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  1. Christian

    [Online] Explore the Wastelands of Gath via Google Hangouts - Olde D&D

    Hello, I am looking for players for a weekly, brief rpg session via google hangouts. This is a solo campaign (one player - one GM) but I can accommodate multiple players. Currently, I have two people and could use a few more. To get started: Step 1) Download the tolling of the great black...
  2. Christian

    [5e] Damage Question

    @eggdrop That's an interesting approach I had not explored, the lack of sample size to justify averaging. Interesting. Thanks for the food for thought!
  3. Christian

    [5e] Damage Question

    Great responses, everyone. Thanks for the input. Like many of you, I think I will go for the average, listed damage for run of the mill encounters and roll for important NPCs and perhaps the more burly solos.
  4. Christian

    [5e] Damage Question

    I like the idea of using the average to avoid being hateful toward PCs. :)
  5. Christian

    [5e] Damage Question

    Hello all, I am working on an encounter and would like your opinion on damage rolls. For example, a giant spider's bite damage is listed as: 7 (1d8+3). Or something like that. As a DM, do you prefer to roll damage or use the listed - I'm guessing average - amount? Thanks! Pic related
  6. Christian

    Happy First Birthday, Loviatar!

    Loviatar no. 12; July 2012; $3.50 Cambria Irving's grandfather, Gerald, is a werewolf. The poor old lycanthrope is getting on in years, so he must endure the indignity of living with his prick of a son-in-law. It's not all bad, though. Cambria sneaks Gerald out of the house from time to time and...
  7. Christian

    New to OSR - What are the differences...

    I use Labyrinth Lord quite a bit. Basically, it's the Tom Moldvay version of Basic D&D.
  8. Christian

    Horror games...

    I will also chime in and say that the World of Darkness core line (not the Vampire, Changeling, Werewolf books) are an excellent collection of tools to emulate horrific and supernatural role-playing. With the System Rulebook you can do an awful lot in a darn near any setting or time period. If...
  9. Christian

    Jay Penn's art

    I wanted to share another Jay Penn illustration that he sent to me this morning. His contact information is available in the first post of this thread. :)
  10. Christian

    Loviatar #7 Is In The Mail

    The hex crawl continues! This month we head north from the area described in Loviatar #5. Lavishly illustrated by Jay Penn, "Hex 004" offers adventurers a richly detailed experience. PCs can visit Combe, a predominantly halfling village, where a basilisk is loose! The monster hunters who brought...
  11. Christian

    Jay Penn's art

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to chime in and say that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jay. We have been collaborating for four months and it's been a great run. He has given my publication a distinct look and feel and the readers very much enjoy his work. Jay works quickly, responds...
  12. Christian

    Sandbox Campaign Advice

    I have been working on a sandbox/hex crawl campaign for the past few months. I am slowly rolling the hexes out via my print fanzine, Loviatar. I have approached the campaign by first deciding upon a scale. I am using 6 mile hexes that I map and detail. Each hex contains planned encounters...
  13. Christian

    Loviatar no.6 is in the mail!

    The first issue of 2012 is ready! The old style D&D hex crawl continues with the aptly named "Hex 002." This hex features a mystic who has channeled a powerful spirit that embodies the most aggressive aspects of a wolf. He will attempt to recruit anyone he meets into his cult. Indoctrination...
  14. Christian

    [los angeles/west valley] Be True To Your (old) School - D&D sandbox starting soon

    Hello friends, I'd like to begin the new year with a D&D campaign that focuses on the roots of the game. I have in mind a sand box campaign using a pre-3x version of the rules. By sand box I mean a classic hex crawl that is truly a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing. The...
  15. Christian

    Loviatar #5 is in the mail!

    Hex 001, an article for Basic D&D, gets things started. If you want to run a hex crawl/ sandbox style campaign you're going to need a place to start. Hex 001 provides that beginning. The article offers maps, illustrations, adventure hooks, planned encounters and suggestions for future play. With...
  16. Christian

    Loviatar No. 4 Takes to the Streets! Mailboxes Occupied!

    When the humans' colony ship was intercepted by the enigmatic Masters, the robots in the cargo hold were put to use by the aliens. The Masters had already failed miserably with their intelligent, talking wolves so perhaps the humans' robots could be turned into effective spies. The humans...
  17. Christian

    Loviatar No. 3 Is In The Mail

    No. 3; October 2011 The gritty streets of Baldur's Gate call! In this issue you'll meet some violent toughs who lurk along the miserable neighborhood of Pigeon Street. They call themselves the "Murder Boys" and they live for a good scrape with rivals. They are affiliated with a mysterious cleric...
  18. Christian

    [C:tL] What else do I need?

    I ran a chronicle of Changeling: The Lost that ran 23 sessions before conflicting schedules ended things. While Rites of Spring got a lot of use at our table, I don't think it was critical in retrospect. You can run the game as is and have a grand time. I wish you luck on your game. Like you, I...
  19. Christian

    Have you ever been so burned out...

    Whoa! I thought I was the only one who did that. I can't believe how well it works. :)
  20. Christian

    Damn you dice!

    I'm like grubman in that I don't use a screen and let it all hang out. There's a kind of suspense that is built that way. Regarding that botched combat, I say let the PCs have their day in the sun. It's fun for them to kick all kinds of booty now and then. I bet that in the near future your...
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