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  1. Occam's Spork

    The Inverse "But Dragons" Fallacy?

    Wow. I guess he wouldn't be scared of a woman holding a 3 inch knife then... or a stick with a three inch pointy knife on the end. Since he is obviously strong enough to casually swat it away, and he can just flex his muscles to make them impenetrable to such measly weapons. Everyone knows the...
  2. Occam's Spork

    [Joker] The first trailer has just dropped

    Need I remind folks here that we are on a roleplaying forum, a hobby started by D&D, and also has table top gaming centered on war games. If we are going to start demanding that creative works are not put out that can spread toxic ideas to idiots than what we are left with is... no roleplaying...
  3. Occam's Spork

    Help me ID this modern-ish sci-fi novel with a colony on Jupiter and bad science

    Skepticism only works if you are equally skeptical of your own infallible intellect. What helped me was working in a field where I am constantly confronted with feeling like I am the stupidest person in the room. :)
  4. Occam's Spork

    [Joker] The first trailer has just dropped

    Clearly we can't get rid of guns in this country, so our only alternative is to sanitize media that will give "problematic" messages to the .001% of the population who have easy access to weapons of war. [This message is approved by the NRA] The Joker as representation of mental illness, is...
  5. Occam's Spork

    Good portraylals of AI, similar to Person of Interest

    TBF, 99.9999% of people in Person of Interest also saw no evidence of AI existing. There is the series Travelers. The protagonists are being directed by an AI from the future called.... The Director. Not sure if that qualifies, but it is a good show.
  6. Occam's Spork

    🎨 Creative A realistic science fiction future without guns

    I like the idea of guns simply becoming obsolete for military applications, so gun manufacturers don't make them anymore. Once you have the military industrial complex giving up on guns, and enough social legal changes so that guns disappear from civilian society, it becomes really hard to get...
  7. Occam's Spork

    Games where GM Has a Complication Currency

    I'm curious on how this is generally done to balance things? I'm unfamiliar with all the above games. How is the currency pot established in the first place? I could imagine it would be relative to the number of PC's and their power level?
  8. Occam's Spork

    Preacher - Season 4

    Considering how incompetent the dudes in white are, I'm amazed they have achieved world domination... Must be divine will.
  9. Occam's Spork

    Cities of Harn Kickstarter

    I'm backing it because I am always interested in seeing how other authors handle urban supplements.
  10. Occam's Spork

    The best epigraphs

    “All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.” ― Richard Adams...
  11. Occam's Spork

    What as-yet-unannounced Marvel Movie/TV project would you create an excitement thread for?

    Kamandi, the last boy on Earth! I would love to see that. Major impact on my 1970s childhood. Such a crazy weird cool setting. It would be cool, in a Thor Ragnarock, way. They should get Muse to do the sound track. That's all.
  12. Occam's Spork

    I finally get to play an intelligent skeleton!

    Watch The Last Unicorn, animated movie. You won't be disappointed.
  13. Occam's Spork

    I finally get to play an intelligent skeleton!

    Did your DM give you a chance to taunt a unicorn and her wizard friend until they trick you by giving you imaginary wine?
  14. Occam's Spork

    Cats Movie first trailer

    I must have an unusually high tolerance for the uncanny valley, because from reactions here and else-ware on the internet... I just don't see what the big deal is. Not my thing, but neither was the original. I certainly am not getting the whole "nightmare fuel" comments.
  15. Occam's Spork

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    I guess it would be useful for something to hang your helmet on while chatting with someone...
  16. Occam's Spork

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    From all I have seen, a shield was pretty much always carried by soldiers into combat until plate-mail reach its apex and the armor did the same job as a shield would. The shield and helmet were the two primary forms of protection you always had first. Then if you could afford armor, you would...
  17. Occam's Spork

    Software and techniques for keeping Game Master notes?

    I use Evernote on my laptop for game notes, which I update as we play. I use my tablet for pdfs of the rule books. I also have a wiki for background information (I am currently the process of rebuilding it)
  18. Occam's Spork

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    I guess you could stick it on a dead pig, and look for broken bones/tissue damage when compared to a non armored pig. Then you eat both pigs.
  19. Occam's Spork

    Agents of SHIELD - Collision Course (2) (spoilers)

    A thought just occurred to me, that both izel and Coulson might be shrykes, using the bodies as hosts.
  20. Occam's Spork

    Opinions on Lindybeige history Youtube channel?

    So, I've come to conclusion that I'm not entirely comfortable trusting Lindybeige information. Though I'm not going to go all the way to lump him in with other Alt-Right types, I still have seen enough now to have problems with his ability to follow a narrative that he likes, opposed to what is...
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