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  1. Paka

    Margaret Killjoy's Danielle Cain novellas (The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion and The Barrow Will Send What It May)

    The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion and The Barrow Will Send What It May are novellas set in the same world, following a punk anarchist in a world where magic occurs through the summoning of otherworldly powers, brought into our world with dire consequences. I'm enjoying novellas lately. Something...
  2. Paka

    D&D campaign pitches

    Title The Pitch: Short and sweet explanation. Is there a starting situation or method for creating that start-point based on the players' choices? Discuss that here. System: Edition? Retro-clone? What's yer poison? House-rules: Will shields be splintered? Dragonborn only? 2d10 instead of d20...
  3. Paka

    Storn banned? [Was a suspected account compromise; fixed now]

    I was wondering why Storn was banned. There is nothing listed in the infraction forum and I communicated with him and he told me that he e-mailed the forum admins but got no response. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I wasn't sure what had occurred between today and his last post on...
  4. Paka

    X the Mystic's Rules of Dungeon Survival

    In the Monster Manual, there are several of X The Mystic’s Rules of Dungeon Survival. It is known that adventurers often find rules on scrolls, inscribed into spellbooks or scrawled on dungeon walls. Please post any you have found below. X The Mystic’s 1st Rule of Dungeon Survival: Trust a...
  5. Paka

    [Houses of the Blooded] The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith

    "The Bloodsmith's art is without peer in Shanri. The smith takes Orichalcum, blood, sweat and creates Doom itself, like none other but the Sorcerer Kings of old." - The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith We were done with the character and looking over how Pete could spend...
  6. Paka

    What are the best house rules you have ever played with?

    Maybe you made them up, or the GM/DM/whatever made them up or the table came up with it. Could we name some house rules that you have played with and say how they made the table a better/more fun place?
  7. Paka

    Re-sizing in Ugly Little Maps thread

    http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=13063935#post13063935 I am trying to suss out how to re-size this. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Paka

    Ugly Little Maps

    No, not your beautiful photoshop creations. There are other threads for those. This is for sharing ugly little scrawled maps from your gaming notebook. With archipelagos that look like a bunch of walnuts in red ink on lined notebook paper. I'm working on re-sizing this. Sorry. It...
  9. Paka

    [Diaspora] Clusternomicon

    The data known as the Clusternomicon is a myth, like Earth, like the Lost Generation Ships and aliens and so many other bits of folk lore that come out of the void. Here we will gather what we can, using Chapter 2. Clusters, page 13-30 of Diaspora and share what we know of the universe...
  10. Paka

    Underwater Fantasy Novels

    I'm eying the Thread from the Sea Omnibus but the description isn't moving me. Are there any other undersea fantasy novels? I can't particularly think of any and re-reading the Scar has me yearning for a book about cities built around geo-thermal vents and ancient, newly sunk Atlanteans trying...
  11. Paka

    Sorcerer 2289: Technological Demons in the Science Fiction Solar System

    It feels like I haven't posted any mad ideas to RPG.net in a long time. That bums me out as it used to be something I tried to do regularly. Reading list for this setting: The Takeshi Kovacs books by Richard K Morgan, 2001: a space odyssey by Arthur C. Clark, Accelerando by Charles Stross...
  12. Paka

    Make Your Own New Crobuzon

    So, to make your own New Crobuzon: 1) Take your three favorite human-ish monsters out of the Monster Manual and they are minority citizens in the city. Detail how they get along, how being in the city has culturally changed them and what niches they fill in the city. How do the powers that rule...
  13. Paka

    What's on my D&D map and what's on yours?

    My buddies and I are gettting set to play D&D, with chargen this coming Monday. I jotted down a bunch of places on an ugly map. I love doing that, making up fake places that gain context through their placement on a piece of 8 and a half by 11. Unnamed Town: the dot on the map where the...
  14. Paka

    D&D 4e with less than 5 Players

    Does anyone have any thoughts on running D&D 4e with less than a full party? I am looking into DMing a game that will likely have between 2-3 players. Should I: Just play it with less players and scale the combats down accordingly. Add in some NPC/PC pawns who the players control but who...
  15. Paka

    D&D 4E Holidays

    In which we make up holidays for the D&D pantheon. Here's a thread with all of 'em. Bahamutmas: The date of Bahamut's birth, or perhaps the day of the birth of his first children with Tiamat. The chronicles are unclear and the dragons aren't clarifying. It is said that Bahamut has a child...
  16. Paka

    Spirit of the Century - Change the Century

    Okay, characters don't get better over time. That is fine with me. We did some suggestions in the book for character advancement and they felt flat to me when we played. I suggest we ditch 'em. You don't change your character, you change the world. After every game (or after each arc, if...
  17. Paka

    The Third Planar War

    Vecna's first overtures to the Liche-Queen of the Githyanki were so tentative one could almost think they were sweet. They weren't. He wasn't being tentative, only cunning in joining together the houses of Githyanki with the liche-god's own undead legions. The Raven Queen and Orcus sent spies...
  18. Paka

    D&D Conflicts baked into the setting.

    For now, just a list, as the thread grows and mutates, maybe ideas on how to use them in-game. Tiamat vs. Bahamut Githyanki vs. Githzarai Orcus vs. the Raven Queen (man, I adore her) Demons vs. Devils Elves vs. Drow Others? Thoughts?
  19. Paka

    Comic books where the heroes try to change the status quo.

    Comics where the heroes really kick the world in the junk. Squadron Supreme by Mark Gruenwald Ellis' Stormwatch The Authority Watchmen Powers Kingdom Come The older the better. I haven't read Alan Moore's The One: The Last Word In Superheroics but that sounds like it'd fit the bill too...
  20. Paka

    [4e] Daggers & Deviltry

    All art is by Storn A. Cook First thing's first, I'm a player character. I'm not a character in a fantasy book and though me and those other fictions have some in common, there's tons that is just plain different. As of now, there's more of me that exists off the table than on the table...
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