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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    I started playing AD&D around 1982 and I stopped around 1989. I haven't played or DMed it since then although I've played many other systems over the decades. But, I recently reacquired the 3 core books and I'll soon run some games. I started this thread in the hopes that someone can answer any...
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    The Gods of Pegana

    Thought this book might be interesting for an RPG application. Has anyone used the lore and implied setting of the book in a game? What system do you think would have the right feel for using this material? For myself, I think I'd use Five-Point Fudge. What kind of tech level/cultural milieu...
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    [Atlanta, Georgia,USA] D&D Rules Cyclopedia

    I purchased the recent reprint of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. This is the 1991 compendium of Basic Dungeons & Dragons. I also have the Creature Catalog. I'd like to start a new campaign and I'm looking for players. There will only be one session per month. It will always be on a Sunday...
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    Mystara questions

    I recently purchased the reprint of the Rules Cyclopedia. It has a little info in the back about the Known World/Mystara. There seems to be a pseudo-Mongolia and a pseudo-Byzantine Empire as well as other lands. Do any of the old supplements have a China or Tibet analog?
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    Old Spice cologne and D&D

    You may seen this already, but it seems the Old Spice brand is marketing to gamers with their usual humor. http://nerdi.st/2BMQoEi
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    AndoCon [Atlanta area]

    This con in the Atlanta area is strictly focused on gaming (Board games, RPGs, card games and dice games). There will be a track of discussion panels about games and gaming. www.andocon.org
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    [setting development] Marvel Comics / Weirdworld

    Marvel comics had some fantasy stories set in a place called Weirdworld that first appeared back in the 1970's. There were several stories published in various titles into the 80's. I think it was a few years ago that they collected all the stories into a trade paper back. I recently bought and...
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    [Nashville, Tenn.] game stores in the area

    I'll be visiting the area soon for the eclipse. Please tell me about the game stores in the Nashville region. I'd like to get general info but, in particular, I'm looking for stores that have a box of old RPG books at a discount.
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    Tales from the Floating Vagabond

    Did any of you ever play or run this game? What was the system like? Did you enjoy it? Tell us about what happened in the sessions.
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    RPG scene in Mexico?

    I've certainly heard about Europe, Japan and Brazil but what kind of RPG stuff is happening in Mexico? How many people play? What are the most popular games? Are there game stores where folks play? Anyone have any knowledge of such?
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    [necro]New York City game stores

    I'll be visiting in October. Please give me your recommendations and assessments of the best game stores in the area. I'll probably be staying in Queens but will go into Manhattan quite a bit.
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    [Knoxville, Tennessee] Any good game stores?

    I'll be visiting in a couple of weeks. Tell me about the game store environment in the metro area. Also, how old is each store?
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    [Atlanta area] WFRP/LotFP

    I'm running a campaign using Weird Fantasy Role Playing/Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I could use a few more players. If interested, post a message in this thread.
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    The Secret of Zir'an

    I've seen this book in stores for years now. What is the secret referred to in the title? Also, how would you describe the genre/background?
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    James Raggi and Zak S.

    I've seen reference in some threads that they both were banned from this forum at some point in the past. Why were they banned?
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    Against the Slave Lords

    This was a hardbound book published in 2013. It collected the "Slave Lord" modules from the early 1980's and added a prequel. The text on the back info sheet indicated that it was "playable with D&D Next" so I was expecting it to have a new appendix with D&D5 stats. But, it does not seem to have...
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    Dallas: The Television Role Playing Game

    Me and the wife were in a thrift store recently and what do I see? Yeah, the Dallas RPG! For 3 bucks I had to pick it up just for the weird factor. Three quarters of the box cover is taken up by a photo of JR in his business suit, ten gallon hat and a big ol' shit eating grin. I had seen it in...
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    [game stores] Cleveland, Ohio

    Soon I'll be visiting Cleveland. What game stores in the Cleveland metro area can you recommend? In particular, I'm looking for stores that have boxes of RPG items that were discounted because they sat in the store too long.
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    [GURPS 3rd Ed] GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

    Did any of you run a campaign with this setting? What was the plot? How did it turn out? Did the players like it? Or, if you were a player in such a game, give me your take on it.
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    The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan

    Has anyone run CoC using this particular setting? What were the PCs? What was the story? Did it work out the way you wanted and did the players like it?
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