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  1. Megazver

    Why have genre/media descriptors been removed from the site's reviews?

    This is more of a site question than a forum question, but still. The reviews on the main page used to describe what the review is of, like they still do in the generated comment threads: But not the reviews themselves now! I have to respectfully ask: why is this a thing? Who thought...
  2. Megazver

    Has anyone actually used Ultramodern 5e and/or Apex 5e for any extended period of time?

    For those who haven't, but are clicking this because they're curious about what they are, they're third-party products that extend the 5E system into modern day and superhero stuff, respectively. I am asking because they add a lot of new content, mechanically, as they obviously have to and I am...
  3. Megazver

    An Experiment: Guess the Anonymous Authors' Gender

    There is an interesting experiment happening right now on this blog which will test how people default assumptions and biases about writers of different gender line up with reality: http://teresafrohock.com/blog/2012/12/19/gender-bending-along-with-a-contest.html A bunch of mid-list genre...
  4. Megazver

    [Hillfolk: DramaSystem] Robin Laws' new RPG Kickstarter

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robindlaws/hillfolk-dramasystem-roleplaying-by-robin-d-laws So the Kickstarter is up and Robin is sending out the playtest version of the book to anyone who sends $10+. Discussion and quoting of excerpts is also allowed. So, what do you guys think of the...
  5. Megazver

    [Re-Recruitment] Dungeon World: Dwarfing It Up At The Indigo Galleon

    Hello there, generic thread reader and/or game aspirant! You look fetching today. Easily the fetchiest person in this thread. You're so great. How am I? Why, thank you for asking. I've been running a badass and hilarious game of Dungeon World for the past weeks and although we've just...
  6. Megazver

    OOC Megazver World: This Game is Very Megazver

    Sup. This is where we, like, hang out and stuff.
  7. Megazver

    IC Megazver World: This Game is Very Megazver

    On your way back from the city of Oot-L'aae, where you, our intrepid adventurers, have ingeniously solved the Case of the Phantom Guillotine and defeated the dreaded Violent Shaker, a once-in-a-decade tempest has forced you to take shelter in a hardscrabble village of Codcliffe on a remote coast...
  8. Megazver

    [Closed Recruitment] Dungeons: The Worlding

    I've decided to man up and give GMing another try, so I am going to run a Dungeon World one-shot. Maybe spin that into something longer, if it goes well. My previous attempts to GM haven't gone well, so I am trying to not aim too high. I will be running the fresh new Indigo Galleon modulette, so...
  9. Megazver

    Adventure Time RPG: The Hack! (This is unofficial and awesome)

    Oh gosh, you guys. Look at this: http://bloodghost.tumblr.com/post/28417331911/its-here-after-many-months-the-utterly-complete Oh gosh!
  10. Megazver

    [GM Wanted] The One Ring

    There's a few players interested in the Games You'd Like To Play thread and I bet there's more players around these parts that don't post in that thread. Anyone care to GM? I'd try myself, but as I've repeatedly found out, I am a terrible GM.
  11. Megazver

    Bunraku trailer.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYlX9W22RZI So. Soooo. I can't tell if this will be super shit or super awesome.
  12. Megazver

    No wordwrap in reply window/form in Chrome

    It's a weird issue but I have it on two different machines, a Win XP desktop and a Ubuntu laptop. When viewing the site in Google Chrome and typing in the post or reply window (like the one I am typing this in right now) there's no wordwrap. It just shoves in as many characters as it can into a...
  13. Megazver

    D&D: Heroes of Neverwinter - Facebook 4e

    http://playthisthing.com/dungeons-dragons-heroes-neverwinter http://www.geeknative.com/21070/dungeons-dragons-heroes-of-neverwinter-trailer/ http://www.gamebanshee.com/news/103333-dungeons-a-dragons-heroes-of-neverwinter-announced.html Huh. Looks... interesting. I wish we'd get a proper...
  14. Megazver

    Terry Pratchett starts process to take his own life

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/jun/12/pratchett-starts-process-to-end-his-life Well this is depressing. Hopefully he won't go through with it for a while yet.
  15. Megazver

    The cutoff for "Subscribed Threads with New Posts" is way too low now

    What the subject says, really. The subscribed thread functionality is somewhat important for people who play PbP, since it's otherwise hard to keep track of the updated game threads. Before the forum upgrade, the Subscribed Threads with New Posts panel worked just fine; you could be gone for a...
  16. Megazver

    OOC [Gamma World] Mu Town Mutant Mutiny

    This is where I lord over you and abuse my GM powers! Muahaha! Go to wiki and do that thing where you do that thing: http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Megazver%27s_Gamma_World_Game
  17. Megazver

    IC [Gamma World] Mu Town Mutant Mutiny

    Whooooeeee, it's a great day in Mu Town! The sun is nice and bright - and it's been green for three days now, so if you wore red today, boy do you look like an asshole. Hear that? That's Gnaw-grass right outside our town chirping at us to come out and enjoy the restorative qualities of its...
  18. Megazver

    [Looking for GM] The Dreadful Secrets of the Candlewick Manor

    What it says on the tin. There's at least four interested players in the Games We'd Like to Play thread, me included. Anyone interested in GMing?
  19. Megazver

    [Interest] A third Dresden Files game!

    That's right, you heard me. As far as I could tell, there were four people on the waiting list for the other game: Unknown Blitz Bruce Leenomorph Boppd and yours truly. So hell, why not wait in our own thread? Maybe some GM will bite!
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