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    [40K] Like the Sisters of Battle...only boys. But not Space Marines!!

    I second (or third, or fourth, or nth) the idea of a eunuch army (or maybe chem-gelded, or otherwise modified). It is very fitting with barbarity of the 40k setting. I also like the clone army idea. I certainly can see one or more interpretations of the dogma of the Imperium classing clones as...
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    [40K] Like the Sisters of Battle...only boys. But not Space Marines!!

    I'm pretty sure that the Orders Famulous (one of the non-militant branches of the Soritas) are supposed to be the Bene Gesserit. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Orders_Famulous ... especially as, by arranging marriages, they ensure the "genetic purity" of humanity, which is exactly what...
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    🎨 Creative [surely it's someone's birthday] 101 highly-localized magical places

    21) A Maurice column, an ornamental column on a street corner plastered with adverts. The adverts change day by day, mostly layered over the previous ones to create a rather tattered collage. Careful inspection shows the adverts are rather strange. Some advertise products that don't exist. A...
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    🎨 Creative [surely it's someone's birthday] 101 highly-localized magical places

    Or it's a TARDIS. 13) A standing stone. Over the centuries, many who visit it have been struck down and cursed, healthy men suddenly wasting away in a few days. This is because it's highly radioactive.
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    🎨 Creative [surely it's someone's birthday] 101 highly-localized magical places

    9) A stone pulpit in a church that greatly increases the persuasiveness of anyone standing in it. It's currently in a church run by a very moderate CoE pastor, so no one has really noticed (although the jumble sale is always incredibly well stocked). But he's getting on in years and his health...
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    🎨 Creative [surely it's someone's birthday] 101 highly-localized magical places

    7) The Occulus, a circular window about 18 inches across in an otherwise unremarkable house. At certain times I will show other places, other times, and those who have looked into it tend not to live long afterward...
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    How do you stat yourself without destroying friendships?

    It's not a great idea. Apart from the issue of being personally insulted by your stats, RPGs target a particular demographic, and people tend to be friends with those with similar interests, and so your stats and skills are quite likely to be too similar to make an interesting party. Tried it...
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    101 Paranoia Mission Seeds

    2) There are rumours of an X-ray clearance, above Ultraviolet.
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    Convinicing my players that the Unnatural is sanity-blowing

    Point out that supposedly sane people in the modern day were convinced that a magic plastic doll called Momo was going to eat their kids a short while ago. People are a heck of a lot easier to frighten than they think they are.
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    Need a name for a city of dinosaurs

    Rockstone. Both a reference to fossils and to the character Roxton from The Lost World.
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    🎨 Creative Making RPGs more accessible for those with disabilities

    One thing that individual players could do is be mindful of the volume of their voice while gaming, and of talking over other players, which is not great for those with hearing issues, or social anxiety. I second making the books reflowable - for one thing, this makes them searchable which is...
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    (Star Trek Adventures) Advice for games with NPC Captains

    We are currently doing this in our Star Trek rpg - the captain doesn't need to do much more than say "Engage" and "Make it so". In general, we are running on orders from Starfleet command anyway, so the captain is just the mouthpiece for them.
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    What effects would large scale powered flight have on medieval Strategy and tactics?

    I would recommend the Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novak for ideas, which is set in an alternate Napoleonic wars in which dragons are commonplace, and used by both sides as an air force.
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    Cyberpunk, shadowrun... How do you deal with current tech being better than future-tech?

    I think it's pretty setting-appropriate to have corporations sitting on a huge pile of patented-but-not-applied technology because applying it would hurt some other aspect of their business, and hiding it behind walls of legalese, conflicting standardisation and conspiracy.
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    🎨 Creative A realistic science fiction future without guns

    Yes. 146 countries have signed the Ottawa treaty against land mines. 105 have banned cluster bombs. The medieval ban on crossbows did reduce their use.
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    🎨 Creative A realistic science fiction future without guns

    I think social is definitely the way to go. Whether religious, taboo, or some other reason to have widespread removal of firearms. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic church threatened to excommunicate anyone who used a crossbow. In the modern day we similarly object to WMDs, and also such things...
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    Locations on a robber barons ranch

    I'd say stuff you'd find on a normal farm/ranch but add things that an evil guy would want, such as a safe place to store loot and trophies (a basement or nearby cave perhaps?), a place to keep and/or torture prisoners, and an armoury. I'm thinking particularly of the features of the Penguin's...
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    🎨 Creative What to have in a realistic castle?

    There is the amazing Stephen Biesty's Cross Sections Castle, which is an amazing book showing incredibly detailed cutaway illustrations of a medieval castle - kind of realistic Where's Wally? It will also likely be in the kid's section of libraries.
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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    Got rid of Disturbance for damaging inanimate objects in In Nomine. I've kept it for use of supernatural powers and harming living things.
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    [Harry Potter/The Wizarding World] Give me your Wizarding Schools

    The Black School aka The Scholomance Some say this was the original wizarding school. Its location is lost (actually, it is known, but requires top secret clearance from various Ministries of Magic in the world to learn). It was - supposedly - located underground, not in dank caverns but in...
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