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    💯 {Staff Pick} TSR Era Dungeon Magazine Modules Sorted by Level and Subject

    This began when I misread a thread and went looking for 2e nautical adventures instead of encounters. I skimmed through the pertinent Dungeon issues, compiled the ones that fit, then realized my mistake before posting. I had long entertained the idea of running a campaign made of...
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    Beren and Luthien to be published in May

    I just found out about this, and couldn't find any discussion of it here. B&L is my favorite part of the Silmarillion, but I'm trying not to get excited because I know it's the already published fragments stitched into book shape. Still, I'll read it when it's available.
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    A claim of Irish Inspiration for LOTR

    I stumbled on this claim while googling the Burren. One slight problem there - Tolkien visited Ireland several times between 1949 and 1959, and while he was writing The Lord of the Rings at that time, Gollum first appears in The Hobbit, published in 1937 and told to his children, then written...
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    🎨 Creative [D&D 4e] UnknownCorrespondent's PbP Characters

    I have a small stable of characters that I dust off and revise to fit the game. Here are three versions of my favorite character, who is mechanically a shadar-kai feylock, reskinned as a humanoid hound of Tindalos The first was for a low-combat game where the PCs operated a magic shop. This...
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    Monolith's Shadow of Mordor

    I was looking at one of my nephew's gamer mags and saw this. Now I realize this is spoon-fed information that amounts to an advertisement, but I find my interest piqued. And I don't even play computer games. It will be interesting to see if they can deliver on the system that tracks your...
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    [4E] Quick Question on Paladin Feats

    I'm looking at these two feats: At first glance, I assumed that this was a case of one feat being objectively better than another, rendering Healing Hands obsolete. However, I have seen people take both feats because they assumed that they would get both hp bonuses. Is that correct? I...
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    Pressman's Hobbit and LotR Board Games - Constructive Help, Please

    I bought The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Adventure Board Game and The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Trilogy Adventure Board Game on a whim. Then I discovered that Pressman's board games are not well regarded, and the Amazon reviews were all 1-star (with a few gusts up to 2 for the LotR)...
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    [1e] Question about the Giant series and Queen of the Spiders

    I'm thinking about running the original Giant modules in a PbP, but I only have the Queen of the Spiders compilation. I plan on scraping off most of the railroading and forshadowing they added at the beginning. My question is, did they change the modules themselves, or reprint them verbatim...
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    The Gods of the Drow (or is that Vault of Mars?)

    I've started reading Burroughs' Mars books. I'm also rereading some classic AD&D modules. I'm halfway through The Gods of Mars, and I noticed a slight resemblance between the black martians and the dark elves of the Drow series. At least in that they are both corrupt societies of handsome...
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    [Meta] Maps for the Technologically Challenged - What Do?

    I would like to run some 4e here, but I don't have any good map options. I have a seven year old laptop, limited WiFi access (4 hours or less 2-3 days/week), the slowest dial-up on the planet (low triple digit bps on a good day, 2 digit is not unheard of), no artistic ability and no graphics...
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    A Quick Question About Neil Gaiman's Stardust

    I'm working my way through my library's Gaiman collection, and I really enjoyed Stardust. How does the movie compare?
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    [DM Wanted - D&D 4e] The Last Breaths of Ashenport

    I would like a chance to play this module (the last time, on another site, was very shortlived due to DM's RL), so I'm looking for a DM and players who will put up with the character I will be bringing. The Module: A module for 8th level adventurers, available for free download here. I would...
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    Playing Middle Earth in 4e

    Inspired by this thread. I didn't want to crap in his thread, but I noticed that some of the suggestions for how to alter PF were to add 4e-ish mechanics like healing surges. Since the launch of 4e, I've noticed that some elements of LotR could fit fairly simply (the first one I noticed was...
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