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    Eddie Money, RIP

    An old favorite from my high school days has died. Eddie Money, probably most famous for his hit "Two Tickets to Paradise", and the later one "Take Me Home Tonight" has died at age 70 of esophageal cancer. They just announced his cancer prognosis a coupla weeks ago, but now he's gone. I really...
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    For Sale Chaosium MYTHOS CCG (all sets complete, 2400+ cards) (USA)

    Hi folks, Kevin Ross here. As a longtime freelancer for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu rpg, I used to get all kinds of freebies from the company, and this was one of them: they would send me boxes full of Mythos card packs and so forth, so I ended up with scads of them. This is 2 shoeboxes full of...
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    What's up with the Kenzerco forums?

    I'm a casual follower of Kenzerco's Aces & Eights western RPG, so I head over to their forums every once in awhile to see what's new or what people are saying about the game. The past couple of days I keep getting a request for username and password, which I've never had to do before. I've never...
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    Whoa! New Penny Dreadful series?!?!?

    Stumbled across a reference to this tonight -- first I'd heard of it. Sounds like a great premise: 1938 LA, with Nazis, Mexican folklore, pre-noir. Doesn't hurt it's got Natalie Dormer in the cast either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Dreadful:_City_of_Angels
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    For Sale (US) RPGs for sale: Classic Deadlands, Colonial Gothic, 90s AD&D, more

    I’ve never sold on RPGnet before, so a word of introduction is in order: my name is Kevin Ross, and I’ve been a gamer and freelance RPG writer for over 35 years, working mostly on Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG. Some of my books include Kingsport, Escape from Innsmouth, Our Ladies of Sorrow...
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    [RIP] Marvel artist Marie Severin has died

    Just saw a report that Marvel artist Marie Severin has died, age 89. I was a huge fan of her work on the old Kull comics Marvel produced back in the 70s. She and her brother John were among my favorite comic artists back then, in those old oversized black and white comic magazines published by...
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    Solomon Kane: Is it just me?

    I've been a fan of Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane for decades. Read the stories, read the comics, saw the movie, etc etc etc. HUGE fan. So when I heard about the Mythic Games Kickstarter for a Solomon Kane game I figured it was a natural for me, even though I'm hopelessly overextended at the...
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    Justified season 6

    Couldn't find a thread for this, so... So... Boyd continues to have interesting experiences with explosives. Surprise! Jesus, when did Sam Elliott turn into such a creepy bad guy?!?!?! Loretta punks Dickie! And look at that guest star lineup next week: Patton Oswalt! Jeff Fahey! They're...
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    RIP Eli Wallach

    Eli Wallach died yesterday at the age of 98. He was still working in his 90s, mostly in NY-set films and series, but I'll always remember his career-making roles as the bandit-chief Calvera in The Magnificent Seven, and better yet, the more developed Tuco, the wily, feisty bandito in The Good...
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    Dennis Farina, RIP

    IMDB and other news sources are reporting that Dennis Farina has died at age 69. Farina was in soooooooooo many really great films and TV shows it's hard to know where to start. Crime Story, Snatch, Midnight Run, Law & Order. Always fun to watch, and always one of my favorite actors. Who can...
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