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    Time Travel in the Star Wars Galaxy: Yay or Nay?

    Yep, I'm in agreement. Overall, not a good idea for Star Wars but it could be done once in a great while. Given the background you let me know offline, my preference would be to ditch the whole time travel idea and just go with what the majority of your players want and not cater to the one guy...
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    Various Character Art for your perusal

    A little late perhaps, but congrats on the marriage, Storn!
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    [Smallville] Original 'Setting' and the Goldilocks Point

    Yep, I have to agree with Cam (OK, who wouldn't, given his familiarity with all things Cortex). I haven't had the opportunity to run a game in Smallville yet, but - like FATE - it definitely is player-driven in most ways, so paint the setting with a broad brush and let the players fill in the...
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    [Star Wars] Advice for a new-ish GM?

    I think there's plenty of room for that in the Star Wars universe, especially if you're willing to go to the Expanded Universe for some inspiration. The Rogue Squadron books are appropriately action-oriented without it being "we have to destroy the Death Star" levels of urgency and...
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    [Star Wars] Advice for a new-ish GM?

    Yep, couldn't agree more. I can't recall the specifics, but SW Saga is a definite prelude to 4e, so you should find you can slip into that mode pretty easily. Skill Challenges were added in "Galaxy of Intrigue", the trap system in "The Unknown Regions"...it's got a lot of overlap with 4e...
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    [Star Wars] Advice for a new-ish GM?

    I'll agree with Paladin - nice OP and yeah, I've been away for a loooooong while, so your post drew me in also. I'll finish reading the thread and then comment.
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    NFL: why blitz Brady more than anyone else?

    I'd agree that - especially in that Super Bowl - the O-line lost the game for the Pats (more importantly, the Giants had one of the best defensive games in recent history in the big game). The Pats this year just aren't clicking in many areas. We'll see how it looks in a few weeks. 'Course by...
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    (Scooped?) EW's 25 Best Whedonverse episodes

    I concur about Smiletime. Rating it that low seems like a travesty, IMO. Pretty good list but yeah, I'd re-order it. The Body is a damn fine episode and deservedly gets the #1 spot but Hush will probably always be my favorite overall episode.
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    Girl sings diva song from Fifth Element!

    Pretty damn impressive. :)
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    [The Guild] Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

    Ok, that was amusing. Now I have to check out more of what Ms. Day has been involved in lately. Thanks for the link!
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    NFL - Are you ready for some football?

    I hear ya. Still, it's early. Give the man a few weeks into the regular season, then we'll see. I predict McDaniels will do better in the long run than Mangini.
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    NFL - Are you ready for some football?

    I won't argue with you there. And you know BB sees it the same way. I look forward to the Dolphins continuing to return to prominence. We'll both enjoy things so much more, don't you agree? It should be fun!
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    NFL - Are you ready for some football?

    Lord, he was even pushing buttons in the football thread. Good riddance! And go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of this year's outcome, I hope it's another great year with exciting games (the Cards in the Super Bowl last year was a lot of fun)!
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    NFL - Are you ready for some football?

    Paladin, yeah, I sympathize. But I think the Broncos may have a shot to build into something decent. I'm not ready to throw McDaniels under the bus just yet - I don't think Orton's the answer but it appears as if the team is responding well in practice to the coaching staff changes. We'll see...
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    D&D Heroscape and Castle Ravenloft Board Game

    Lord, a Civilization style game for Ravenloft would be a hell of a lot of fun, IMO. :) I think the posts about it being a party vs. Strahd & minions is probably more on target, though.
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    Mighty Mods, I Offer Up A New Gift Unto Thee....

    As an alternative, might I suggest the following? (full screen is my recommendation for the joyous details)
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    2009's Darths and Droids.

    Kill it with fire seems to be the standard negotiating tactic with many groups I've gamed with and run. :D
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    [SWSE] Rebellion Era book

    Damn fine idea. Given how infrequently the Star Wars side of the website gets updated, that would be a nice addition. Hell, it'd be a great idea for one of the fan sites even.
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    [SWSE] Rebellion Era book

    My players really like it for the Force and for Starship Maneuvers (as my campaigns frequently use a lot of starship stuff). Outside of that, not so much.
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