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  1. Tardigrade

    Apple Arcade: new game subscription service

    At their most recent media event, Apple announced a new upcoming service: Apple Arcade. For a quick summary, see Macrumors' "What We Know" page. The short version: $4.99 per month for access to a library of 100 or so games playable on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs, including cross-device...
  2. Tardigrade

    Ishkur has, at long last, updated the Guide to Electronic Music

    Read and hear its magnificence. A clear timeline at the top. Genres grouped in a cladistic tree, with splits shown in time. Dozens of sample tracks *per year* for each genre. Not just a paragraph describing each genre but an essay, some including Ishkur's own mixes (see Chicago House). Click...
  3. Tardigrade

    R-Type Final 2

    Granzella (of whom I've never heard) is currenly running a Kickstarter campaign to update R-Type Final to modern consoles. The campaign length is only seven days, which makes me think the creators don't understand that getting buzz takes time. The project goal is a bit over $400000, but...
  4. Tardigrade

    converting saved thread URLs to the new format

    Do you save forum threads for later reference or amusement? Has the new forum software broken all those links? That happened to me, but I figured out how to deal with it, so I hope this will be of use to other folks. The old thread URL format looked like this...
  5. Tardigrade

    thread tags (e.g. "[Necro]") have no brackets in HTML titles

    Tags added by mods to the titles of threads, like "[Necro]" or "[Completed]" appear in the HTML title for the tagged thread without the brackets around the tag. For example, the guidelines stickied post in this forum has a page title of "Be Mindful RPG.net Rules & Guidelines (Revised...
  6. Tardigrade

    Hurricane Relief Bundle: get games, help hurricane victims

    The Hurricane Relief Bundle includes 50 indie games (or game-like things) for $20 or more, with all profits going to multiple charities to help victims of recent hurricanes. There's something in there for every taste, and many of the games supports Macs and Linux. The bundle will only be live...
  7. Tardigrade

    Consentacle: cooperative card game of human-alien intimacy

    I found out about this game years ago, asked Naomi Clark about it at GaymerX a couple years ago, and just discovered a Kickstarter project for printing the game has been launched. The project has already met its goal and blown past all the initial stretch goals (they added a new goal for an...
  8. Tardigrade

    Shadow Warrior free at Humble Store right now

    You have 45 hours to get Shadow Warrior free at the Humble Store. Normally it's $50. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux, delivered as a Steam key. The LRR folks were more entertained by it than expected, and at that price it's hard to say "no". If nothing else I can set difficulty to easy and slice...
  9. Tardigrade

    how can I remove the "User Tag List" box at the top of every thread?

    I appreciate that some folks will get use out of the new tagging functions, but I have no interest in them. I've turned off all the relevant options in my settings, but I still see the "User Tag List" box at the top of every thread. Is it possible for me to hide that box?
  10. Tardigrade

    You are a dragon. Time to do your taxes!

    Dragon Tax Return Simulator 2015 is what it says on the tin. You're a dragon, you've procrastinated, and your tax form is due to be collected in ten minutes. Can you correctly account for all your plundering and rampaging, without errors? Note that you only get one shot, as the numbers are...
  11. Tardigrade

    Warren Ellis to write Castlevania series for Netflix

    RockPaperShotgun has some details. I like all of those things, and I think I will like all of them together.
  12. Tardigrade

    Yakuza Apocalypse: what the heck did I just watch?

    Going into it I expected yakuza, and vampires, and sure it started that way, with weird digressions but seemed to return to some kind of a point, then just, I dunno, Andy Warhol took over? I'd say that something was lost in translation, but I suspect that no, that movie was just as weird to...
  13. Tardigrade

    Guardians, or Russia does the Avengers

    https://youtu.be/IeGIa5HO37Y I have no idea what the politics will be like, but the effects and visual design are worth a look. A lot will hinge on who the villain(s?) are.
  14. Tardigrade

    (not so?) radical MMO idea: computer-controlled healers and tanks

    Prompted by this comment in a thread about Wildstar: The holy trinity of tank, healer and DPS exists because it's the easiest way to design MMO combat. DPS characters will focus their skills and equipment on maximizing their damage, to the detriment of their defense/survivability. Mobs usually...
  15. Tardigrade

    Zootopia spoilery discussion

    In the interest of being the change I want to see in the world, this thread is for spoiler-filled discussions about Zootopia. The previous discussion that started about the sloth trailer has less spoiling discussion. Spoilers start next post, so be warned! EDIT: The previous thread also has...
  16. Tardigrade

    Cookie Clicker returns!

    Let the clicking resume/commence! After almost two years since the last official release, and several months after the initial beta, the new version of Cookie Clicker is live. Major changes are two new building types, many new new achievements, and a totally revamped prestige system that adds a...
  17. Tardigrade

    I love the Humble Indie Bundles

    The latest, #13 (hence the "Humble InDIE Bundle") includes Risk of Rain, Tower of Guns, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, all games that I've been following for a while but didn't know that Mac versions were ever planned. The original bundles were all DRM-free, and all games playable on...
  18. Tardigrade

    Machete gets a sequel

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V53kqEKiyYU The cast list must be seen to be believed. There's probably an English-language trailer around somewhere, or will be eventually, but it's not hard to follow. I supposed I should watch the first movie at some point, but I doubt it'll be necessary to...
  19. Tardigrade

    Hell Dorado expansion on Kickstarter

    Hell Dorado: Inferno adds new units and scenarios to the game, and advances the timeline of the setting. New Jerusalem's population is booming, but its policy of allowing all believers is leading to friction. Meanwhile, a fallen angel claiming to be an emissary of Lucifer is gathering a huge...
  20. Tardigrade

    Humble Android Bundle 4 is live

    Games include: Splice Eufloria Waking Mars Crayon Physics Deluxe Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP (beta for Android) Machinarium (if one beats the average) The latter three have featured in previous Humble Bundles, but the first three are new. I've been waiting for Waking Mars' Mac debut...
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