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  1. timbannock

    Domille’s Wondrous Character Sheet Out Now on DMsGuild!

    Fans and fellow creators: Domille’s Wondrous Character Sheet has just launched on Dungeon Masters Guild! This simple and effective character sheet is optimized for one-page, everything-at-a-glance use, and best of all, it comes with a limited license for DMsGuild and other 5th Edition content...
  2. timbannock

    Populated Hexes Patreon

    Woohoo! Great to see it live! This has been a pleasure to work on.
  3. timbannock

    DriveThruRPG The Darkness Beneath Dalentown Revised out now at DriveThruRPG

    Originally released for Swords & Wizardry with a primitive layout and some hastily put together maps, The Darkness Beneath Dalentown is now re-born with fully revised text, gorgeous full color maps by Elven Tower, and new artwork by a host of artists. You can pick up DD-01 The Darkness Beneath...
  4. timbannock

    D&D books this fall

    Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, a Rick & Morty-branded Starter Set (in the vein of the Stranger Things Starter Set), and something Eberron-related are the only things announced at DNDLive2019 that we haven't already seen in the wild (Essentials Kit being the "big" release that's already...
  5. timbannock

    Hex crawling North America

    Here's a related thing: https://inkwellideas.com/2010/10/updated-giant-united-states-hex-map-wrailroads-circa-1870/
  6. timbannock

    1e AD&D-style OSR Games and SRDs

    WAT?! No, I had no idea. Maybe I should've just tried Googling things like a normal human being, eh? ;-P To some degree I'd still like to see something that's as accurate to 1e as Old School Essentials is to BX, but obviously, that's a fantastic start!
  7. timbannock

    1e AD&D-style OSR Games and SRDs

    Something I noticed while supporting the Open Gaming Network and being a big fan of online tools for referencing stuff in both new and old editions (D&D Beyond for 5E, my PDFs of Old School Essentials for BX) is that OSRIC's SRD never came to fruition (or died quite a while ago, at least). Given...
  8. timbannock

    5e D&D Essentials Kit. Anyone got it?

    It certainly is. It's a much more "complete D&D experience" by having chargen be a part of it, it's easier to run than Lost Mines of Phandelver in that it's more of a straightforward "here's a quest, do the thing" presentation (with just enough options to give players about 3 choices of which...
  9. timbannock

    Swap Your Unwanted RPGs (v3)

    HAVE Media mail shipping in the U.S. is included in the prices below. D&D 5th edition Third Party - As a lot: $18 Creature Components Volume 1 $12 Creature Components: Tome of Beasts $12 WANT PayPal
  10. timbannock

    Adventures in Dalentown for 5th Edition now available at DriveThruRPG

    Come to Dalentown! Establish a headquarters for your adventures as you explore bizarre wilderness sites and ancient dwarven tombs, or pass through and get embroiled in local intrigue! Adventures in Dalentown for 5th edition is now available on DriveThruRPG! It features loads of encounters, new...
  11. timbannock

    [Article Link] How Dungeons & Dragons Became so Wonderfully Gay

    Truth. I'm also a cis het white dude and I run a game in Burbank at a female-owned comic & games shop. Needless to say, a significant number of the folks I play with are LGBTQIA+ and other minority groups, and so it takes constant effort to make sure I'm not doing folks wrong. The best tool I...
  12. timbannock

    Recommended RPGnet Sellers

    Sold some stuff to Cirlot. Awesome transaction, and super fast, courteous communication when I forgot to send the tracking info (doh! My bad!). I really appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the gaming materials!
  13. timbannock

    [B/X, OSE, LL, BECMI etc.] Favorite tweaks and house rules?

    Probably echoing a lot already in this thread, but here's what I'm considering using as soon as I start an Old School Essentials run of Caverns of Thracia: 1. 3d6, but in any order (players choose where to put 'em) 2. Max HP at level 1. Roll and add at each subsequent level 3. Fighters get...
  14. timbannock

    [Lore] Greyhawk

    I love it: the militant neutrality of the big movers & shakers, and the more mercenary ideals of the general populace lend to a 'easier' time of me setting the stage of adventures. I don't have to worry about big wars, or huge moral issues: it's just "hey, there's treasure there, and money talks...
  15. timbannock

    Do you use D&D Beyond?

    I use it so much that I'm selling off most of my books: I simply don't crack open the rules books, and only reference the adventure(s) I'm running at any given time, so the only physical books that ever get use are the adventure in question, PHB, DMG, and Xanathar's Guide (because of the names...
  16. timbannock

    Swap Your Unwanted RPGs (v3)

    Media mail shipping in the U.S. is included in the prices below. HAVE B/X Essentials - As a lot: $20 Core Rules Classes & Equipment Cleric & Magic-user Spells Monsters Adventures & Treasure D&D 5th edition Third Party (As a lot: $20) Creature Components Volume 1 $12 Creature Components: Tome...
  17. timbannock

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    I run from the folio version of Greyhawk in my campaign. I don't think my players (most of whom are first timers) would interpret it this black and white for the sole reason that I'd be open about what their characters know, and they would know Iuz is a land of pretty bald-faced evil. That...
  18. timbannock

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    Notably, the "factions" in the first chapter of Saltmarsh are not Factions, they are factions ;-P They are simply groups of folks with certain mindsets and/or loyalties within the town, and aren't presented with the same sort of player-driven and player-friendly advancement opportunities (though...
  19. timbannock

     Experiences & mods running the D&D Stranger Things Hunt for the Thessalhydra Adventure?

    Hi folks! TL;DR - I'm running the Stranger Things starter set adventure Hunt for the Thessalhydra for Int'l Tabletop Day at my local comics & game shop, and I'm wondering what tips, tricks, and mods people employed. Slightly longer version - Here are some slightly more specific things I'm...
  20. timbannock


    I was just responding to "Maybe I'm not a D&D guy anymore." I probably misread the intent there. Apologies. Nothing personal, but I couldn't care less if you play D&D or not, because you're not my DM. If my DM quits, then I have a personal stake in the situation! ;-P
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