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    [Exalted Third Edition] Constructing the North in 3e

    Hey everybody! So I asked a question about the Saltspire League before because I found them pretty intriguing, and then when I started reading about other groups in the Compass Book for the North, I got really intrigued. I saw little ideas that I enjoyed and thought would be decent to port...
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    [Exalted Third Edition] Thinking About Lunars in 3e

    (Cross-posting this from the Onyx Path Forums...) So I guess a disclaimer that must be said is that I'm not necessarily looking for an argument about what Lunars should or should not be, but rather an examination of existing information and conversation to try to best understand what Lunars...
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    [Exalted 3e] Sorcerers in your games?

    So this is primarily about Third Edition sorcerers, but I welcome any stories about sorcerers in the previous editions, too. What kinds of sorcerers have you had in your games? Any cool stories or concepts for them, either on the PC side or for NPCs? I'm trying to develop some sorcerous NPCs...
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    [Exalted 3e] The Fair Folk - What's different in this edition?

    So as the title says, I'm curious if the developers have discussed if anything significant has changed with the raksha this edition, or if you guys have noticed anything different about them. I remember reading their mechanics will be simplified, which makes sense, but I'm curious about their...
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    [Exalted 3e] 1e and 2e books that are still useful?

    So we have a new edition of Exalted. Like other Onyx Path products, the new edition is building on a strong foundation established by the last two editions. While many things remain the same from edition to edition, some things get changed and changed significantly. So in this thread, I'm...
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    Social & Investigation Systems in D100 games?

    Do any of them have something a bit more sophisticated than just making the dice check? I mean things like Social Maneuvering or Investigation in Chronicles of Darkness. I'm sure there are other examples but I'm feeling a bit braindead and can't think of others. For context, I'm looking for...
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    Low Fantasy RPGs with a City State setting?

    Does anyone know of anything like this? Looking for an Italian City States type set up, an interesting setting to crib from/spur some ideas for something my own group can use.
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    sell me on Legend of the Five Rings

    Hey guys. I was browsing through art the other day and saw some from the L5R CCG, and I remembered that there was also an RPG attached to the name! One that, at a distance sounds pretty cool. I also remembered hearing something way off in the past about it being sort of orientalist, like it's...
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    [Eclipse Phase] GM Tips, Streamlining Play and House rules

    So I'm getting the itch to run Eclipse Phase again. Problem is, the thing that's made it not fun for me is that I've felt bogged down by a system that feels too fiddly and not in a satisfying way, in addition to the finicky nature of d100 dice, and the general old school style of the book really...
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    [VtR 2e] Religion & Reconciliation with Vampirism

    The 2nd edition of Requiem brought with it a modification to the Lancea et Sanctum that I thought was great: It made it so the Covenant wasn't all encompassing of various Judeo-Christian faiths through awkward Creeds like the Dammitic Creed that forced them into the same mold. The new focus of...
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    (Virtual Tabletop) Streaming Sound?

    So Roll20 has a nifty Jukebox feature that lets you stream music and sound effects to everyone on the server if it's on Soundcloud. I'm wondering, does anyone know of any website or other means to do this sort of thing? I prefer to run stuff in Fantasy Grounds, but I'll admit I have wanted to...
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    [Star Wars Edge of Empire] Are there PDFs?

    So has FFG made PDFs of their Star Wars RPG that I just can't find? If they haven't, I am gonna be so mad. If they haven't, why haven't they? Their Dark Heresy stuff is on Drivethru.
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    [Mage: The Awakening] Good Shadow Names

    As a counterpart to my OPP thread, I want to ask you fine folks of rpg.net what you think makes a good Shadow Name for your Awakened. Share some from your games, share your characters. How do you conceive of Shadow Names? We know they can technically be anything, but are there kinds of names you...
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    How to design good Gods?

    Hey folks, was wondering if I could get some help on this one. I'm writing up some Gods and Goddesses for a fantasy setting I'm writing which is based heavily in antiquity. It's not the kind of world where there's any verifiable proof that these Gods exist, and they don't intervene regularly...
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    [Demon: The Descent] Testing game, advice needed

    So my girlfriend and I are both avid GMs with an interest in running Demon: The Descent. More particularly, she wants to run it and I really want to play it. Demons got a lot of cool little parts to it that we're a bit nervous about dragging our group into without knowing how things will work in...
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    Japan & Tokyo

    Hey guys, so I'm running some stuff set in the modern world and some players have mentioned having an interest in going to Tokyo. Most of the games I've run have been set in the United States, in familiar territory for me. So I'm interested in looking for opportunities to expand my horizons. So...
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    [Worldbuilding] Essential Components of a Fantasy Setting?

    Okay, so I've been working on a little fantasy setting thing as a side project. It's not great, it may not be good, but it is. The setting is a sort of Classical (As in early Roman Empire among other factions) Fantasy sort of thing with relatively little magic in the hands of humans and a...
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    [Eclipse Phase] Pre-Fall Game?

    Hey guys. So I've been thinking about how to introduce my group to Eclipse Phase for awhile now. One of the ideas that I've discussed with some of them is the idea of playing a game in the years leading up to the Fall. More specifically, something between BF5 and BF0. Of course, the books are...
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    [Blood & Smoke] Vampiric Artifact

    Hey rpg.net, I need some help with something for my vampire game. So there's a fellow who was exiled from the Domain in my game. They declared if he wasn't gone from the city by the next night, there'd be a blood hunt called on him. A month later, he's gone to ground. Little do the PCs know...
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    [Blood & Smoke] City Construction

    Hey folks, So I cut my teeth on doing a fictional city setting for Blood & Smoke a few months ago. I've finished up the locations and I've populated it with a lot of different Kindred, and I feel pretty happy with what I've achieved overall, even if there's small bits that still irritate me...
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