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    Looking for players for Old School Gaming in Two Rivers/Manitowoc Wisconsin

    Hey there, Looking for some players interested in face to face game at my house in Two Rivers Wisconsin. I want to get a Castles and Crusades game started since the one I was running has kind of stalled out. I need about two more players. My wife and I have been playing since the 70's and...
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    One GM with two players, which is the best RPG?

    So it looks like I will only have my wife and our friend coming over Saturday to play. I was going to do Castles and Crusades but I feel that D&D style games need more players. What kind of game might work better for a really small group?
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    Sell me on 1st Edition AD&D.

    So I have been playing D&D since '77 so I am very familiar with the game. However if I was someone who never played any RPG why would I want to play this version of D&D?
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    Humans only AD&D?

    Just wondering if anyone ever tried running a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with only humans as the available race. Did you ever change the rules to apply to this type of game?
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    Any superhero game.

    Just want to play in an online superhero game instead of GMing. Prefer Champions, Supers, BASH or but anything is fine.
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    Advice on starting up a gaming store.

    So my wife and me live in the Cutler Bay South Florida area and we are planning on starting our own gaming store in this area. What would you like to see in a gaming store in this area and what would in your opinion be a good location?
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    DCC: Will the other demihumans make an appearance?

    So I just Dungeon Crawl Classics and I really like it. However I prefer to do my own home brew stuff and I wanted to do DCC for a former D&D world. This world has the other races besides dwarves, elves and halflings. So does anyone know if there are plans for gnomes, half-elves and half-orcs?
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    Looking for an old horror adventure, Uncle George's Halloween Party

    So once long ago I ran a little one shot called Uncle George's Halloween Party. It was about a group of teenagers who get possessed while having a seance. They apparently kill some people but also have a problem with some monster outside the cabin wanting to kill them. I remember having a...
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    X-Crawl 5th Edition?

    So I like X-Crawl, I think the setting is really neat and a lot of fun. The only problem is that I really don't like Pathfinder, I really prefer 5E D&D as I find it to be a lot easier and funner. So do you think it would be hard to use the other ruleset? Has anyone tried this?
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like Pathfinder?

    Hi, I don't want to get into an edition war or anything I just want to vent and rant a little. When PF first came out I heartily endorsed it because it fixed some things that I didn't like about 3.5 D&D. Then I tried playing it at my house as well as several game stores. I just can't enjoy...
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    Miami Florida, Is there anybody out there?

    Hi, I have a very small gaming right now. I have only three players and a GM and if one person cannot show up we pretty much have to cancel. It looks like one of my players may become only partially available or not at all, he is a teacher and school has restarted. I have had good sized...
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    Dragon Magazines for sale

    I just wanted to advertise on here about some Dragon Magazine collections that I have for sale on Ebay. My acupuncturist was a gamer a long time ago and gave me and my wife his collection of Dragon Magazines. I also have a few Dungeon Magazines that I will put up in the near future. Here are...
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    Honor and Intrigue Magic or no Magic?

    So I recently received my Honor and Intrigue book in the mail and I have been reading through it. I have been thinking about maybe GMing the game in the near future and after reading through the last section having to do with the supernatural I was considering running the game as a straight up...
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    Foundation series. Has anyone made a game out of this?

    Hi, I have recently been reading the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. I have gotten through prelude to Foundation, Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation and I am now reading Forward the Foundation. I really like what Professor Asimov did with this and I was wondering if any...
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    Rules Heavy Crunch vs. Rules-lite RPGs. What do you prefer and why?

    Hello, I recently had some guys leave my game, not because they didn't like me or anything, but because I wanted to run a rules-lite supers game (BASH), and they stated that they weren't interested because they don't like superheroes and because they prefer crunchy games with lots of rules...
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    Game mastering changes

    I have been GMing since 1985 and throughout all these years and all the changes there are three rules I adhere to and duly inform my players of. They are as follows: 1.The GM is the final arbiter (judge) 2.These are guidelines for the GM (it's been suggested the GM rolls dice behind the screen...
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    (Fantasy) Low-Magic vs. High Magic, which do you prefer?

    I have been planning on running an Hyborian style game in the near future and it got me to thinking of how I really prefer a grittier, darker less low magic type of setting. I prefer Sword and Sorcery over the more D&D style magic that is an everyday commonplace. So I was wondering if other...
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    Let's stat up Popeye!

    You read it right. One of the most longest lived characters in American comics strips. The one-eyed, bulging forearms heroic sailor that's strong to the finish when he eats his spinach. Take your favorite system and stat him up.
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    Dogs of War anyone doing this?

    Just going through my collection of rpgs and i came across this game from the fine people that brought you Barbarians of Lemuria. jsut wondering if anyone has tried playing this game? I like what I see but I have not had a chance to play it.
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    My game kind of fell apart

    So I had wanted to run a Conan BOL game for some time. I found some resources on the internet that had some conversion stuff, printed it out and got things started. But I really didn't have much fun. I had my wife who liked the system and is a good player, another player that likes it, and...
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