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    Shadowun 3rd Anydice

    Hey I'm trying to figure out how to program 3rd edition shadowrun dice probabilities in AnyDice and keep getting stumped. I want to roll a number of exploding d6's and see how many are equal to or bigger than the target. E.g. rolling 4d6, 6's explode and add to the die that rolled them, so my...
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    [Mage: the Awakening] Help me prep my Boston/Reign of the Exarchs Chronicle

    Hey guys This friday we are finalizing characters for a Mage chronicle. The chronicle is going to take place in Boston (using the Boston Unveiled book) and we are going to use the Reign of the Exarchs chronicle book. The current concept is that the players are starting a detective bureau...
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    [Wild Talents & Kerberos Club] Game Balance - Changing costs

    Hey there My group and I just got into Kerberos Club. I know that we're late to the party, but we needed something new and I had just picked the books up (Wild Talents essential edition and Kerberos Club). We got blown away by the awesome setting described in the Kerberos Club book and the Wild...
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    Good System for Urban Fantasy?

    Hey there I am looking for a good system to run an urban fantasy game. Specifically I want to run the Fireborn setting by Fantasy Flight Games. The original system is kinda wonky and while it did the job... I don't really want to run it again. However, I loved the setting. I am trying to figure...
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    [PBEM] Battle Resolution System

    Hey there I am in the midst of trying to put together a system for resolving battles in a Birthright play-by-email game. It's proving to be a bit of a challenge. Do any of you know of a good system or example of this? Perhaps just a mediocre one? What I am looking for is a system that...
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    [Ars Magica]Alchemy

    Hey there A few friends of mine and me have an Ars Magica campaign in the works, so I have been brainstorming concepts and ideas for it. I have been looking at alchemy. The Mysteries (Revised) have a lot of information on hermetic alchemists and it mentions mundane, un-gifted, or at least...
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    4th Edition as a tactical wargame

    Have anyone had experiences with running D&D 4th edition as a pure tactical wargame? I am thinking something remniscent of Necromunda - each player would construct a "gang" of characters, then take them from combat to combat against other players - earning levels and exp on the way. It would...
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    [WUSHU] First impressions and questions

    So, I ran a WUSHU game at a convention this weekend. It was fun, but kinda fell apart in the end. Partly because we were tired and partly because... well, we were tired :P Anyway, the system worked very well, though with a few problems. I'll try and formulate those problems into a few...
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    Epic D&D without D&D

    Hey all I have to admit I don't have any hate for the d02, shameful as it is. I like D&D. ;-) I like the feel, the action, the simplicity (once chargen is done) and so on. I also like the idea and the feel of epic D&D, though it's more a supers game by then rather than an actual fantasy game...
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    [Mage IC]: Seekers of Hectate

    It's friday evening, the 22nd of July, 2006. It's in the middle of an unusually warm summer. Boston has been sweating for the last 2 weeks and according to weather forecasts, it will continue for the next week or so. Most sane people are relaxing, the heat is slowly lessening around evening...
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    [Mage OOC]: Seekers of Hectate

    Hey guys This will be the OOC thread for the Seekers of Hectate game (surprise...). We'll post setting info, characters and do OOC discussion here.
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    [Exalted] First Scenario

    Hey So, I'm going to be running my first Exalt game this sunday and I'm in the middle of preperations. I thought I'd post the basic setup here, hoping for some constructive critiscism. So, here goes: The Demon Azatenius Farelothuin of the Third Circle, Caster of Barbed Shadows has been seeking...
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    [Interest]: Mage

    Hey guys So it seems we are a few that are interested in a mage game, which is good. Let's put something together. Only... what. I'm still in the process of reading the book (it's a long read and time is precious) so I haven't really got a set idea. Therefore I think those who are interested...
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    Sell me on burning wheel

    First off, I hope I'm not replicating an earlier post, if I am, please point me to it, and I'll blame the lack of a search function. Anyways, as the topic says, I'm thinking about picking up the game, but I would like to hear some arguments from those who are playing it. Why is this game good...
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    [Exalted] Power Combat

    Hey I've been looking at the power combat rules for exalted, in the players guide and can't really make up my mind whether to use these rules or not. I assume some people here have experiences using these rules, so could someone please explain how power combat works differently and/or better...
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    World Building: Finding a system

    Hey all I am messing a little about with creating a setting at the moment, and have hit a problem. I do not know what system to use. The world is a fantasy setting, called Shattersphere. It is a world of floating islands, moving about the sun in the center. The major themes will be...
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