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     [Sell Me On] Barbarians of Lemuria VS BareBones Fantasy VS Zweihander

    Thank you all for your responses! I may have been off the mark with Zweihander, after all, since it seems to be of medium crunch. It looks like BoL may be the game I'm looking for. Anyone else have more information about the differences between the Legendary and Mythic edition? The former is...
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     [Sell Me On] Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG

    Hi! I just found out about this game, and I think it's a pretty cool implementation of the 5E ruleset. Does anyone have any actual play experience with this game? I'm looking to run a light-hearted, anime-inspired fantasy game, so I was hoping this could be it. Please, share your thoughts...
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     [Sell Me On] Barbarians of Lemuria VS BareBones Fantasy VS Zweihander

    Hi! I'm looking for a sword and sorcery game, easy to prep, ideally with a dark, gritty tone. However, I'm confused about these games. What are the main differences between them? What is the difference between the Legendary and the Mythic Edition of Barbarians of Lemuria? How is magic treated...
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    [Mage: the Awakening 2e] Seeking Advice - Running Mage for the First Time

    Archmastery does not have anything to do with high Gnosis. Only a tiny fraction of Awakened ever try to attain archmastery, and only sufficiently advanced mages can manage it. So, high Gnosis is a prerrequisite for Archmastery, but archmastery itself is not the default state for high Gnosis...
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    I Want to Run Pathfinder's Golarion with a Different System

    This may not be what the OP is looking for, but I read about a game called Godbound that is described as "Exalted light". Given Exalted has come up many times in this thread, perhaps Godbound is worth checking out. Sadly, I haven't read it, but perhaps someone who's watching this thread has? I'm...
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    [Mage: the Awakening 2e] Seeking Advice - Running Mage for the First Time

    That's where the confusion arises. Only Legacy Attainments need a mentor to be learned. Arcana Attainment are automatic 'perks' available when the mage increases a level of an Arcanum.
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    [Mage: the Awakening 2e] Seeking Advice - Running Mage for the First Time

    Most Arcana Attainments modify your spells, but they are not spells in itself. They do not risk Paradox, they cannot be dispelled like spells do (though the spell it modifies might), they may cost Reach or Mana or both, and they do not benefit from yantras.
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    [Werewolf: the Forsaken] Home Is Where The Bones Are

    Wow! This an amazing AP!!! I love what you're doing with the game. I'm looking forward to the next session! Perhaps you could ameliorate the wait by giving us the PCs sheets? I'm curious about the merits and the Gifts spread of the characters.
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    Sell me on/off Karthun

    Hi! Is there an estimated time of publication for the GM Guide announced in the Kickstarter campaign?
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    Dragon Age with another system?

    Hi! The title says it all. I'm curious to know whether any of you have ever tried running the Dragon Age setting with a system other than the official AGE system. If so, what was your experience like? What did you like the most? What didn't work out in the end?
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    [Sell me on] A good Dark Fantasy game

    Well, perhaps I'm mistaken, having no first-hand experience on either Zweihander or Warhammer Fantasy, but the tone of both games seem more about a dark, unforgiving world where otherworldly horror and chaos physically seeps and filters in the already grim reality of an unjust society. This...
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    [Sell me on] A good Dark Fantasy game

    Well, I've been checking out all the great recommendations you guys/gals have given me. Zweihander, Warhammer and The Dark Eye: I'm not looking exactly for a grimdark game, more like a dark epic game. The former two have a percentile-based system, and I've found they are not really for me, it's...
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    [Sell me on] A good Dark Fantasy game

    Actually, I own all three of them, though I've never play them. Artesia has a wonderful setting, but the Fuzion iteration it runs under is too much fiddly for me, sorry. Spellbound Kingdom... I really need to go dig it out from my backups and check it again. It had some great ideas, for what...
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    [Sell me on] A good Dark Fantasy game

    Of course! - Shadows of Esteren: liked the setting, but the system felt flat and uninspired, despite the originality of its main traits. I like lightweight system, but at the same time I like it when they direct the narrative and tone with some specific rules. Also, the steampunk elements seemed...
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    [Sell me on] A good Dark Fantasy game

    Hi! I'm currently looking into dark fantasy games. Ideally, I'd love to run a game that's halfway between Dragon Age and Game of Thrones, in terms of grittiness, drama, horror and intrigue. So, I went searching the interwebs for a good, flexible and fast-paced system that could provide some...
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    [Mage: the Awakening] The Man Comes Around

    Best news in a looong time :D
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    [Mage: the Awakening 2nd ed.] 101 Obsessions

    There is a third restroom at Mulhoney's on every New moon, a door where before ther e was none, and which no Sleeper can see. It doesn't have a human silhouette, but a winged humanoid shape. Where does it lead? The ghost of a serial killer is murdering Sleepwalkers, with such precision and care...
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    [necro]Earthdawn Age of Legend announced

    Re: Earthdawn Age of Legend announced Well, I've read the FU system. It is a rules-light system, perhaps too light for my tastes, but certainly there's room for expansion and improvement. Having checked the previews so far, I like what Vagrant Workshop has been doing for the game. Is there an...
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    [necro]Earthdawn Age of Legend announced

    Re: Earthdawn Age of Legend announced I'm sooo the target audience for this game, that I cannot believe I failed to see this thread until now. I'll go check the FU system and come back with a bunch of questions and gaming anxieties to write about. :)
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    Sell me on the Mindjammer kickstarter

    I believe the minimum pledge level that allows for add-ons is the PDF Master level, at 20 pounds. Which is still a pretty great deal, IMO.
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