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  1. Atlictoatl

    IC [4e/PbtA] City of Necromancers: The Renewal of Compacts

    Rahesh prepares. The full moon, the brightest that the pocket dimension ever gets, watched over the pomp earlier in the day, as the five groups of envoys stood before the Undying Council, receiving their accolades and orders. One group each for the Underdark, Shadowfell, and Shadowdark. Two...
  2. Atlictoatl

    OOC [4e/PbtA] City of Necromancers: The Renewal of Compacts

    This is the OOC thread for a Paragon Tier game of 4e, using PbtA Freebooters on the Frontier 2e playtest rules. IC thread Recruitment thread wiki Chargen issues should remain in the Recruitment thread. Discussion related to IC, the game in general, or friendly chatter should happen here...
  3. Atlictoatl

    [Recruitment] City of Necromancers: 4e Paragon Planar game (using PbtA oldschool emulator)

    Rahesh, City of Undeath, Summoner's Mount, the Infernal Veil Crouched in the mountains of the Draco Serrata within the Empire of Sarthel lies an ancient metropolis of necromancy, summoning, and illusion. Having long absented itself to a dimensional pocket accessible through Crossings to the...
  4. Atlictoatl

    S3 of Star Trek Enterprise is shockingly different from S1-2

    I never saw this series, so I'm catching up on them on Netflix. I really don't know what to make of this darker, more militant, combat-every-episode version of Star Trek. It feels like an abandonment of Trek, generally, and the wide-eyed exploration focus of S1-2 of the show, specifically. Were...
  5. Atlictoatl

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    I've been thinking a lot about running a heavily character-driven game using the 4e setting material and race/class concepts, but within a PbtA framework. Probably Freebooters on the Frontier 2e, for its oldschool feel and focus on exploration. My first idea was to make it a paragon-tier planar...
  6. Atlictoatl

    [The Nightmares Underneath] Updated materials

    With Google+ closing Johnstone Metzger, the creator of The Nightmares Underneath, recently posted a bunch of links in one place to some updates and works-in-progress materials that he's been publishing on G+. arcane_effects_v1 expanded_gear_tables assassin and bard updates customizing...
  7. Atlictoatl

    How does one link to a specific Post #?

    On the new boards, it seems as though clicking on the post number returns a URL that includes page identification, so if my page settings are different from those of the person clicking on the link I provide, the post they navigate to will not be the one I'm trying to send them to. Case in...
  8. Atlictoatl

    [Re-Recruitment 2] [The Nightmares Underneath] Byzantium: Nightmares Undreamed Of

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 players for a game that's been active since September. There's three PCs currently in the game. We're posting consistently about three times a week and have settled into a certain rhythm, but it would be nice to have another player or two. Because I want to ensure that a...
  9. Atlictoatl

    OOC [Freebooters on the Frontier] The Gate

    This is the OOC thread for a Freebooters on the Frontier and Perilous Wilds game of witch hunting and travel between worlds. Please use this for all OOC discussion pertaining to the game in play. Chargen issues should be conducted within the Recruitment thread linked below. Please subscribe to...
  10. Atlictoatl

    IC [Freebooters on the Frontier] The Gate

    This is the IC thread for a Freebooters on the Frontier and Perilous Wilds game of witch hunting and travel between worlds. Please subscribe to this thread, to ensure you receive updates on new posts. Discussion Thread Recruitment OOC wiki
  11. Atlictoatl

    [Dying Earth / OSR / Oregon Trail / Mad Max] The Ultraviolet Grasslands by Luka Rejec now on Kickstarter

    Luka Rejec is one of the core artists of the Hydra Collective (What Ho, Frog Demon; Fever-Dreaming Marlinko; Misty Isles of the Eld) and content creator of the Stratometaship patreon, responsible for Witchburner; Red Sky, Dead City; and The Ultraviolet Grasslands. The latter publication, UVG...
  12. Atlictoatl

    [Mothership SF Horror gaming] New module now being Kickstarted

    I'm not seeing this up on the boards yet: as of this writing, there are 20 days remaining for a KS for a Mothership module. It's crazy-affordable ($5 for PDF), with good prices for buying into the Mothership line, as well. Mothership has a brilliant graphical design that makes it super-compact...
  13. Atlictoatl

    [Apocalypse World] Kickstarter up for two AW zines by the Bakers

    I'm not seeing mention of this on the board: as of this writing, there are 11 days left on the Two Apocalypse World Zines KS by Vincent and Meguey Baker. The first zine is Expanded 2e AW playbooks, with "expanded explanations and helpful text". It's a Refbook. The second zine is a "deep...
  14. Atlictoatl

    [Recruitment] Freebooters on the Frontier (OSR Dungeon World): Witchburner leading into Stargate: Fantasy

    Limestone gravel crunched under the iron-bound wheels with a hollow sound, like bones snapping. The Rightmaker had come. “Who summoned justice?” asked the clerk. The mayor walked forward. Her fur stole quivered as she lowered herself for the regal official. “The council of the Bridge of Saint...
  15. Atlictoatl

    [Black History] Around the Way documentary on Hulu

    Hulu recently dropped S1E1 of this, titled "Atlanta". I enjoyed the half hour, which featured Stacey Abrams, Killer Mike, and local movers and shakers talking about the Atlanta of now and yesterday. This promises to be a decent thing. Anyone else watching?
  16. Atlictoatl

    [Interest/Discussion] Stargate: Fantasy Edition using Perilous Wilds and Dungeon World

    My latest obsession is thinking about a Stargate: Fantasy game, where the medieval fantasy PCs are involved with a gate device that either allows travel to other worlds or that spits out strange creatures that need to be dealt with. There's still some rough bits about it in my head, though, so I...
  17. Atlictoatl

    [Let's Read] Help me read the bESt OSR

    So, here's the thing. The OSR has produced some extraordinarily fine printed material, like Yoon-Suin and The Nightmares Underneath and Veins of the Earth and Deep Carbon Observatory and your favorite stuff by one of those authors that we don't really talk that much about here for good reasons...
  18. Atlictoatl

    OOC [Conan 2d20] Vengeance Beyond Shem

    This is the OOC thread for Vengeance Beyond Shem, a game of Conan 2d20. Interest thread Wiki IC thread is now up Let's keep initial character chargen material in the Interest thread still, and use this thread for OOC material related to the IC thread, as well as general chatter.
  19. Atlictoatl

    IC [Conan 2d20] Vengeance Beyond Shem

    The ambush was a fucking bloodbath. A complete success of trickery for the armies of the King Ulam-Khala of Akbitana and his cousin, the King Nezurab of Shumir, both eastern city-states of Shem. At war with his cousin, Ulam-Khala had sought aid from Prince Sabatus of Khoraja, the proud desert...
  20. Atlictoatl

    [Interest] Conan 2d20

    Hi, there. I've been thinking recently that I'd like to run something in Conan 2d20. I have all the books, but will need to review them, and I'm likely to initially run an adventure from the sourcebooks. Is there anyone out there itching to play 2d20? 4-5 players seems reasonable. I tend to...
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