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  1. Occam's Spork

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    So I have watched a few of this fellow's comments on weapons and history up to WW2. Some of it that I happen to have knowledge of is pretty good. If he drifts off on topics outside of that, he falls into the trap of all bright people who think they are bright about more than they actually are. I...
  2. Occam's Spork

    [Poll] What Age Group Do You Belong To?

    This is a poll to see the general age distribution of folks that frequent here. It's fairly granular, broken into 5-year brackets. If you want to comment, a good one to add would be at what age you started in this hobby. I started when I was 12ish.
  3. Occam's Spork

    Query: Is it ok to post an age survey on Table Top Open?

    I would like to post an age poll in Table Top Open. Normally that kind of thing would go in Tangency, but I would like to get a feel for the larger population on this forum who tend to frequent that main topic area. I wanted to ask for opinions/directive before doing so, since it is not...
  4. Occam's Spork

    Sell me on versions of Gamma World

    I played the original back in the day (c1981). It was actually the very first game I played. I'm interested in grabbing a source book for my collection, but I know there are substantial changes from one version to another, even in the feel for the game. Which versions are the best, and what do...
  5. Occam's Spork

    Purchaseing Fonts for Artwork

    I've considered purchasing a font, or two for a map that may be published. The price points I have found tend to be Desktop < Web < digital Add < E-book < Mobile app . But I am looking at using it for a map, so what would be the correct license? This applies to the free ones as well, since the...
  6. Occam's Spork

    [Belated Realization] Last Jedi proves the Death Star type weapons are not needed

    This doesn't reduce my enjoyment of the movies, cuz, you know, it's Star Wars and it doesn't need to make any sense. But I realized that Holdo's sacrifice kinda shows that all you need to destroy a planet is a Light Speed drive on a ship maybe the size of a Star Destroyer to crash it into a...
  7. Occam's Spork

    [Movie Actor/Character Mash-up] Crime Heist Flick

    Mantisking and I were grabbing dinner after seeing Pacific Rim 2 (which was fun) and for typical nerd discussion reasons, we thought up a a really fun idea for some interesting actors getting cast for a great movie. We came up with this line up; Karl Urban Niel Patrick Harris Christopher...
  8. Occam's Spork

    GURPS Fantasy BosTan (One Shot, possibly more)

    Play Location/Method: Boston MA (Watertown,actually) Game/System: example: GURPS 4e (modified) Player or GM? example: I am running the game Time/Frequency: example: A one or two shot to start. If interest is there, then we would do a monthly meet up at my place. Genre: example: Home Brew Fantasy...
  9. Occam's Spork

    [Recommendations] Table Top Aid for LCD screen on Table for Battle Maps

    So I have a project. I have a decent LCD Monitor, that I am going to build a box for that will fit into the middle section of my sectional table. The idea is to use it for both displaying maps, but also ideally for running encounters, where I can have counters to move around on a battle map. I...
  10. Occam's Spork

    [Recommendations] Cool D6 Dice

    I'm in the market for some dice, specifically I need a set of d6, that are very interesting and cool, adding flavor for a Fantasy campaign. I've slogged through with google and amazon, but it seems like all the coolest dice out there are only sold in sets of polyhedron. Anyone have ideas of...
  11. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative [GURPS Fantasy Race] The Murrow

    I could use some help with the template for this race. I'm not sure if I have found the best way to explain their traits within GURPS. I've included the write-up and then the GURPS stats. And yes, normally I shy away from "racial" languages and cultures, but they are kind of a special case...
  12. Occam's Spork

    Iconic RPG scenes in film/TV

    I'm rewatching the 2014 Godzilla movie, and I feel like the whole HALO jump scene into the city was one of the most DELTA Green scenes I can think of. The cinematography really sold this idea of the soldiers entering a realm where Humans Don't Matter. I figured it would be fun to have folks...
  13. Occam's Spork

    [Meta] It's really distracting seeing (not) your city used for a show

    Yeah, so Arrow uses Boston with a red filter on the lights to represent Star City. Every time I see the city scape, I habitually pause the show, to check out what view they are using. It's not a compliant, I kind of dig it on a weird way. But anyone else here have a similar experience? I...
  14. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative It My Birthday! Give Me Things in a Haunted/Cursed Fantasy Ruined City

    One part of my fantasy campaign includes a cursed fantasy city that has been abandoned after being sacked during a recent war. I always like getting new ideas for anything to add to it; Be it ambiances, weird events, encounters, or hazards. I'm 46, so let's shoot for that number!
  15. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative [GURPS 4e Gun Fu) John Wick

    As per request Name: John Wick Stats [269] Ads [187] Disads [-95] Quirks [-1] Skills [218] = Total [593] 6'1" 165lbs A very well dressed tall and lanky man with pale skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a thin, but well groomed beard that makes his face look like a death's head...
  16. Occam's Spork

    GMs How do you organize your Home Brew Campaign Settings?

    Hey folks, Like many GM's out there, I have been running largely home made settings, the most extensive one being a fantasy world, that has been evolving and developing for at least a couple of decades. I've played with the various ideas of "publishing" mainly on the internet as a reference...
  17. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative [For grins and giggles][GURPS 4e] Oliver Queen a.k.a The Green Arrow

    I decided to try and make up Season 5 Green Arrow as best I could in GURPS 4e. Man, the points seem to rack up fast. I'm just posting him here to see what people think. What I may have missed, or gotten wrong. I used Gurps Character Assistant, and exported to text format. Name: Oliver Queen...
  18. Occam's Spork

    [Netflix Movie] Spectral

    I was trying to find the thread were the trailer and other info was discussed on this movie but could not, so I started another thread. There was much assumption that the movie was dropped by the distributor for cinematic release after it was made, and sold to Netflix, because it sucked. Well...
  19. Occam's Spork

    Best Examples of broadly Pulp style fiction done in film and TV?

    So I'm going to to be running a 1940's Pulp Heroes rpg for some friends, one or two of whom don't have much experience in the genre. I'm trying to dig up a watch list of shows or film that do a good job of showing the over the top, two-fisted, trope ridden genre so they can get a feel for the...
  20. Occam's Spork

    [Explain to an Old Out of Touch White Guy] Kanye West

    I know as much about current hip hop as I do Hungarian folk music. Yet I see this guy referenced all the time, usually because he says something amazingly arrogant, stupid, vapid or all three. So, what is up with him? Is he just a hip hop version of Donald Trump; really good at keeping...
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