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    It's my birthday - I'd like interesting cybernetics

    Looking for ideas for interesting cybernetic devices that could be implanted into humans (or non-humans), such as... 1) Cyber-holster. This is an empty compartment inside the body, hidden in an area where there is space by displacing or modifying organs. It opens up to reveal a small...
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    System for the First Age of Arda (and before)

    As a lot of my friends are Tolkien fans, for a while we've talked about playing an RPG set in Middle-Earth (or rather, Arda). However, I've always found it hard to come up with ideas for what to do in this setting, as despite a well-developed world it is very centred around the stories told by...
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    101+ Seeds for Early 20th Century Supernatural in the UK

    A friend of mine has created as setting where the PCs are members of a fictional organisation in the UK that investigates and hunts supernatural threats, by royal charter. What sorts of things might such a group be up against? 1) All the ravens have disappeared from the Tower of London. 2)...
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    First Tie-In RPG

    I'm hopefully soon doing a presentation on rpgs as part of a teacher training course (I get to pick a subject of my choice). I naturally want to talk about the history of RPGs and I was wondering, does anyone know what the first ever tie-in game (ie one based on pre-existing fiction, eg Star...
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    🎨 Creative 101 Encounters in a Fantasy City Post-Disaster

    For an upcoming game, I'm looking for some interesting things for low-level PCs to encounter if they are caught up in the aftermath of a major earthquake which has hit a fantasy city. 1) A building is on fire, the PCs must rescue the inhabitants and/or put out the fire. 2) Looters are making...
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    Destroying Artifacts

    SPOILER ALERT: If you play RPGs on a Tuesday night in a certain UK city beginning with "E", don't read any further. OK, now that's out of the way. I want to run a campaign based on a quest to find and destroy an Artifact, based on the canon Shadowstaff but with much altered powers (it will...
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    Just How Many Monsters Does D&D Have?!

    I'm a big fan of the Monster Manual "Let's Reads" on this site, and every time I delve into one I encounter yet more monsters that I've honestly never heard of despite playing D&D for years. I was wondering if anyone has ever counted, or even estimated (e.g. approx average number of monsters per...
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    So what is "Hallowed Ground"

    Hi all, I'm looking soon to run an adventure set in an "occult modern" 20th century setting (homebrewed by a friend of mine), and I have a question for those with a better knowledge of religion than me (especially Catholicism). In a lot of legends, monsters of various kinds cannot set foot on...
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    Best Value Place for WoD Electronic Copies?

    Hi, What is the best site for buying these (legally!)
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    Changeling: The Lost - It's great, but what do I do with it?

    The title says it all. Ages back, a friend gave me this game. While I love the fay as a setting element across various worlds, I've never been able to find much motivation for Changelings to actually do anything other than hide away from the True Fay, which doesn't make for a good adventure...
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    Help me find a game

    Hi there, A while back I happened across what appeared to be a particularly good RPG based on Silent Hill. While there have been several RPGs based on the game, this one really stood out; the adventures proposed were effectively journeys into the PCs own psyches and backstory. Each PC had to...
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    Summer Wars-type campaign

    Hi there, For various reasons, many of our old gaming group will soon be going their separate ways. We are planning to do some tabletop stuff via a webcam network (or possibly just VoIP or even text chat depending on how easily our machines can cope). We probably do not need anything like a...
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    Critique my untested wizard fix [3.5e]

    Hi, I've been thinking a bit about how to make the PHB Wizard more balanced alongside the other classes. In a fit of nostalgia, I thought it might work well to make wizards (and other spellcasters) more like those in 2nd ed. D&D, where casting spells was a lot harder. So here are my ideas: -...
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    Value of Old Red Box D&D Set

    A friend of mine has just given me an old Red Box D&D set (the original, not the new 4e one) which she bought in a charity shop for next to nothing. I am posting to ask if this is particularly valuable item; if so, I don't feel I should let her give it to me for nothing. Does anyone know if it...
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    Where does the tendency of superheroes to be ***man come from?

    Hi, I was thinking yesterday that earlier superheroes (e.g. Zorro, the Shadow etc.) don't follow the tendency of superheroes to be named ***man, ***woman, ***girl etc. (e.g. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman). Does anyone know when and where the trope of naming superheroes this way started?
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    Meaningful Names

    Hi, For a while, I've tried to give meaningful names to my characters, usually in a quite cryptic way. The system in question in In Nomine, an RPG set in the modern world with the PCs as angels or demons. I'm wondering if anyone else does this, or if it is too silly. Here are some examples: -...
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    Mini Basing Idea

    Hi, I was in a hardware shop a while back and I noticed that they sell large sheets of coarse (and fine) grain sandpaper, which reminded me very much of the glue and sand bases which wargamers often create on their minis. I was wondering, would it achieve a similar effect if you just cut pieces...
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    Original "Force Field" in Sci Fi

    I was talking to a friend last night and we were trying to work out the origin of "force fields" or similar technological barriers in early SF. I thought that surely such a device would turn up in the writings of Wells or Verne but I haven't been able to find any. The earliest reference to force...
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