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  1. Eryops

    What's a good script for asking a player to leave my game?

    That's a lot of extra work. I knew a GM who would go to that effort with his games, and anything that lasted to long-term imploded spectacularly with almost coming to blows. There were a lot of things at play with that person, so I'm not trying to imply anything, but when you're going in at that...
  2. Eryops

    Lots of stuff for sale- RPGs, boardgames, video games, DVD/BluRay, graphic novels, toys, etc.

    Can you expand a bit on your versions of White Star? Even trying to find info online is pretty confusing, but it looks like there are a few out there.
  3. Eryops

    For Sale A shoebox full of Magic: the Gathering (in Finland, will ship overseas)

    I really don't want to threadcrap, but if you're not in tune with current Magic card buying and selling, nobody is going to bite on this unless you understand the following: - You have very clear and accurate card grading on your more expensive stuff - You are willing to call every card under...
  4. Eryops

    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    Spires of Altdorf for WFRP 2e. What a horrible attempt at FedEx quests for PCs. It was so bad. The only redeeming quality of it was that for whatever reason, that trilogy of adventures held a bit of value, so I was able to resell at no loss.
  5. Eryops

    For Sale L5R 5th ed & Scum and Villainy

    Amazon has S&V for $25.89. If the offer above doesn't pan out, I'll offer $22 shipped to zip 98125 (payment via PayPal goods&services).
  6. Eryops

    Getting back into painting minis, after a fifteen year hiatus, and dealing with vision issues.

    Here's a LINK from the Reaper forum that has all the key words you're looking for. I still have a small bottle I mixed up that had some concentration of water, some Future Finish (I think that's the brand) floor wax, and a drop of dish soap. There may have been other ingredients, but it's been...
  7. Eryops

    Getting back into painting minis, after a fifteen year hiatus, and dealing with vision issues.

    I would suggest getting something like this. It's LED technology, which means that the bulbs should last a lifetime, and it's semi-portable (clamps to a table or desk) and may be just the solution you're looking for. A little pricier, but hopefully not out of your ballpark.
  8. Eryops

    LOTFP creators post pictures of themselves with controversial figure Jordan Petersen on Facebook twitter

    While I have a whole lot of other reasons I don't like LotFP, I suppose this is another drop in the bucket. The thing that really struck me, though, is how I had this image of Jim (or James?) being way more metal looking...
  9. Eryops

    Trade/Sell RPGs, Miniature Games, Conan TPBs

    That's a killer price for the Conan lot, and if I didn't already have about eight feet of books piled around the house already because of bursting shelves, I'd be all over that. I will take a hard look at what I can bring to the Half Price Books and see if this is still around.
  10. Eryops

    Unity-RPG: Anyone played or read it?

    I clicked on a targeted ad on Facebook yesterday regarding Unity RPG. After downloading the preview, I was intrigued enough to come here, but didn't see any recent threads about it. My first impressions: - combat looks like it's inspired by 4e. This isn't a selling point for me, but I could...
  11. Eryops

    Anyone else excited by WFRP 4th Edition?

    If I'm looking to preorder to get the .pdf that will be released "this month," does Cubicle 7 have a US distribution center? I didn't look too closely at the website, and have never ordered from them before. Will my book come all banged up from having to come from overseas? I expect not, but...
  12. Eryops

    For Sale Various RPGs

    PM Sent!
  13. Eryops

    At what point did you decide that you never want to play D&D ever again?

    When I was about six or so, I swore off D&D after a really terrible first-level-solo- experience. Fast forward 20 years, and I realized how much better a game it was if you didn't have a ten year old DM.
  14. Eryops

    [5e] Challenging level 16+ characters

    A new (to me) blog! Thanks! I'll try and see if I can incorporate more than one of these. My plan for this final arc is to have several avatars of Tiamat try and thwart the party, each stronger than the last. Adding these sorts of things as they progress will hopefully feel organic.
  15. Eryops

    [5e] Challenging level 16+ characters

    Maybe I haven't been breaking enough. I do have players who act with incredulity when I do a bit of fiction (a cut-scene, if you will) and their actions and rolls don't have an effect. So I try to do it sparingly, but there are definitely areas behind the screen that I can change. Thanks for the...
  16. Eryops

    [5e] Challenging level 16+ characters

    tbh, my extent is generally at the end of combat saying, "Oh for fucks sake, I forgot to do X!!1!" I'm getting better, but man, I have missed some golden opportunities to make more memorable combats in this campaign... :(
  17. Eryops

    Anyone have any experience with Goodman Games store?

    I had an experience once when they were clearing out some old 3e era books: My order wasn't able to be fulfilled and instead of applying a refund to my initial PayPal payment, they sent me money via PayPal as a refund (i.e. PayPal got a cut both ways, and I didn't get my full refund). All I...
  18. Eryops

    [5e] Challenging level 16+ characters

    So my players are at level 15-16. I'm going to be starting up the last arc of our campaign, and they've really expressed an interest in reaching level 20 before we're finished. I'm fairly certain that we'll get there, but... OMG COMBAT HAS BECOME SUCH A BEAST! It's really getting hard to create...
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