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  1. Regis

    Which Comics Characters Would Make The Best GMs?

    The heroes and villains of the various comic book universes out there have to relax and blow off steam sometimes. Who's to say they won't sit around the table, bring out the dice and start a game of their own? Would you play at The Riddler's table? Can Morpheus avoid ruining everything and...
  2. Regis

    [Wrestlepack] [Original Choose Your Own Adventure] Welcome To The Next Generation: Adventures In Developmental Hell

    You know what? Let’s give this another go. Some of you in the Wrestlepack read my previous Choose Your Own Adventure. Some of you even enjoyed it! I wrote 42,861 words of original content before running out of steam and calling it to an end. There’s been some time since then, but you know what...
  3. Regis

    Red Text In The Wrong Thread?[It's deliberate, see Enhanced Spoiler Protection Policy thread]

    In this post The Wyzard issues a reminder about spoilers for the new Avengers film. This reminder was posted in a Wrestlepack Choose Your Own Adventure thread which has nothing at all to do with the Avengers. Was this a mistake?
  4. Regis

    I Need A New Anecdote Podcast

    So I've been listening to The Dollop, but the amount of punching down they do is getting to me. I love hearing weird stories, preferably true ones, presented by people who find them genuinely fascinating. I get a lot of that from Kent And Robin Talk About Stuff, and a podcast called Great...
  5. Regis

    [Wrestlepack][Let's Play - Original Choose Your Own Adventure!] Pushing Too Far - A Booker's Adventures

    Word, Wrestlepack. So, original CYOA stuff has been done well on Other Media before. All well and good, but why this? Why now? Well, take a look at this: Slammed! A wrestling-themed Choose Your Own Adventure game. Check it out, it's available on Steam as well, but after playing it I wanted...
  6. Regis

    Tell me of Different Superhero Games!

    Basically, just what it says. I like superheroes, but I often find the games that feature them to be too focussed on the minutiae of modelling superpowers and not focussed enough on telling new and different stories, outside of beating up the villain of the week. What games are there out there...
  7. Regis

    Help! My Cults Need A Soundtrack!

    What's up, Other Media? So, I'm soon going to be running a game that involves two warring post-apocalyptic cults. Specifically, one worships Toxica Urania, Mother Of Rads, whose followers suckle growth from her tumours, while the other worships The Grey Dragon, World-Killer, who will usher in...
  8. Regis

    [nMage] Help Populate My City!

    First thing's first, players in my planned Merichester game, stay out! Don't worry, you'll get the good bits eventually. Okay, now I've got that out of the way, onto the main business of this. I'm planning on running a New Mage game set in the fictional city of Merichester in the North-West of...
  9. Regis

    [Mage: The Awakening] Example Awakenings From Fiction

    So, me and some friends got to discussing what is actually involved in an Awakening. There's some details in the corebook, and a few in other sourcebooks, though for the life of me I can't think which, but what we're short on is examples. Some of the NPCs written up in the books talk about their...
  10. Regis

    [Mage: The Awakening] Slouching Toward Dunsinane

    The glass is falling hour by hour, the glass will fall for ever, But if you break the bloody glass you won't hold up the weather. The ladder broke, if you like. If you believe in that sort of thing. The pathway to the gods - the link that made man god as his predecessor had been - shattered...
  11. Regis

    [Poetry/nMage] Poems For The Silver Ladder (And Possibly Other Orders As Well)

    So, I'm a big fan of nWoD Mage, and I've recently started listening to poetry readings online again, and some thoughts crossed my mind. The question to you, Other Media, is simple: what poems would you associate with the different Orders in nMage, particularly the Silver Ladder?
  12. Regis

    [Unknown Armies] Help Me Name An Archetype

    So, some time ago I was in a UA game. We were playing through the pre-written campaign To Go. Cosmic Ascension was in the works, but due to the actions of the PCs it ended up being one of the PCs who Ascended. He ousted the Masterless Man, the path he had been following, and took its place...
  13. Regis

    So What Were The Best Games On The Game Boy Advance?

    I'm looking to acquire some of them, and I'm looking for recommendations. Thus far I own Shining Force: Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon, after loving the original Shining Force on the Mega Drive, and I'm playing Advance Wars because it's always good to drop Big Damn Tanks on things. I'm mostly...
  14. Regis

    [Shadowrun Help] Generate A 1,000 Point Shadowrunner!

    Yes, you read that right. 1,000 points. A friend of mine, currently separated from the internet, is planning on running a one-shot game. The players will be the best Shadowrunners the AAA Corps - yes, all ten of them - can get their hands on, for a job so difficult and dangerous it can actually...
  15. Regis

    The World's Best Stupid Plans

    So, we've seen a lot of talk about people's shame and astonishment at the foolishness perpetrated by players the world over in the name of killing things and/or taking their stuff. We've bemoaned their foolishness, derided their intellectual capacity, and vowed that we will never repeat their...
  16. Regis

    Recommend me... Mega Drive Games!

    So, I'm feeling Old School right now. In need of something a bit different. Yeah, I've got a PS2 sitting around, and an X-Box in the house as well, but still, they don't have that certain something. Might as well face it, I'm addicted to Retro. So, says I, what to do about this? Well, forward...
  17. Regis

    [Wushu Fantasy IC] Which Side Are You On?

    Five Hundred Years Ago: "Oh no, no, no! Stay with me, stay with me! SAVAY! Savay, help me! He's bleeding over here!" "What's... what's happening?" "We won! We stopped them, we drove them away! We won! Now we've just got to get you sorted out... Oh, hell..." "I can't feel my right arm..."...
  18. Regis

    [Wushu Fantasy OOC] Which Side Are You On?

    And here we have it; the thread for stats, game queries and general OOC chatter. The IC Thread will be posted up as soon as everyone has checked in with their stats and character details. A few notes: For the purposes of dice rolls, I'm swiping an idea from Kiero and saying to put your rolls...
  19. Regis

    [Recruitment] Wushu Fantasy: Which Side Are You On?

    And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, another addition to the long list of Wushu games... First, the crunchy bit: this uses the basic Wushu Open system. No extras, no alterations. Three Traits, one Weakness, all Traits start at 2, 6 points to spend raising them, maximum of 5. You know the...
  20. Regis

    [The Usual Suspects] So... theories.

    In the last couple of months I have watched this film maybe a dozen times or more. It's still as good as the first time I saw it. But I do have one problem: I'm unable to stop wondering what really happened. I have one problem, though. There is pretty much no definitive evidence to go on. I...
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