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    Clement Sector: What are you doing with it?

    I was recently turned onto the intriguing Clement Sector, and was curious what all the SF gamers around here are doing with it. The setting is a bit more accessible to me than the accretion of third Imperium material available, plus a sector is appealing to me as a nice size to adventure in. I...
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    Traveller 5: Let's Create a Character

    I've been getting into Traveller 5 lately. This game has an unfortunate reputation of being a bit of a hot mess. I happen to think there's a great, if crunchy, system buried under the issues, so thought I would walk through character creation for some fun. To liven things up a bit I will be...
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    New Forum Accessibility for the Disabled

    I figured I'd start a new thread for this, since my post in the UI thread might get buried in unrelated concerns. I'm totally blind, and have been an RP Net fan for years. Unfortunately, the new forum is far less accessible to me than the old system was. I used to be able to navigate between...
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    Mission: Impossible, How would you do it?

    I just saw the latest Mission: Impossible, and was struck by how much it reminded me of an adventure module. Maybe I was just thinking a bit too much about narrative structure, but I could totally see playing a scenario with MI inspirations in, say, Fate or HeroQuest. How would you go about...
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     Tell me about your Hero Games

    I've been on a bit of a universal systems kick lately, and particularly curious about Hero. I find it a bit opaque, so was wondering if folks could talk about really cool/fun/interesting things you've done with it? I'm not really a fan of the superhero genre itself, or at least lack exposure...
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    Audio RPG - A Hero's Call - Released

    I don't have a lot to post in VGO, mostly because I'm totally blind, and can't play all that many mainstream video games, but these guys have just released the first audio RPG worthy of the term. The current version has no visuals, but apparently they're hoping for graphics in an upcoming...
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     Glorantha/The Colymar Campaign: Any Advice?

    I've been getting back into Glorantha of late, and am eager to try running HeroQuest again. The last time it was a bit of a slog, partially because I didn't really get the system. I hope to do better this time, and was thinking of running the Colymar Campaign. It is pretty linear, but I'm rusty...
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    ExAlted 3: Map of Creation?

    Hi All, As somebody who is totally blind, I don't really get a lot from maps in general, but I've read quite a bit about the sheer size of Creation. I'm curious to know what some canonical distances might be. A friend of mine was kind enough to transcribe the map from Exalted 1E, which he...
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    [Interest] Ars Magica, A Gentle introduction

    I've been reading my copy of Arm 5 recently, and thought I might see if there's any PBP interest in it. I don't feel I know enough to be a GM, but would love the chance to at least try out the system. I have a copy of Heirs to Merlin and the Lion and The Lily, but have only really read the...
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    Can anybody tell me about Wrath of the Autarch?

    I saw mention of this game in a list of various "kingdom management," modules for RPGs, but can't seem to find a lot about it from actual play. Is anyone able to tell me how it works in practice? Bonus points if anyone can comment on its suitability to be played solo, as I'm starved for a good...
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    Do GM-facing games exist?

    I've seen a lot of talk around here about player-facing mechanics, which seem to involve systems in which players roll all the dice. Does the polar opposite exist in any sense outside of theory? I guess you could technically run many games like this, if players still have a character sheet but...
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    💀 Necro Burning Wheel for Romantic Fantasy

    I posted this on the Burning Wheel subreddit, but figured I might get more/varied advice here as well. :) I have a friend who's expressed interest in a romantic fantasy game, a la Valdemar or the excellent Sharing Knife series. It's admittedly not a genre I've read much of, but I thought BW...
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    Sell me on Battletech in the Bundle of Holding

    I don't know a lot about the "giant robot," genre, but the Bundle of Holding has this collection. Would anybody care to give me an overview of what this RGP has to offer? My knowledge of the setting in general is limited to the idea that the miniatures game requires ridiculous levels of bookkeeping.
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    Book Recs: Similar to Blackout/All Clear

    I just read Connie Willis's doorstopper of a time travel duology, Blackout/All Clear. I found it overly long in places, but the evocation of the Blitz was very nice, and I was a fan of the ultimate optimism that pervaded the series. I know she has a couple other novels with some of the same...
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    Interest: Pendragon

    I've been reading KAP 5.1 lately, once again, and have found it just as inspiring as ever. Sadly, I don't think any of my regular group would be up for it. So I'm wondering if I might find anybody up for doing it via PBP? I'm more interested in playing than running, at least at first. I don't...
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    Dice Sides Question

    One of the problems with my Braille dice is that it's hard to tell which number is showing sometimes. There wasn't as much work done on indicating how they're meant to be read as I'd have liked. Braille numbers can sometimes look like one another if read from different angles. I think I read...
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    [HeroQuest 2+] Anybody still play?

    So I find myself thinking of HeroQuest 2 today, which seems to be mostly associated with Glorantha nowadays. While i Love Glorantha, I believe HQ2 has potential for lots of other settings, and I'm curious if anybody else still plays. It would be a shame if the Moon Design and Glorantha IP...
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    Traveller/SF RPG idea: The Grand TOur

    I was mulling over a space opera campaign premise in the shower tonight, and came up with this: Upon being retired or put on reserve status from the Imperial Navy, a captain must take the "long way home," stopping in at significant planets. It's generally understood that captains can decide to...
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    B/X: Available in audio

    So I discovered recently that the Moldvay edition of Basic D&D is available in audio format. It's DB19628 on Bard, a service which offers books to the blind and visually impaired. This is interesting mostly because the Recording dates from the 80s, though it has been updated with digital...
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    Dragon Warriors in the Bundle of Holding

    So the current Bundle of Holding is featuring Dragon Warriors, an RPG I know nothing about. WOuld anybody care to enlighten me? I'm not even certain I've heard the name before. Consider this a "sell me," thread.
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