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  1. Radical Authority

    Ultimate Avengers movie in UK 2/10

    And available at selected branches of WH Smiths, according to the back cover of the Fortean Times. My boy spotted it before I did and said "It's Captain America!" Coincidentally, last week's bedtime story involved Gubbins helping Cap locate his missing jar of special jam before his mummy...
  2. Radical Authority

    [UK TV] Charlie Brooker's Screenburn

    Anyone catch this last night on BBC 4? It's (sob) awesome! RA
  3. Radical Authority

    Comics for people who hate super-heroes

    So, a recent comics recommendation thread threw this up: I also posted that Daniel Clowes' Dan Pussey would give people who hate super-heroes a smile. Now me, I love super-heroes but I'm not averse to picking up the corner of the rug and seeing all the creepiness that festers there, so I...
  4. Radical Authority

    The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash

    I finally broke down and bought this (2nd hand for a fiver) after giving up on it coming through from Amazon rental. I saw it waaaay back (1978 it says on the box, but probably 79 or 80, cos I was in New Zealand) when it came out, but haven't seen it since. It rocks! It's more clever funny...
  5. Radical Authority

    Recommend me some comics

    Hi chums! Assuming that Authority Lad can control his bowels sufficiently to earn enough stars for a new Thomas Friend, I'll be heading out to the comics shop this weekend to pick up my regular books. Now that the Ultimates, Ultimate Galactus) and Infinity Crisis are coming to end, my pull list...
  6. Radical Authority

    Freakonomics: A brief review

    Fiscal impact: Price: £8.99 Time to read: approx. five hours. Price per hour reading: c. £1.60. Subjective assessment: My paradigm was not shifted. RA
  7. Radical Authority

    Computer Game Sys Reqs vs. Lap Tops

    In particular, graphics. Specifically, I want to make sure that I can play Civ IV on the lap top I am going to buy probably next week. I haven't chosen a machine yet, as I have no clue how the requirements for desktop hardware translate to their lap top equivalents. Chip speed, memory and hard...
  8. Radical Authority

    Request for thread title change

    Because I am an idiot, I typed "Insane Clown" when I meant "Insane CLOUD" in my post on Tangency. Could some mod please change Clown to Cloud? Pretty please? We'll release a single dedicated to you. Well, a b-side, maybe. RA
  9. Radical Authority

    Ligotti - where to start

    A few mentions of this guy - here and elsewhere - have gotten me interested. Where's a good place to start? Cheers! RA
  10. Radical Authority

    Alan Moore's Albion

    Picked this up in the weekend and was very disappointed. I think the intention is a sort of League of Extraordinary Gents for the mid-20th century, but we didn't get much from the first issue. Also, over-reliance on swearing and disastrously bad colouring. Anyone else see this? RA
  11. Radical Authority

    Watched about half an hour of From Hell last night.

    Dear oh dear. RA
  12. Radical Authority

    Sequel to Iluim!

    Olympos. I just bought it. Anyone read it? No spoilers, please! RA
  13. Radical Authority

    Irritatingly fallacious arguments regarding social vs martial conflict

    This post is inpsired by some goings on in a thread regarding WFRP. The issue, however, is one that is not just about WFRP, which is no better or worse in this regard than 99% of games. However, I wanted to throw it out there for commentary from those who aren't interested in WFRP. There are...
  14. Radical Authority

    [HeroQuest] Actual Play - Pressure Front (Long)

    This is a description of a one-shot game of HeroQuest I ran for my regular D&D group. I hope this will inspire other GMs toying with the idea of running HQ, but who maybe feel intimidated by Glorantha or by the rules themselves. I went into this game with almost no prep, with players who had no...
  15. Radical Authority

    [HeroQuest] APs and wounds

    I seem to recall a section in HeroQuest that said that if you won a round you could trade APs for wounding an opponent, I think at a rate of one hurt for 10 APs. Now I can't find it. Did I dream it? RA
  16. Radical Authority

    [Glorantha] Jonstown - Wow! A mini review.

    I was just poking around Glorantha.com and found this brilliant write up of Jonstown in Dragon Pass. It's not perfect, and the text could do with a thorough copy edit, but it contains everything I look for in a regional supplement. There are specific personalities dealing in matters (mostly...
  17. Radical Authority

    "Gaming Gatherings" Forum not such a great idea after all?

    I'm wondering if this forum gets much traffic and whether it wouldn't be a better idea to allow meet up threads back into Tangency. Also, Stevecon: Not in a windy tent can probably be unstickied now. RA
  18. Radical Authority

    [D20] AoO - This can't be right!

    So, last night we're playing our Bab5 game and we get set upon by some alien thugs in a corridor. My dude (Gavin "Meatloaf" Davis) sets about them with his crowbar and is making good progress when the critters pull the following: In their round, they take a five foot step free action, then make...
  19. Radical Authority

    Opinions on Marvel Universe X?

    I've seen this tpb in the book shop and I'm curious. I enjoy The Ultimates, Old Marvel Essentials stuff, Ultimate X-Men and Alan Moore. I don't enjoy Ultimate FF, vanilla supers stuff or manga. I liked Marvels; I was less impressed with Kingdom Come. Am I likely to enjoy Universe X? RA
  20. Radical Authority

    [Classic Trav.] Searching for White Dwarf Article

    In the dim and distant past (ie, pre-1985), there was an article in White Dwarf about a critical hits system for Classic Traveller. We played with it at high school and it was jolly fun (if lethal). I have long ago lost or sold the issue it was in. I don't suppose anyone out there can tell me...
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