There’s some excellent scope for building a narrative arc from those Campaigns and...
  9. nos4artu

    🎨 Creative What kind of crimes would 'real' supervillains get up to?

    You could get some mileage out of a Walter White-esque character, who develops some sort of superhuman skill set and turns to crime to pay for chemotherapy for himself or a loved one. You could also run an utterly amoral hedge fund manager who develops limited precognition and uses it to short...
  10. nos4artu

    Wrath and Glory Revised - What's Being Revised?

    Bloody hell. That’s really fantastic. Thank you so much, that’s incredibly helpful for anyone wanting to run or play Wrath and Glory.
  11. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Plastic Sisters: Now, Or Sooner

    I’ve had some good results with Apothecary White over Corax White, then dry brushed with Praxeti White. It looks pretty boss on my old school coloured Death Wing terminators.
  12. nos4artu

    [NWoD/CofD] Finished Promethean 2e corebook. What should I read next?

    The Night Horrors book for Promethean 2nd Ed is awesome. It has an updated treatment on the Zeki which is really good. I’ve had a soft-spot for the Nuclear Prometheans since first edition.
  13. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Plastic Sisters: Now, Or Sooner

    That Hospitallier is amazing. I love the diorama base with the wounded Sister. It’s so evocative.
  14. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Plastic Sisters: Now, Or Sooner

    I expect the Redemptor to be much more geared towards back and mid-field support. Mine is armed with the big, sod-off plasma cannon and the powerfist gatling cannon. It’s proven effective at eradicating heavy infantry and medium vehicles. It’s also managed to lay down some hurt on heavy vehicles...
  15. nos4artu

    [V:tM] Vampire intrigue and politics: things to *do* against your enemies

    That’s a Nosferatu who is not long for the world! If you get a life boon you definitely play it smart. That’s a lot of leverage to be wasting making mortal enemies out of another vampire and their sire/coterie and allies...
  16. nos4artu

    [V:tM] Vampire intrigue and politics: things to *do* against your enemies

    Although it’s for Requiem, Damnation City has some excellent setting and mechanical advice for political games. One of the modes (Primacy?) has concrete ways to run city-wide games of influence amongst the Primogen of a domain. A lot of it comes down to tapping mortals and locations to gain and...
  17. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I’m sort of ok with the Primaris myself - although I did have your reaction too, at first. I think it’s mainly because they aren’t releasing complete replacement units (although there are exceptions to that) for existing Space Marine squads, that sold me on them. I mean, Inceptors are very...
  18. nos4artu

    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I’m liking the new rule that Astartes and Heretic Astartes get +1 attack whenether they charge or are charged. Makes my Black Legion and Death Guard armies very happy, especially if Death to the False Emperor is triggered. I can see my hordes butchering their way through the lackeys of the...
  19. nos4artu

    [Vampire: The Masquerade] Chicago by Night 5E out to backers

    It’s a stunning book alright. I like the expansion of the Homestead Rules. I think they look great. I’ve not had time to delve too deeply into the book, but I like the map of the city and the smaller areas. Interestingly, the map looks like it incorporates the cutout district segments from...
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