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    Flashing horrible banner

    There's some stupid banner about the "SCARIEST THING EVER! DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!" that changes colors and displays a big "scary" skull in a flickering way that makes my brain hurt. Non-gaming content in banner ads I have no problem with, but this isn't a content issue - it's about...
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    Tonight, I seek to beat the final Colossus!

    Loved the game, and then <i>wham</I> there's this frustrating, stupid final boss. Sigh. But the girlfriend's not around tonight, and none of my friends are either - so it's just me, my sword, and a giant dude that shoots lasers from his hands.
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    Eberron/Midnight for non-D20

    Just like the title says. Both of the settings interest me, but I really dislike D20, so if I ever ran either, I'd definitely use something else. How much of the books, then, ends up being 'wasted' (on me) D&D crunch, vs setting info?
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    [Exalted] So, new Scavenger Lands book...

    How is it? More specifically, how useful is it to someone who already has pretty much the whole 1E line?
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    So I just got Unknown Armies

    Initial reaction: Quite good. The Cosmic level stuff gives me a very Nobilis-esque vibe, especially on the matter of how indirect combat, mucking around with the symbology that powers your enemy, is more likely to work out than hitting them with even a very big stick. One thing I'm unsure...
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    Just beat The Two Thrones

    Some of the later parts of the game annoyed me a little too much (that damn axeman/swordman boss fight, for one), but the ending was great, and tied the trilogy together very elegantly, I thought.
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    Minor error in rules (NOT DISCUSSION)

    Unless I'm hallucinating, "RPG.net Forums" doesn't exist - it was renamed back to TT. (Right?) See? See? Not discussion! Please don't monthban me!
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    STTOMKO: Gnostic-ish stuff

    I just watched the Truman Show, and I loved Pullman's His Dark Materials and Dark City, and so it occurs to me that I'm a sucker for heavily gnostic stories that cast "god" as a deceiver and and antagonist. What else should I be reading/watching?
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    They're making a movie of The Producers.

    A movie. Based on a Broadway show. Which was based on a movie. The logical next step is to adapt this new movie into a play.
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    GMing for the first time in years in about fifteen minutes...

    I ran a one-shot about two and a half years ago, and a couple of campaigns a year before that. I've <i>played</i> in a couple of campaigns, including a year-and-a-half long Exalted campaign that ended earlier this week, but no GMing in years. And tonight I'm running an Exalted one-shot (or...
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    ISTTOMKO Rock instrumentals

    So I'm listening to "The Cliffs of Dover"... and it's absofuckinglutely amazing. What should I look into to get a similar feeling? Is all of Eric Johnson's stuff like this? I'm specifically looking for stuff without lyrics right now.
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    ISTOMKO: Movies with *lots* of CGI

    Specifically, I'm looking for something to rescue my introductory film class and instructor from Sky Captain next week. She agrees with me that it's not a very good movie as movies go, but it's the only thing to use CGI that extensively without actually being animated, which is what the topic...
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    NEW HGTG trailer! #3!

    And this time, it actually looks like a goddamn HGTG movie, not generic hollywood flick. http://images.apple.com/movies/disney/hitchhikers_guide/hitchhikers_guide-tlr3_m480.mov Awesome.
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    The best first lines of books

    List 'em here, folks - the opening lines so good you couldn't help but read the book after reading that one sentence. "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." (Stephen King's The Gunslinger)
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    "Back off or Time gets it!"

    So last week my Circle stole the Calendar of Setesh. I mean, the Lunars said they wanted us to bring them "the heart of that which does not live and cannot die," and we figured hey, a former member of the group who had to move back to New Jersey always wanted to make off with the Calendar...
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    The man in black fled across the desert...

    <i>and the gunslinger followed</i>. At the end, after everything, King did well, I think. That was as fine and right an end as Roland could ever have.
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    A Red Star campaign setting?!

    Why the heck doesn't the official RS site have anything about this? Is it good?
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    Trois Couleurs: Bleu

    I watched it a couple of nights ago with my gf, and we both liked it... up until the end, which wasn't even just a wierd ending, but did not in fact seem to have any content to it. Did I miss something? Also, are White and Red similar?
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    [Exalted] A Yozi and some demons

    Shtoros is the Dreaming Mist that wanders in the streets of Malfeas, dews on the grass on the Tarkol Plain, hides the whispering roots of the forest Szoreny. The Yozis may visit the dreams of the living, but Shtoros is the dreams of the demons - and who knows what might dwell in them? Certainly...
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    Retro Girl died for your sins

    After today's shiny new Powers, I want that on a T-shirt.
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